Thursday, March 19, 2009

Galactic Contracts: Getting Ready for the Shift

Master Kirael through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling,


KIRAEL:  Before the Shift can happen, the collective consciousness of the Earth plane must stop struggling, fighting, and engaging in all sorts of negativity.  Collectively, you must first awaken to the power of your light.  To help you awaken to that power, you have been endowed with galactic contracts.     

These galactic contracts contain codes that look like symbols resembling Russian, English and Japanese letters.  In other words, you can’t make sense of them.  At the time of the Shift, these contracts will be broken down into their codes, which will then be downloaded into you. 

The galactic energies will facilitate the downloading of these codes while most of you are asleep during the three days of darkness.[1]  These codes will be placed into your mind and expanded into your space, making them available to you when you awaken.

When you get out of this third-dimensional journey, every cell in your body will be empowered.  In your 70 trillion cells, the mitochondria, the power source of the cell, will be expanded, which will “in-lighten” [2]  your body process.

Profound changes will occur in the body as a result of this momentous and in-lightening process.  You will know what you will do post-shift.  You will be able to travel dimensionally, communicate in ways you never dreamed possible, and much more.  

If you want to understand these contracts and their codes, start practicing now by looking into your brain.  Close your eyes and picture these codes.  You might see something that looks like the letter “C” with lines through it.  If you can see anything when you close your eyes, you are probably seeing your galactic contract.   

You have a multitude of codes in your body.  For example, suppose you’re an inventor and you’ve been working on certain projects for years and years and haven’t completed them.  Well, you may have inventor codes, and with the introduction of these codes into your body, this journey of inventing will open up to your light.  You will suddenly gain such clarity that you will be able to lay your project plans out and give them to someone to develop for you, or you may develop them yourself.

Let’s say you’re an artisan, a painter perhaps, and you’ve been working on your art for years, but you’re not turning out the projects as quickly or as artistically as you’d like.  Well, when you come into this new space and time of the Shift and your codes are downloaded into you, you’ll be painting with both hands simultaneously, and it will be great art.  You’ll celebrate.

Yet the Shift is not just about the miraculous things that you will be able to do.  Rather, it’s about the fact that you can reach a level of consciousness that allows you to do miraculous things, such as defying gravity enough to jump and slowly float into the air and back down.  Thanks to these galactic contracts, these abilities will not freak you out, because you will understand what is happening.  In fact, I think you’ll be pretty happy because you will realize that you can jump even farther, perhaps from here to another part of the globe.  

The existence of these galactic contracts suggests that extraterrestrial energies will be present on this planet at the time of the Shift.  Actually, those energies are present on the Earth plane now.  I’m not here to prove to you that galactic beings are or are not out there.  I know they’re out there.  Some of you may believe it to be so, but you don’t know for sure, because you haven’t seen them. 

How many times have you been napping when suddenly you get a vision of an extraterrestrial energy, and you think, “What was that?”  You wake up and say, “Wow, that dream seemed so real.”  It may not have been a dream.  You see, when you awaken, you might not see them because the so-called extraterrestrials have such a magnificent body process that they can make themselves invisible. 

If you want to know about your galactic energy, study three different planet systems:  the Pleiades, the Andromeda Galaxy and the Sirius star system.  The Pleiadean energies were brought into this plane of consciousness during the time of Lemuria.  They were involved with the Mu energy and are heart centered.

The Andromedans are very powerful mentalists, who travel to other worlds.  The Andromedans were the first to form galactic councils.  Andromeda had all the technology and was more involved in the Earth plane during the time of Atlantis.

Sirius is a planetary system close to yours.  The Sirians have a great love for the Japanese because many Japanese humans are from Sirius.  That’s why you see so much technology coming out of Japan.

Thanks to the downloading of the galactic contracts into your body process, after the Shift, you will be able to travel to these powerful planets and star systems to interact with your galactic brothers and sisters.   

