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CPA: Su09 Term

This is a place I'd love to study someday... In case you're close, here's some information you might like to consider:


Summer Term 2009

 17 MAY -  LIZ GREENE *URANUS IN ARIES: THE KRAKEN AWAKES* Uranus will enter the sign of Aries briefly in June andJuly of 2010, prior to its seven-year transit beginning in 2011. As it moves into the first of the fiery signs, it will align itself in a T-cross with Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Libra. Many astrologers see this important configuration as a destructive harbinger, but the return of outer planets to the cardinal signs, viewed in terms of both individual and collective psyches, may in fact reflect a powerful and positive creative impulse to reclaim individual authority, will, potency, and agency. This seminar will explore Uranus in Aries from historical, mythic, psychological, and astrological perspectives, in individual and national charts, to examine the ways in which individual choices made in the next few years, and individual efforts at consciousness, may help to shape the manner in which this transit unfolds.

31 MAY - CLARE MARTIN *MANY HAPPY RETURNS * When a planet returns to its natal position it is stimulated and re-energised in preparation for the cycle to come.   The chart for that moment reveals a significant new landscape, describing the quality of the next cycle and the main themes relating to that planet which will predominate.  We will focus particularly on the Solar Return, but will also explore the return charts of the Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Bring your own return charts for reference and, if you wish, as examples for group discussion.

7 JUNE - JOHN GREEN  * NATURE OR NURTURE - THE ASTROLOGY OF INDIVIDUALITY AND OUR PLACE IN THE WORLD * So far science has been dumbfounded on what actually makes up an individual and gives us confused outpourings on nature, nature and environment as to what makes a person who they are. In astrology we know differently, but how can we relate what's going on with the individual in relation to collective astrology?  In recent times, for example, children have been both deified as innocents and demonised as feral yobs. What really makes us who we are and how well do we fit into what's going on in our countries and generation?

14 JUNE -  DARBY COSTELLO *THE FIRST AND SEVENTH HOUSES:  ME AND YOU OR I AND THOU * Whenever we engage with another person as an equal and opposite Other, we are moving from our Ascendant to our Descendant, and from our first house to our seventh.  Navigating such relationships is a large part of our work as psychological astrologers.  To understanding the dynamic between these two fields, we need to understand the nature of their rulers and inhabitants, as well as the planets that progress and transit through these opposing houses.  The work of this seminar will be to bring to light the recurring difficulties we face and the way these difficulties are resolved, when we engage in any sort of ‘partnership’ no matter how brief or lasting. 

21 JUNE -  ALEXANDER VON SCHLIEFFEN     “DECENT INTO LIMBO”. THE NODES IN THE BIRTH CHART The nodal axis acts as a gateway to the secret facets of the soul. Even, or perhaps especially when they do not seem to fit in with the rest of the chart, they give us valuable information about the meaning of contradictions in life.  The midheaven symbolizes the outer purpose of an individual, whereas the nodes symbolize the inner purpose. Working with the nodes can help us learn how to build a bridge between the inner and the outer life. 

28 JUNE - LIZ GREENE - THE PROGRESSED HOROSCOPE: THE INNER UNFOLDMENT OF THE INDIVIDUAL The progressed horoscope, and the transits across it, reflect a highly individual pattern of development which is unique to every person and which underpins the ways in which we grow, mature, suffer, and gradually form into what we can potentially become. Although other methods of prognostication may reflect more exterior aspects of a person’s life, the progressed horoscope can reveal the deeper meanings behind various experiences and life-cycles, and when viewed in relation to the progressed charts of those close to us, can also hint at the ways in which relationships develop and undergo crisis and change. This seminar will explore the progressed horoscope on both inner and outer levels as a model of the ‘work in progress’: the various stages, unique to each person, through which we engage in what James Hillman has called ‘soul-making’: the formation of an authentic individuality.  

22nd , 29th  April 6th ,13th ,20th ,27th  May 3rd , 10th , 17th , 24th  June 
Time - Linear and Cyclical.The Sun/Moon Relationship: Eclipses, Nodes and their interpretation, Solar Returns,Transits, Progressions, Directions: Life cycles and the unfolding Horoscope,Synastry and composite charts. Interpreting the chart as a whole

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020 8749 2330

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