Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What does 2012 mean for us now? (Gregg Braden)

Fact: December 21st, 2012 signals the end of a Long and mysterious cycle of time-a Great World Age that began 5,125 years ago!

Fact: The end of such cycles in the past has triggered cataclysmic shifts that changed the face of the Earth and altered entire civilizations!

Fact: The predictions for 2012, and what follows Range from an era of chaos and destruction to a Thousand years of peace and cooperation!

What does 2012 mean for us today?

The answer lives as the message coded into an ancient map of time!

We're living the end of time. Not the end of the world, but the end of a world age-a 5,125-year cycle of time-and the way we've known the world throughout that time. The present world age began in 3,114 B.C. and will end in 2012 A.D. Because the end of anything also marks the beginning of what comes next, we're also living the start of what follows the end of time: the next world age, which ancient traditions called the great cycle.

From the epic poems of India's Mahabharata to the oral traditions of indigenous Americans and the biblical story of Revelation, those who have come before us knew that the end of time was coming. They knew, because it always does. Every 5,125 years the Earth and our solar system reach a place in their journey through the heavens that marks the end of precisely such a cycle. With that end, a new world age begins. Apparently it's always been this way. For at least four such cycles (or five, according to the Mesoamerican traditions of the Aztec and the Mayan people) our ancestors endured the changes in global magnetic fields, climate, depleting resources, and rising sea levels that come with the end of time. The fact that they lived to tell the story stands as a powerful testament to an undeniable truth. It tells us beyond any reasonable doubt that the inhabitants of our world have survived the end of world ages in the past.

Beyond simply surviving, our ancestors learned from the difficulties that can accompany the change. In the words of their day, they did their best to tell us what it means to live such a rare moment in history. It's a good thing that they did because such events are few and far between. Only five generations in the last 26,000 years have experienced the shift of world ages. We will be the sixth.

The present world ends at a specific time, with a specific event, on a day that was marked on a calendar over 2,000 years ago. There is no secret about that date. The Maya who calculated it also inscribed it as a permanent record for future generations. The date is etched into stone monuments that were built to last until the end of time.

When the date is translated to our familiar system of time, the message becomes clear. It tells us that our present world age will end with the winter solstice that takes place on December 21 in the year 2012. It's on this date that the mysterious Maya identified the astonishing astronomical events that will mark the end of our age, and they did so over two millennia ago.

What Does It Mean? What does such a rare moment in astronomical history mean in our lives today?

The truth is that no one knows for sure. We can't, because no one living today has a direct experience of the last time something like this happened. What we do have, however, are good indicators of what we can expect. We have facts. When we marry the facts of today's science with the wisdom and the historic records of the past, we find a story that's almost beyond belief. It's the story of a journey-our journey-that began so long ago that it has taken over 256 generations and five millennia to reach the end.

Now that we're doing so, we discover that the end is actually the start of a new journey. Perhaps poet and visionary T. S. Eliot best described the irony of an end being a beginning: "We shall not cease from exploration/and the end of all our exploring/will be to arrive where we started/and know the place for the very first time."

While the story of a shifting world age based in our planet's orbit through the stars may sound like the plot of a Star Trek episode, the celestial calculations that our ancestors left to us are surprisingly consistent with the scientific findings of today. When we put it all together, they tell the same story. With that story, we suddenly have a new meaning for the greatest mysteries of our past, as well as the clues that tell us what to expect in our future.

Fortunately, our ancestors left us everything we need to meet the challenges of a great world age. It's not only about cycles. It's about our ability to recognize patterns and where we are within the cycles. While quantum scientists tell us that we can never predict an exact future, what we can predict are cyclic probabilities for the future. This is precisely what the existence of repeating cycles of time demonstrates. Each time a cycle appears it repeats the general conditions that make something possible, rather than a precise outcome. Just as the conditions in Earth's atmosphere can create the perfect environment for a tornado without ever actually forming one, time's cycles can bring together all of the circumstances that led to an event in history, without that event occurring again in the present.

The key here is that the ingredients for a repetition are present and the situation is "primed." The way those conditions play out, however, is determined by the choices that we make in life. The beauty of such an understanding is that along with the moments in our time that are ripe for war, suffering, and chaos, we can also pinpoint the moments in our future that are ripe for peace, success and stability.

Time Code 5: If we know where we are in a cycle, then we know what to expect when it repeats.