Now we turn to the human body process, which is just an Earth body, not a galactic or a spiritual body.  You have your own personal body process, which is outside of your physical body.  You let part of that personal body process go into this human body in order to do this journey.  Only about six percent of this personal body process is operating through the human body, which is why you use only ten percent of your brain power.  The majority of your personal body process is outside your physical body.  You think you’re in control of this Earth plane, but you’re not.  You’re allowed to inhabit the planet and experience a life at ten percent brain capacity.  I could do a whole program on your personal body process, but that will have to wait for another time.

As lightworkers, most of you reading this or listening to me will have an easier time of it when the Earth shifts dimensions.  You have at least 14 to 17 percent of your brain active now, because you have to reach that level in order to understand that the galactics are here and that they will assist you through this shifting process.

I’ve introduced you to the concept of the galactic contracts and codes because they open the door to many more topics for discussion in this session.  So I will let your questions guide the evening.  Ask and I shall answer. 

The Relationship between Galactic Codes, Blueprints, Omni Brain and DNA

Q:  Are the galactic codes and contracts in our blueprints, our DNA or our omni brain, or all of the above?

KIRAEL:  Yes, yes, and yes.  The codes are in your omni brain.  From there, the codes are put into your blueprint, which is then downloaded into your DNA, which defines your journey.  Humans are born with two-stranded DNA.  However, if you can hear and understand all that I’m saying to you, you probably have four-stranded DNA.  You couldn’t hear me with less.  When you open up into this Shift, most of you will have six-stranded DNA.  Your galactic codes will be in that DNA.

The Galactic Codes, the Akashic Records and the Omni Brain

Q:  What is the relationship between the akashic records and the omni brain?  

KIRAEL:  If you wish to tap into your galactic heritage, the omni brain is where you search.  It contains all that you’re looking for, the akashic records, galactic records, etc.  Everything is in this omni-conscious awareness, not in some far off space.  The akashic records are known in my world, the seventh light, as your omnipresence level.  That means that your omni brain is connected into the akashic records over this whole dimensional journey, not just your Earth journey.  I don’t want to go too deep with this, because it’s confusing.  The omni brain consciousness is just another term for the other levels of consciousness that you’re trying to tap into.  They’re all housed in the omni brain.

After the Shift, with the downloading of the galactic codes, this process of tapping into other levels of consciousness will be a “no brainer,” so to speak.  You can tap into the omni brain now, but you will probably do it in sleep state.  If you wanted to, you could weave your consciousness out of this body, up into the atmosphere and into your higher self.  You can do the same thing with your omni brain.  During sleep state, you can leave your body process and enter into your omni brain, where your akashic records are held.  Your omni brain is the one brain of which you are all part.   

You’re in Germany right now and I’m in Hawaii, on the other side of the world, yet your omni brain is connected to my omni brain in this moment.  So I’m actually turning the omni brain toward you, trying to get it to you.  That’s what that buzzing is in the back of your head.  When your galactic contracts are decoded and downloaded into your body process, you will awaken to the ease of this process.

For example, I just tapped into your energies.  I know you are a scientist and that you are working on photon energy and that you’re getting closer to what you’re searching for.  You are currently going through an upgrade in your local brain, the brain you use here on this plane of consciousness.  You see, your local brain has to get much larger, because you want to get in touch with these galactic energies and understand the information they have to share.  So they will have to build your omni brain.  You may have little headaches, but don’t worry about them.  Information is being downloaded.

Physical Shifts and Spagnatic Energies

Q:  I’ve been experiencing a physical shift, seeing single cells, cells in ladder form, and feeling myself vibrating very cold.  It feels as if I’m actually de-particle-izing and moving to different places.  Would you relate these codes to what I’m going through?

KIRAEL:  What you’re experiencing is not common and has nothing to do with the galactic codes.  You’re having a body breakdown.  This is not like when a car breaks down.  Instead, this breakdown involves a separation of your cellular consciousness so that it splits into different realities. 

The body can go out to 144 levels, but it takes a powerful journey to get all those levels back into this one body process again.  So, this sort of separation in the cellular consciousness breaks the body down, and you feel the cold and the hot and all the things you’re experiencing.  These are just magnetic forms of the physical body being transferred out through what we call “spagnatic” energies.  I don’t know if that’s a real word over here, but it’s a real word where I come from.  The “spagnatic” energies open up to hold this journey so that you can get out of this dimensional process.  You can go where you want to go and then get back into this journey “spagnatically,” whole and focused.

