Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Earth and her True Nature of Health (Sol'Ara An)

Dear ones, it is a blessing indeed in these times of great confusion to bless you with our love and our promise that truly all is well. This being a time of a highly energetic change in the atmosphere of Earth, which does affect the physical body of humanity and the Earth body as well, can be misunderstood. Unfortunate misguidance has gone across the planet for some time now, and we would speak on the Earth and her true nature of health.

You see in our view, all is well and is moving forward in the way it was meant to be. We meant for change to occur for the dead energies to die off and the new birthing of energies to create complete regeneration in terms of new life upon the Earth at this particular time. It has been an ongoing process, actually, for thousands of your Earth years. Today, however, it is culminating into a much higher and faster rate of change and this brings human concerns. It is unnecessary to judge one another at this juncture. . . for it changes nothing. And in truth, there is no judgment from your Father, Mother God in regard to your life and its affect upon the Earth.

Do you believe that it was not known how you would treat the Earth and her other occupants, like plants, animals etc.? It is interesting to note that in the thousands of your years there have been many changes and climate change is part of the Earth experience. The difference now may be that there are so many human's living upon the Earth at this time, that many more shall see the affect of the changes. And in some cases there have been loss of life, but in truth it is also part of the overall and higher plan for humanity to be cognizant and cautious regarding loss of life. The scenario's the scientists want to push are one's that cause fear. Instead of blame and shame, may we suggest you align with the love of your Creator and do your best to align that love to all that you see, say, and do. Your actions toward the Earth are the actions you place for or against yourself. Without love and remembrance of the Souls that you are. . . negating your connection to one another, this is where your pain and fear find justification. Looking out at your news articles and TV news information is not the whole of truth.

Therefore, our thought is perhaps you could try to focus on what the truth is. The truth always lies within the heart of the one honoring truth. Love is truth in its wholeness and it is truth that never ends. With regards to that, we see and hold the vision of the healing of the hearts of our beloved children of Earth, and as these energies tap into the codes within the hearts of all life, they awaken the truth of Oneness within all beings with their Creator God.

If you choose to look at mud, you shall see mud... right? But what if you saw within this mud the nutrients and the cells of regeneration of plant life? Would you then see this as "dirty" and useless? Perhaps you could start looking through eyes that are aligned to your heart, and not your mind. It is not to say that you are not responsible for the Earth environment, but it is to say that you are looking in the wrong direction for your solution. It is not the way you create your products so much that creates the environmental waste, it is your thoughts and your mistreatment of one another that creates the garbage you see in your world. It is the words you use, believing you are "adults" and can use any word needed, yet do you see that your use of what you call "swear" words contain enough negative thought-form energy to allow your skies to lose their pure air and thus a milky yellowish-green haze takes the place of this beautiful air that initially you breathed. It is easy to blame others, and easy to judge ones self in many other forms of negative behavior, but your own mistreatment of self and others in the way you think and the way you feel certainly has predominantly overshadowed your healthy air and abundant rich plant life upon the Earth. Even your animals and sea creatures experience these anomalies of nature changes that are not as they were meant to be. All life is affected by the human thought form.

Universal law - the law of attraction, the law of resonance, the law of One... these are all in your spiritual books and magazines these days. Did you really think they were just created? This is progression, to awaken to the true nature of the Universe . . . these laws have always been. Therefore, the human who has now outnumbered other life forms upon the Earth has created the changes of the Earth simply by refusing to see the true nature of human life. Love is your true nature. It was what birthed you into life, from the Soul of your being. All life has a beginning and an end in this realm of Earth life, yet must you end it so quickly? We allow free-will as it is a law given long ago, but in this time of your Earth we are bringing your activation codes awake within that tell you: "Now is the time to return to the Oneness of your Heart! Now is the awakening to the fact that you are responsible for all things, in that you think... so shall you create!" What creation would you have today in your world?

These are things we would like you to think of more in your day to day. In that you change your own thoughts and you offer your compassion and assistance to others, this Earth shall surely heal herself. But judgment and blame only compresses this negative affect upon the Earth's atmosphere and land mass; it is time to stop the judgments. It is time to take responsibility for your part and to align with your Creator/God's love for all.

Our dear spirit, Mother Earth, as you call her is very much aware of the lessons to be learned on this planet. She holds the vision in place for the healing of humanity, and she knows exactly when and how to make the appropriate changes as they are needed for human understanding and learning. She has no ill will to bring forth to her human participants in this Earth experience. Her love and compassion many times stops certain known Earth changes so that life can be preserved. And some cannot be stopped. As Souls align to a certain need and experience, even she must acquiesce to this law of non-interference with free-will and Soul guidance.

Holding love in your heart for your dear Mother Earth shall only help her to help you. Asking in your heart for her to preserve life as much as she can and to assist all in learning to appreciate and respect the Earth is a noble prayer. And know that as you believe in your own heart about your brothers and sisters of the Earth, so shall that belief create your life experience. All hold that power, and within your heart you are very aware of the responsibility to your life and the lives of others. As all are One. . . One affects the All.

Here within our hearts do we place you as always. I am aware of the need to "take care of" all of nature and "help" those who cannot help themselves. Like the sea otters and the polar bears . . . all seemingly losing their homes. It may be that the Earth shall change as she needs and these sweet beings shall go on as nature intended . . . to a place where they need to be at this time. Earth changes are required to raise the energy of all life and to bring all life into a higher life pattern frequency. This is as nature was intended. Therefore, take heart that your God has taken these loved ones . . . other species of Earth life, into great consideration in these changing times. They are not alone and they are to be well taken care of. And those with the heart to assist them as they have these experiences could see that as you assist these little animals and mammals in your life gardens, your heart and your compassion grows ever more. Knowing this, all of life in its varied forms is to be regarded as part and whole of the human race. These opportunities were thus created for your growth with permission from the other realms of "animal" and "plant" life energies. The species of "other" already have their genetic and cellular activation of the plan of wholeness within them . . . they need not understand your language to know who you are. They too play their parts well dear ones.

And so today, our message is to release the judgments and the beliefs that create pain in your world by seeing with "old" eyes. Open your hearts and live within those hearts and see from that place within. I think your solutions shall then be made clear. Our love had in mind all eventualities of this human life experience. Our love was the priority of this experience. Release fear beloveds, and hold faith and love within you that all . . . in every way . . . is well! For as you shall wish . . . thy will be done!

My Love blesses you in every moment of your every breath!

I am Divine Mother

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