To know in advance where our choices can have the greatest impact tips the scales in our favor as we complete the cycle that holds our well being and, ultimately our survival, in the balance. And that is the beauty of Fractal Time. Because the rhythms and patterns of nature tell us precisely when we can expect the repeating cycles of the past, they also tell us when we have the greatest opportunity to change the hurtful and destructive patterns of the past-the choice points-that create the new cycles of life!

Energetic Pathways (Kevin Farrow)

The Microcosmic Orbit

The microcosmic orbit showing the 
yin (descending, in black), and yang (ascending, flame) points.
These can be equated with the 
chakras of many New Age holistic healing systems (but less so with the chakras of original Tantra) .

diagram from Mantak and Maneewan Chia Awaken Healing Light of the Tao (Healing Tao Books, 1993), p.170.

Solfeggio Electromagnetic Sound Healing (371)

Ut queant laxis = 18 = 9 = florine = anti-fungal 

Resonare fibris = 12 = 3 = lithium = ' mood stabilizer ' 

Mira gestorum = 15 = 6 = Carbon = absorb toxins 

Famuli tuorum = 18 = 9 = florine = anti-fungal 

Solve polluti = 12 = 3 = lithium = ' mood stabilizer ' 

Labii reatum = 15 = 6 = Carbon = absorb toxins 

Why promote this type of `healing` work, called "Solfeggio Electromagetic Sound Healing" ? Because the healer cancels out `electromagnetic` radiation.
This is one of the reasons I was given the word : 
e l e c t r o m a g n e t i c

Weapons of solar war, are electromagnetic.
So now, I understand how healing cancels out electromagnetic radiation, that harms the human immune system.
The healer, is an instrument of God (IHVH). Healers produce a type of energy called a quantum field that interacts with the DNA and changes a body's cells.

The Science matches the holistic healing codes of : 9 3 6 9 3 6 . . .
Look at what the Solfeggio Musical Healing DNA . . .of these notes, connect to in the atomic numbers :

Each of the three(3) repeated numbers, are confirming why the musical
notes are `healing` notes. The formula of each, have scientific proof to support the medical health of the human body.

The atomic number nine[9], repeats twice in the musical scale.
The 9th atomic number is 'F' : florine

Medical healing wise, this is used to treat `fungus`.
Holistic care belief is, that `fungus`(yeast) in the mouth (baby thrush;mouth ulcers), the stomach/colon, the sexual organs, the feet, are the result of a bad immune system.

So the '9' on the musical scale is telling us to focus on `anti-fungus` options, in our support of our immune system. Certain foods are fungus generators in the human body, and should be avoided.
Also the first note : Ut . . . is (9). And the fourth note: 
Fa . . . is the ' F ' atomic number for : fluorine
Ut queant laxis = 18 = 9
Famuli tuorum = 18 = 9

If our body is PH balanced with the 1/2 Acid and 1/2 Alkaline, we stay healthy.
If we use a urine test strip that diabetics use, we can determine daily, if our food that day should be more acid or alkaline options.
Cancer forms under extreme levels, of over active `acid` in our body.
Food wisdom, is through the information that which vibrates to Ut and Fa.

The atomic number 3, is lithium. ( the three(3) repeats twice in the notes )
Resonare fibris = 12 = 3
Solve polluti = 12 = 3

With bipolar disorder and antidepressant drugs created from atomic number 3, Lithium, it is clear why our musical healing note of the human body, would be a Healing ' mood stabilizer '. The world is very much experiencing depression. The drugs (RX) related to Lithium, are teaching us, lessons that vibrate to Re and Sol. ( holistic option, could replace negative RX usage/abuse ).

The atomic number 6, is carbon. ( the number six(6) repeats twice in these musical notes )
Mira gestorum = 15 = 6
Labii reatum = 15 = 6

Carbon absorbs toxins, in the human body and plant kingdom.
I use carbon in the bottom of my African violets, to absorb fungus and bacteria.
Carbon capsules, remove poisons and help the digestive system. The health of the stomach and colon are balanced with carbon. (Digestive disorders).
Of course, carbon is teaching us about the lessons vibrating to Mi and La. ( Mi and La, as the musical notes for balance within `The Digestive/Excretory Systems).

Now I know, why the musical notes repeat 936936 : (Prayer is 9. Energy is 99.The System is 3. Truth is 33. MOTIVATION is 6.Wealth is 66. ), and I have been shown with the help of `atomic numbers` in science, the categories (anti-fungal/mood stabilizer/absorb toxins)...