You’re not mentally prepared to experience what is occurring.  When the galactic codes become fully integrated in your body process, this experience will be smoother for you.  Your brain has to be at 50 percent capacity and above in order to understand this journey you’re experiencing.  When you feel this separation happening, be in allowance and meditate, because in the meditation, you will get an idea of what’s going on.

This journey you’re talking about is very powerful.  Don’t overdo it, my friend, because it’s taxing.  You will know when you get out there and can’t get back that you are out of this dimension.  You don’t want to do that, because you have too much to do over here.

Traveling the Dimensions

Q:  Can we travel beyond the dimensions of the Earth plane, and would you explain these dimensions—how many exist and so on—and are the galactics part of this dimensional reality?

KIRAEL:  Earth has 144 dimensional portals that are accessible to the human.  These 144 dimensions have allowed you to come into this journey.  You came down through the omni brain, through your higher self into this consciousness you call the human brain.  I like to call this level of consciousness the hue-man, or color man, level of consciousness, because this dimension is the journey of color.  Colors are woven into the entire journey of this experience, and the galactics are definitely part of the experience.  You have a color that you travel on outside your body, a color for healing, etc.  You have a color for everything. 

It is important to understand how to use your colors in the weave.  The weave is comprised of energies, or particles, that are connected to each other, forming streams, or strands.  For example, when you get out of this body presence, you’re a traveler and you move out into the cosmos on your traveler color.  When you leave the body to travel, certain parts of this color break open for you.  Within the color is the confidence that you’ll know what to do when you get out there.  You will move from one space to another, knowing that you are headed in the “right” direction.  The colors will be simultaneously mapped out and these maps will take you on the journey of awareness.

Now, the particle strands, or streams, are part of 144 weaves.  That means that 144 weaves are consistent with this human consciousness.  For instance, in the weave of human consciousness, you can reach people in China, Japan, Russia, England, and the United States or anywhere in your world by using your colors in this 144 dimensional process.  You can use your traveling color to cross from one weave to another to reach somebody in Germany and listen to what he or she is saying.  When you opt out of this plane of consciousness and you accidentally touch someone else’s weave, you are right where the other person is and you see everything.

You travel during sleep state because it takes that much energy to travel out into the cosmos and your energy needs to be free of the physical body.  When you get into this weave of 144 dimensionalities, you can touch other beings.  Once, during his sleep state, the medium was traveling in another part of the world and he bumped into this house and went inside, where a husband and wife were arguing.  The medium just looked at them, thinking, “What am I doing here?”  

If you get outside of these 144 dimensions, which is not so hard to do, you’ll be part of everything, and you can touch another weave where no humans exist.  My medium has learned how to travel from these 144 dimensions into an entirely different weave, into the next journey.  The medium has gone out of this dimensional process and has touched into another weave of energies of little green creatures, who talk to him.  He doesn’t use English to speak to them, because they don’t speak English.  Nobody uses English outside of this Earth dimension, yet you all talk to each other.  You will have to get used to this type of journey when you get into this new shifting process.

Q:  How do I get back into the physical after I’ve been traveling the dimensions?

KIRAEL:  You don’t.  You have to know you will return to the body, and that means you have to love yourself enough to go out as far as you can go, but not so far that you can’t get back.  That’s all you have to remember and that’s what will pull you back into this journey every time. 

The Universal Language

Q:  Does a universal language exist?

KIRAEL:  Surely.  I just communicated into your brain and asked you to ask me this question, which was emailed in.  I knew who the question was from and what is was about and I thought it would be perfect.  So, yes, a universal language exists.  Everybody has a standard operating position he or she uses as communication.  In the human world, you use languages, such as German, Japanese, Chinese, etc.  You have no idea how many languages exist on this planet.

