Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Your Soul Remembers (Jennifer Hoffman/Uriel)

Whatever you have forgotten about joy, peace, unconditional love and the blessings of spirit, your soul remembers. It remembers that there is a connection within you to a place where you are free of guilt, shame, and the energies that weigh you down and allow you to believe that you are less than perfect. Your soul remembers why you are here, your healing purpose and the tasks that you agreed to complete. And your soul remembers a time when you were free, whole, complete and living in unbounded joy. Whenever you forget who you are, ask your soul to remind you.
Your soul is aware of the pain you have experienced in each lifetime, your fear and the despair you have felt at believing you were separated from Source. It holds these memories for you, to help you remember the purpose of your healing journey and the energetic imbalances you are to make whole again. Your soul remembers that you originated in perfection and your healing path is one that will bring you and all of humanity in harmony with your divinity.
Your soul is your divine presence in physical form and it holds the memory of your divinity until you are able to reconnect to it. Your human memory is focused on your limitations, lack and imperfection and requires the soul to remember that you are the light of the world, a human embodiment of Source, the answer to the prayers for peace and love.  When you have forgotten that your light shines brightly, within and without, your soul will help you remember.
Your soul waits patiently for you to acknowledge its presence, to ask for strength when you feel you have failed or cannot continue on your journey, to connect with a moment of peace when your reality is in chaos.  It holds your most precious memories in safekeeping for you and each time you forget who you are and why you have undertaken this journey, your soul will have the answers for you. Go within, connect with your soul's beautiful memories of Home and find peace within the knowing that you did not come here alone, your partnership with your soul is all you need to remember the joy of heaven and the love that surrounds you, protects you and is always available to you.


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