Today is One Dot on the Canvas (Quado/Carrie Hart)

The action you take today is like placing one dot on a vast canvas.  You cannot see the whole picture of your life, its meaning and purpose, but yet you are painting it daily with everything you do. Your higher self, your soul self, is the painter with the vision.  You are the hand, the hand that can choose the brush, select the color and place the dot of paint just so.

And you, as the hand, have been given a choice.  You may allow yourself to be guided by ego, fear and doubt, wrestling for control as you willfully place the dot of this moment.  Or you may reach up into spirit and ask for guidance on how to spend the precious day that has been given to you, asking for the texture, tone and color that will best express the most divine vision of your life and inviting spirit to add that special sheen of miracles and wonders that results when you surrender control.

There will be times when you are working on a small area of detail, and each day is a very small dot that you simply do not understand, and the work of your life seems painstaking and confusing.  And then there are other days when you are able to express yourself in great strokes of vibrant hues, when you feel the color deeply, and suddenly have a sense of what is being drawn, where it is all heading.

And sometimes, you will enter a period of such strong guidance and direction, a period in which you finally begin to feel and know your own greatness and accept your power, that you will be able to paint great swaths of your canvas.  And you may come to understand that some of the painting you did in days of doubt and confusion now provides the contrast required to make this bold stroke stand out in vibrant beauty.  And you begin to see how everything that was and is has a place on your canvas.

The time is now to seek daily guidance.  The time is now to go each day into a meditation with your higher self and ask, what shall I do with this precious day?  How shall I spend this gift that has been given to me?

I am the hand.  Guide me to the right brush, the right colors, the right movements, so that I may paint my canvas with beauty and wonder, so that I may surrender my need to know why today is blue instead of yellow, so that I may move with grace and ease as the instrument of spirit, doing and being the physical expression of the higher spirit that I truly am, the extension into this physical form, showing the beauty and wonder of my greater, higher self in every action I perform.

Allow me to express you in physical form today.  Show me how to be and what to do.  Show me the colors to live.  And then, help me to accept in good grace that I may not see or understand the big picture until it is completed and I can finally step back, see it in its entirety and admire what I have done.


Change is a Loving Friend (Quado/Carrie Hart)

When confusion sadly comes, step into it, be within it as within a fog, knowing that fog always clears and confusion always ends.

There is no reason to even wonder why it comes across you from time to time.  It is simply a part of life to sometimes see a long vista stretching out ahead with a clear path across it and other times to wander lost in the forest, the fog heavy and damp, the leaves dripping with tears.

Remember always that the fog will clear, the forest will end and another day will come when you stand at the edge of the forest and see the meadow ahead, with the valley full of fruit trees, dripping with abundance and beauty.

But look now, across the fertile valley.  Over this way, there is a great mountain, its snowcapped peak hidden in the clouds.  And someday, you may choose to take a deep breath, leave the valley and begin to climb, simply because you heard it call your name. 

And there, over that way, is another forest, dark and foggy, leading into mystery.  And someday, without quite knowing why, you may choose to fill your heart with courage and enter this forest, simply because you feel that it is time for you to do so.

For this is life.  Change, growth, evolution, becoming, and always, always, movement.  And even if you sit down under the tree and choose not to move, the world will change around you, the golden pears will fall, the winter storms will come and go, and one day fragrant blossoms will spring out on the branches, telling of the bounty to come.

It is natural to hunger for stability and safety, but it is not, ultimately, why you are here.  The luscious meadow, the high mountain and the foggy forest are all a part of the experience, this great adventure we call life.

Remember always that change is a loving friend who believes in you deeply, who challenges you to live from your heart, who knows your vast courage, and who trusts you to reach into yourself and find all that you truly are, right now.

Welcome, my dear friend.  Take my hand and lead me.  I am ready to take that step.


Your Soul Remembers (Jennifer Hoffman/Uriel)