Yet love is the most important and universal language.  How do you speak in love?  When you pray with purity and clarity, you speak the language of love.  For instance, when the medium prays for rain, he stands in the middle of a circle and sees and feels the rain and becomes in love with this rain.  That’s also how he clears up the weather wherever he travels.  He loves his way into the journey.  That love just opens up for him.  He doesn’t go into the prayer, thinking, “I will get these clouds cleared up because I want it to be clear.”  He just loves his way into this clarity.

Think of someone you love, like your child, for instance, and then personify that love about ten times.  If you do that, you can have anything in the world.  Love is the only thing that really matters over here.  People kill from ignorance and fear, not love.  This whole journey is about love and sharing it freely, letting it go free.  That’s when you’ll know what you’re doing over here.

Galactic Communities on the Earth Plane

Q:  After the Shift, will certain galactics be setting up communities here on Earth, or will it be more a matter of their traveling back and forth between the worlds?

KIRAEL:  Be aware of the galactic energies.  They have been coming and going to and from your Earth plane for some time.  They are here to understand humans and so that human policymakers can understand them.

The galactic energies are already establishing communities inside your atmosphere here on this Earth plane.  For instance, a lot of galactic energy is in places such as Area 451 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  They had to bring in technology that you could use when the time is right.  They’ve brought in most of the mechanical things that they wanted to build, such as the dam here in the Americas that turns so many thousands of gallons of water into electricity.  Of course, that will eventually have to be revamped, because you will go into solar power, wind power and other more environmentally friendly means of gathering electricity.  You will go green, so to speak.  The technology was brought in secretly and placed under the Earth plane, not down to the center of the Earth, just a bit under the Earth. 

The Andromedans have brought in tapped pipelines to move this technology from one place to another.  These tapped pipelines are part of a network, if you will.  It’s almost like having your blueprint spread out in front of you.  Active sonar is there right beneath your feet.

These galactic energies will remain “out of sight” for as long as it takes for you to get ready for them to open up to this whole journey.  They’re not in any rush.  They will wait until post-Shift.  These galactic energies do a lot of traveling back and forth, and they do not travel by these crafts that you suspect they’re using.  Travel is simple for them and they will make it simple for you on the Earth plane. 

Now, you, my friend, are not exactly human.  Twenty-four percent of your brain is active now and you know it.  You know that what these galactic energies have brought into this plane is far more advanced than the human mind can conceive of right now.  You asked your question because you wanted me to verify the answer, which you already knew.   

Organic Galactic Spacecrafts

Q:  I read that the galactic spacecrafts are made of organic material.  What are your comments on this?

KIRAEL:  The majority of these crafts are living, breathing, organic thought processes, not machines.  They think, breathe and interact with the pilots.  They can even shrink or expand themselves.  They can do anything.  These crafts can even put a shield around themselves that cannot be penetrated by anything on this Earth plane, including the atom bomb, which would bounce right off them.  This is why your governments don’t want to fight with these galactic beings.  They know they cannot win.

When you have an opportunity to see these crafts, whether in sleep state or wake state, enter one if you can.  When you enter into the belly of the craft, you might think, “Well, that’s not very big.  It’s only about the size of a football field.”  However, as you move deeper into the ship, you will find that the area is the size of about five or six football fields.  If you enter into the cockpit of one of these crafts, the pilot will seem as if he’s doing nothing, just looking around, enjoying the ride.  That’s because the pilot has only to think to steer the craft.  If the pilot thinks “turn left,” the craft will turn left.  The craft can start and stop in a fifth of a second.  It can go from 90,000 miles an hour down to zero in less than a fifth of a second.  Now, how does this craft do that?  After all, it would make sense that everyone inside would be crushed by such a sudden stop.  Yet, because this craft is an organic being, a being of light, it knows what it has to do, and it stops smoothly without a lot of drama.

One of these ships will be delivered into your Earth plane before the Great Shift.  It will look like a little organic car that will be fueled by photon energy.  That’s how the galactic energies will show you what they can do without scaring you to death.

Brain Power after the Shift

Q:  Are all four brains—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual—active in the galactic energies?  What will happen to our brains with the DNA changes and the downloading of the galactic codes?