Whatever you have forgotten about joy, peace, unconditional love and the blessings of spirit, your soul remembers. It remembers that there is a connection within you to a place where you are free of guilt, shame, and the energies that weigh you down and allow you to believe that you are less than perfect. Your soul remembers why you are here, your healing purpose and the tasks that you agreed to complete. And your soul remembers a time when you were free, whole, complete and living in unbounded joy. Whenever you forget who you are, ask your soul to remind you.
Your soul is aware of the pain you have experienced in each lifetime, your fear and the despair you have felt at believing you were separated from Source. It holds these memories for you, to help you remember the purpose of your healing journey and the energetic imbalances you are to make whole again. Your soul remembers that you originated in perfection and your healing path is one that will bring you and all of humanity in harmony with your divinity.
Your soul is your divine presence in physical form and it holds the memory of your divinity until you are able to reconnect to it. Your human memory is focused on your limitations, lack and imperfection and requires the soul to remember that you are the light of the world, a human embodiment of Source, the answer to the prayers for peace and love.  When you have forgotten that your light shines brightly, within and without, your soul will help you remember.
Your soul waits patiently for you to acknowledge its presence, to ask for strength when you feel you have failed or cannot continue on your journey, to connect with a moment of peace when your reality is in chaos.  It holds your most precious memories in safekeeping for you and each time you forget who you are and why you have undertaken this journey, your soul will have the answers for you. Go within, connect with your soul's beautiful memories of Home and find peace within the knowing that you did not come here alone, your partnership with your soul is all you need to remember the joy of heaven and the love that surrounds you, protects you and is always available to you.


Music and MetaMusic: A Universal Bridge

Music in Our Genes

Larry Dossey, M.D. in his excellent article, “The Body as Music.”, eloquently addresses an even deeper level of music when he states: “Why are we moved by music? One reason may be that the body itself is intrinsically musical, right down to the DNA that makes up our genes.”

The idea that DNA and music might be connected originates with the work of Dr. Susumu Ohno, a geneticist at the Beckman Institute of the City of Hope Hospital in Duarte, California. Dr. Ohno has notated more than fifteen songs based on the DNA of a variety of living organisms.

He finds that the more evolved an organism, the more complicated the music. The DNA of a single-cell protozoan, for example, translates into a simple four-note repetition. But music transcribed from human DNA––such as the body’s receptor site for insulin––is much more complex.[10]

“Listeners knowledgeable about classical music hear similarities between these DNA-based compositions and the music of Bach, Brahms, Chopin, and other great composers,” writes Dr. Ohno. “DNA melodies are majestic and inspiring. Many persons hearing them for the first time are moved to tears. They cannot believe that their bodies, which they believed to be mere collections of chemicals, contain such uplifting, inspiring harmonies––that they are musical.”

Not only can one make music starting with DNA, it is also possible to reverse the process. In other words, you take a piece of music and assign nucleotides to the notes. The end result resembles a strand of DNA. Ohno tried this with a Chopin piece and the final result resembled a cancer gene!11

Now if music affects us down to the level of DNA, I believe each of our organs is singing its own song. We are healthy when our organs are singing in harmony. We feel sick when they are singing out of tune. From my own experiences it is clear that listening to music helps the body stay in tune.

A Melody a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

For optimal health, Steven Halpern, Ph.D. a foremost creator of healing music, suggests listening to music with an alpha/theta brainwave rhythm (alpha is 7-13 Hertz and theta is 3-7 Hertz) for a minimum of thirty minutes per day.[11] Halpern bases this statement, in part, on an understanding of the correlation between vibrations in the Earth’s electromagnetic field and those of the human body. The Earth vibrates at an inaudible frequency of approximately 8 cycles per second. When the human body is deeply relaxed it too vibrates at approximately 8 cycles per second. This sympathetic resonance is known as Schumann’s Resonance, and it implies that being in harmony with oneself and the universe may be more than a mere poetic concept. 12

Listening to alpha and theta frequencies as Halpern describes helps to induce a trophotropic state, a powerful healing condition in the body. The opposite of this state is the ergotropic state, which triggers a fight or flight response that causes stress and fatigue. Busy schedules and over stimulation naturally force us into ergotropic states that eventually lead to exhaustion, sleep deprivation, and illness. Relaxing and listening to music in the alpha/theta range brings on a trophotropic state and helps restore balance.13

Knowing this, the question then becomes, what kind of music supports synchronized alpha/theta brainwave states? Since each of us is unique and has differing needs, what feels restful and healing for some may not be appealing to others. However, there are certain desirable qualities in music to be used for inner work. The most appropriate music tends to be the opposite of the kind that we play in our cars and homes as we hustle and bustle through our busy days. More often than not, inner space music contains no vocals since lyrics stimulate the logic-dominant left hemisphere of the brain, as opposed to our more creative right hemispheres. Inner music also tends to feature slower rhythms that help our heart rates and brainwaves to slow down. Furthermore, the musical formats are generally harmonic with instrumentation that facilitates an introspective or contemplative mode. The most effective musical selections are those that permit your mind to wander gently and enter a peaceful state of being. The soundtrack may center on the ambience of nature, which can help you get in tune with the natural environment, or it may feature more ethereal sounds and long moments of silence where some say we can experience Oneness or God.