KIRAEL:  Four brains?  We’ll say four for now, but the galactic energies have more than four brains.  The galactics’ heads are bigger than your heads because of their brain power.  Most of you on this Earth plane are experiencing slight headaches or slight twinges of pain that don’t stay for any length of time.  This is happening because your skull must expand at least 75 to 80 percent to accommodate your newly expanding brains.  You have all these stem cells in your brain that will get plugged in, causing your brain to get more massive.  Your head will get bigger as your skull spreads.  Many of you may lose your hair, because as your skull expands it won’t have room for the hair follicles.  So, if you’re losing your hair, it just may be that your brain power is getting stronger and stronger. 

The two brains that you currently have are much more expansive than you suspect, and are in actuality four brains.  The journey of the human brain has been confined to ten percent usage for the last 2,000 years.  Master Jesus was four-brained when he entered the River Jordan, but only two brains were working.  When he came out of the River Jordan after his baptism, all four brains were working.  His brain was more expansive than you can imagine.  That’s when the Shift was supposed to happen.  It didn’t happen at that particular time for reasons not up for discussion this session, but the Shift will happen this time, because it’s out of your hands, out of your control in the human world.   

In this respect, President-elect Obama does not have to work as hard as he thinks he does.  His brain capacity is almost Shift-worthy at 43 percent.  We the People will have to stand up and participate in the journey with him.  They must be aware of what we’re talking about today.  The galactic energy will be on everybody’s mind.   

Doing this journey is not about being afraid.  It’s about being courageous.  Your four brains are active.  Be aware that you will have to do things that you’re not accustomed to doing, and it’s more mental than physical.   

Age Classification of Galactic Beings

Q:  How do we classify the ETs, as far as their brain power is concerned?  Are they classified as young, medium and old, in terms of their brain power? 

KIRAEL:  Yes, they are classified as young, medium and old.  Young is classified as young-young, medium-young, and old-young; medium is classified as young-medium, medium-medium and old-medium; and old is classified as young-old, medium-old and old-old.  So they have nine classifications, or capacities, of brain power.  You can’t get any better than that.   

Everything in your consciousness can be celebrated in young, medium and old, too, based on the first three Principles of Truth, Trust and Passion.[3]  So, if you wanted to know where the galactic being would be in terms of age compared to the human, the galactic being would be at least at the medium-old soul level, while most humans are at some level of the medium soul age.      

Lung Capacity, Asthma and the Shift

Q:  I am having problems breathing and at times I don’t know how to breathe and my chest and lungs hurt when I try to breathe deeply.  Does this have anything to do with the galactic codes?

KIRAEL:  Your breathing issue has nothing to do with the galactic codes.  Your lungs have a capacity that you can build into this physical body during the Shift.  Your physical body cannot use the full capacity of its lungs on this current journey.  Since you have such a large lung capacity, you need more space, more breathing room.  So, as a young person, you may have had your breathing difficulties labeled as an “asthmatic condition” or as a head cold, or something in that category, but none of these conditions is real.  They are just a symptom of the growth necessary for this new energy to manifest. 

Your journey is defined in terms of your not being able to breathe, because your lungs are indeed incapacitated.  Their capacity far exceeds what the body can handle.  To heal this, just prana breathe to your heart’s delight.  As you bring the prana through your crown chakra and into your chest area, keep breathing until you get it past your lungs.  Your lung capacity will expand as long as you don’t over breathe.  Don’t push yourself beyond where you need to go.  Push yourself up to the level that you know is a little bit tight for you, until you see your breathing get much smoother. 

So, some of you who have suffered from this asthmatic condition must know that it is not really asthma.  It’s about you having a lung capacity much larger than your body is used to, which causes your breath to automatically slow down.  Don’t worry, when the Shift comes, asthma goes.

You will be breathing prana rather expansively after the Shift.  The prana, or photon, has been on this planet for about 150 years or so, but only in the last 50, 60, or 70 years at the most has it become more prominent.  Practice prana breathing and you’ll be ahead of the crowd come time for the Shift.