Constance Demby, a well-respected symphonic space musician, whose classic Novus Magnificat was voted by New Age Voice as one of the 25 most influential ambient albums of all time, explains that for the music to take you to soul levels you must be a willing participant. She encourages listeners to participate in “frontal listening,” as opposed to background listening. Ask to be taken to the same realms that the music came from, she says. Open your heart, surrender, and let the music in all the way. People can go much further when they consciously focus on the music and surrender to it. By allowing their minds to follow the music they are led to the Source of the music—and its transformational power. In a sense, it means meditating with the music. [12] 14

Therefore, when listening to music for healing or voyages to inner and outer space, it’s best to begin with the proper attitude. Next, sit or lie down in a noise-free environment where you know that you will not be disturbed for at least 45 minutes. Make sure that you’ve rid yourself of all distractions. The best approach is to create a sacred space where you can relax, reduce worrisome thoughts, and minimize external stimuli. Doing so helps to open yourself to inner visions created by the auditory nerve’s response to the music.

It’s clear to me that I wouldn’t have had such profound experiences with music if I had not also been in a conducive state of acceptance. At the Monroe Institute, renowned for facilitating states of expanded consciousness and out-of-body experiences, we were freed from all our daily distractions—no watches, cell phones, newspapers, or TVs—for an entire week. My colleagues and I each came with the intention to explore the consciousness of inner and outer space. I am certain that being in the right frame of mind helped facilitate my transformational musical encounters.

More than Music—Metamusic

Metamusic is music that is specifically designed to promote healing and encourage voyages to inner and outer space. The audible musical compositions are then significantly enhanced by the synergistic addition of Hemi-Sync brainwave signals. These subaudible electrical sound wave patterns are blended and sequenced to support different states of consciousness.

Hemi-Sync works by playing slightly different tones in each ear, which then harmonize inside your brain. To better understand, imagine playing two notes on the piano. If played one after the other you hear the difference between them. But when played at the same time, you hear them in harmony. Hemi-Sync works the same way, except that since the tones are subaudible the synchronization process occurs inside your brain instead of outside your ear. When precisely controlled Hemi-Sync tones are combined in the brain, the entire brain begins to resonate. It becomes ‘entrained’ to the frequency, producing a unique whole-brain state known as hemispheric synchronization, or Hemi-Sync. When Hemi-Sync is added to relaxing music the result is Metamusic.

The magic of Hemi-Sync and Metamusic lies in its capacity to deliberately and directly induce the trophotropic state. By recording subaudible alpha and theta frequencies beneath the already engaging music the Monroe Institute creates musical tools with a powerful healing potential.

Many people first seek Metamusic for meditation, inner exploration, or for guided imagery work. Favorite selections among Monroe Institute enthusiasts include:Ascension and Higher, both by J.S. Epperson, Deep Journes y by Steven Halpern, Inner Journey and  The Journey Home, both by Micah Sadigh, Mystic Realms, and Into the Deep by Matthew Sigmon and Julie Anderson.

Because the Hemi-Sync tones can be adjusted to any frequency, including the sleep inducing delta range, Metamusic can also be used to help people with insomnia and sleep disruptions. More than 30 million Americans suffer from insomnia and sleep disorders. Metamusic helps a growing number of them to drift off to sleep more readily and enjoy rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, which is essential for good health.

Because these musical selections are specifically designed to take listeners into deep states of relaxation and consciousness, they should NEVER be used while driving a car or moving vehicle.

Metamusic is not just for inner work and healing though. By combining music with Hemi-sync frequencies in the stimulating beta harmonic range, it can be used to induce periods of sustained creative energy and mental concentration.


Music is truly a bridge to good health, and Metamusic is a marriage between the innate power of music and the wonder of Hemi-Sync. I agree with Deepak Chopra, M.D.’s belief that it is our duty to humanity to be as healthy as we can possibly be. We are all ripples in a vast cosmic sea, and the vibrations of our mental, physical, and spiritual beings affect everything else. As Chopra says, each of us is, in effect, a wave of sound that hums a tune throughout our lives. 16

By making conscious choices about the types of music that we listen to we can improve our health, explore inner realms, and enhance our creative and mental performance. As we become healthier and happier through the use of uplifting music, so too do our relationships with others and with the world around us. How could it possibly be otherwise when the entire universe is singing a single song?