Star Seeds on Earth and their Galactic Heritage

Q:  I was told that I am from Sirius B, and that I am called star seed 1549.  Would you tell me more about my galactic heritage? 

KIRAEL:  The energies from Sirius B, one of the most powerful star systems, have had more contact with this Earth plane than beings from any other star system out there.  Beings from Sirius B have been coming here since the thirties, right on into the forties, fifties, and sixties.  Some of the things the Sirians were doing back then they shouldn’t have been doing, but they didn’t know better.  They understand what they need to do now.

Your designation as a star seed means that you have a human body process.  You live a human life and deal with your human relatives, yet you don’t feel part of the family most of the time.  That’s because you’re not from your Earth family.  Your grandson is not from your Earth family, either.  That’s why the two of you get along so well.

You were sent here to participate in this Great Shift and to seed the planet.  You are trying to be of service to humankind through your mediumship and other spiritual endeavors. 

As far as seeding the planet is concerned, you will be more or less the brains and eyes for the Sirian beings coming into this plane of consciousness.  You do this star seed journey as part of the space conferences.  This whole journey is about getting the energies of Sirius B to be aware of what the real Earth plane looks like.

The Sirians have spacecrafts all around the Earth right now, yet most Sirians have no idea what this Earth plane looks like, except for what you tell them when you visit their craft.  Oh, yes, I’ve seen you going out there.  You go out in your sleep state. 

The Sirians, who are some of the biggest beings you’ll ever experience, are not so curious about what humans look like.  They are more interested in familiarizing themselves with this plane of consciousness.  They don’t realize how much more advanced they are than you.  I’m not being nasty when I say this, my friends, because you’re just that far back in knowledge and technology.   The Sirians have no idea how far back they have to reach in consciousness to get to you.

You, as a star seed, are informing them, when you go out there.  The star seeds know what they’re doing.  They’re teaching on the other realms.

Galactics and Humans:  a Common Ancestry?

Q:  Do the different types of galactics come from one common ancestor or are we different species?  When we have our encounters with the different dimensional beings, how do we communicate? 

KIRAEL:  These galactic energies are your brothers and sisters.  You all come from one being, one energy.  The omni brain is connected by a force that is inherent to certain energies.  You’re the only human beings who are color beings.

You can differentiate a Pleiadean because its heart would be brighter than the rest of its body.  Pleiadeans glow in their hearts.

Andromedans glow in their heads.  They have a job to do and that’s why you must love them enough to let them do their journey.  The Andromedans can also glow in their hearts, but they are mentalists and so their head energy is more prominent.

Energies from Orion are cosmic light beings, who have multi-colored energies flowing through their bodies.  They shine beautifully.  These Orion beings can change their colors, which are winding energies.  They should be the real color people, the hue-mans, because they have all those colors. 

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what you look like, because you all come from one force, God Creator.  You’re part of one journey and it doesn’t matter what planet you’re from.  The same Creator is in force in all of the planets and star systems.

Six percent of your whole beingness is in this galaxy and 94 percent is outside this galaxy.  That six percent is of one Creator force and that’s why all of you have similar bodies.  You could spend 144,000 years and not even come close to touching all that’s involved in this one-God reality.

Barack Obama, the Election, his Brain Capacity and Knowledge of Galactics

Q:  By how many votes did Obama actually win the election?  What percentage of brain power does Barack Obama have, as compared to McCain, and what does Obama know about the galactic energies?

KIRAEL:  McCain thought he would win this election, but he was never even close.  They said that he lost by a million votes.  Well, it was more like 15 million.  McCain is still McCain.  His brain capacity, at 12 percent, is not one centimeter bigger than it was when he started.  Obama, at 42 percent brain capacity, already had a bigger brain capacity than McCain, and he has expanded his journey one more percent since the election.

Obama had all his ducks in a row.  He had an idea of what this journey would be like and he has now learned otherwise.  The day after he was elected, he went to Washington, D.C., and met with the president and some of the president’s staff, who presented Mr. Obama with the truth about certain events.  Every president has gone through this journey.  Mr. Obama walked into that room with 42 percent of his brain working, and when they finished speaking to him, he had changed because of what he saw and heard.  His brain capacity went up one percent, to 43.  You cannot understand how powerful it is to gain one percent brain capacity in a day.  Mr. Obama knows everything that you are not supposed to know until after the Shift in Consciousness.

He found out that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated by the government of the United States.  He also knows how the twin towers were blown out, and it was not the way you believe they were.  He knows everything.  He is now a co-conspirator with the other 43 presidents, because he has been asked to hold all this information.  I don’t think he can do it.  Hopefully, he will not be able to.  I believe he will tell everybody, and if he does, We the People have to step up and be at his side.  Tell him he’s loved, and protect him in every way you can.  Pray for him.  You do everything you can.

It isn’t a matter of Democrats versus Republicans.  Mr. Obama will be the President of the United States, and if you treat him the way he’s supposed to be treated, he will succeed.  Believe me, he’s worth it.  He is at 43 percent brain capacity.  He’s only seven percentage points from what it takes to get into the Shift.

I repeat:  He was at 42 percent brain capacity when he entered that office to speak to your current president, and he was at 43 percent when he left, because of what he learned in that room.  It’ll take him a little while to assimilate it all.  That’s why you don’t see him out there talking to the people right now.  He’s trying to understand what he’s just learned.  He saw pictures of the space beings he will have to meet with.  Yes, space beings.  He saw pictures of them meeting with past presidents.  He was dumbfounded by this whole thing, and believe me, he won’t forget about it.  He knows he will release this information, but not right away.  He will come out with the information a little bit at a time.  Be aware of that. 

Mr. Obama knows what he has to do.  Right now he doesn’t want to tell you that 9/11 didn’t happen the way you think it did or that J.F.K. didn’t die the way you thought he did, or why the government didn’t take care of the people in New Orleans.

As president, Mr. Obama will not shy away from what he has to do.  The first time he is told by the secret powers that something will be done contrary to his way of thinking, he will say, “Do it and I’ll tell everybody what you’re planning to do.”  He’ll do that because he is a powerful being.  People down South are thinking of doing bad things to him if they’re allowed to, but you can’t let them do it.  Obama is too important to your society.  At 43 percent brain power, he’s probably the most powerful being on the Earth plane right now, and he’s your president.

He can do this journey without displaying his prowess.  He doesn’t have to tell everybody that the ETs have been talking with presidents and so on and so forth, but if the secret powers press his buttons, if they come after him, he will lock himself in his office and he’ll tell you what’s happening, and it’s up to you to believe him.  You have to believe him.

You know he’s in love from the manner in which he speaks of his family, his wife, his countrymen, etc.  He’s a loving power.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat or a Republican.  Those labels have always been used as a means of separation here on this Earth plane. 

I’m not trying to make Mr. Obama something special.  He is special.  You already know it.  When he spoke after the election, he wasn’t using a teleprompter.  He spoke from his heart.  He’s already been through his Shift.  He went into that room without knowing what he would hear and see.  He’s now aware and he knows what he will do with the information.  So, just support him.

We the People will have to be more active in making yourselves part of your government.  You will have to say, “No,” when your leaders want to do negative things.  When the leader of one country wants to hurt another, We the People of the United States can say, “Don’t do that.  We will not go over there to do anything about it.  If you do this, you will do it on your own.”  The whole journey will be about We the People taking a stand.  Obama has to be so much brighter than the rest of you right now so he can accomplish change, and he’ll need the support of We the People to do it.


I have a lot to say and I could not say it all in the hour and a half I was given.  From my heart to yours, love is the answer.  Never forget it.  God bless you and good evening.

[1] The three days of darkness refers to what occurs when the Earth moves through the photon belt:  the compression of light particles will make it appear dark.  During that time, we will go to sleep, after which we will be “in-lightened.”


[2] “In-lighten” is a word coined by Master Kirael.  It means to take more light into the body.

[3] Truth, Trust and Passion are the first three of the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating.  To learn more about the Ten Principles, see

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