DNA Layer 1: Keter Etz Chayim = The Tree of Life (Kryon)

The Mt. Shasta Experience
This Kryon live channelling was given in Mt. Shasta, California
June 21-22, 2003

[This channelling has been added-to and enhanced by Kryon, through Lee Carroll in a rechannelling process over the actual transcribed channelling. This has been done in order to make it more valuable for the written word and to bring clarity to concepts that were given energetically within the live channellings.]

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

The energy is strong here. We picked a time and a place that had even higher energy than my partner expected, so I'm asking him to center [speaking of Lee]. There is much today that will require that he go slow. There will be concepts presented that he's never seen before, names he's never heard. The following is the kind of information that can only be delivered in a place like this - a place with Lemurian energy. 

We will speak of these things more as we go, but for this moment, we wish to tell you that the entourage that arrived three days ago is active among you. There will be those who would ask,"Can such a thing be? How could we know that any of the esoteric subjects discussed this night are real or true - where is the proof?" We're going to tell you this: This entire evening's message will probably be the most esoteric ever given by my partner. If it's proof you're looking for, you may have to wait years, or you could follow your intuition and believe it tonight. You could also call upon those who stand next to you to help you with your own discernment [speaking of those unseen].

Tonight is very different for my partner. He has done this for years and years, yet this one is different. It's a throwback, is it not, my partner, to some of the days when you were filled with anxiety before the event? For you did not know what was happening next? Such is the way of the love of God. Such is the way of "the now."

We are here, you know? So many of you feel us here. This group of beings that comes before you has only one purpose - to support humanity. We often tell you that you're not alone, and we tell you about the gifts of divinity that are yours. Yet so many of you say, "Who, me? I'm so ordinary." The duality hides it all. It hides it all! There won't be a day in your life that you will have proof of your sacredness. There won't be a day in your life that you will look in the mirror and say, "Oh, yes, I see that divine face." There will always be the duality at work - pieces and parts of you, pulling and pushing - always wondering if such a thing could be. 

Even the most enlightened of you, the ones who vibrate at the highest level, will have your moments. "Dear Spirit, you said I'd never be alone, yet today I feel alone!" We've heard you in your darkest moments - in your sorrow, and the lightest moments in your joy. We've been with you to celebrate when you danced in the light and cried in the dark. It is one of the reasons why, as long as we are here channelling through my partner, that the theme will be this: that you are dearly loved. Loved beyond all Human measure that you can imagine, dear family. There is so much hiding in your grandness.

The theme of the Kryon has been, and always will be, this: that you have changed the reality of your planet. In the process, you have enabled a situation... one that was waiting for you. We told you this: that at the end of the magnetic grid shift, the work of Kryon would really begin. All my work in the last 12 years about being the magnetic master had to do with the changing of the grid, but now it's not about the changing of the grid. Instead, it's about what happens next after the grid has settled. And it's time to review that. 

If we're going to give you good communication about what is taking place, we must take it in careful steps, especially the message this evening. So here's the first step. We told you about the magnetic grid and the crystalline grid - two grids of the planet next to one another, in line with each other. We also told you of the third grid, which is Human Consciousness. That grid is one that will move with the Crystalline.

When you gave permission to change the reality of the planet, one grid had to move first, and the second and third are moving now. Twelve years ago, we told you that now would be the completion of the magnetic grid of the planet, and it is. We gave you the dates and the energies around the shift, and they proved out. Even your geologists see it, and the navigation instruments of your planet responded to it.

Then we began to tell you that there would those who would give you far more information about the next shift, that of the crystalline grid. And they are doing so. We told you that you are in a new dispensation, the "dispensation of responsibility," and it has the energy of "number eight." Eight is an interdimensional number that suits the interdimensionality of the energy that you are moving into. [It reads the same upside down, and on its side it represents infinity.] One of the biggest subjects that we have ever had in all of the channellings has been the interdimensionality of Human DNA. Over and over, we have channelled what this means. We're going to do it again. 

The Crystalline Grid is being shifted. Perhaps you would ask, "What does that really mean? What is the major shift?" It is a shift in information and Earth energy. Think of things that are crystalline, such as the crystals you love. They hold energy, don't they? More than that, they may hold information. And what would be the largest piece of information that the crystalline grid would hold for planet Earth? It is the records of you and your history. It mirrors what you've done. Within the crystalline grid, you might say is the history of this planet and all of Human records of the past. The crystalline grid also contains the records of who you are, who you have been, and what you're doing right now. It's the past catalyst to the future, for it does not recognize time. It records energy, which then manifests into the "now." Immense in its storage ability, in interdimensional ways it continues to create and enhance the reality of humanity.

The magnetics changed first [the magnetic grid of the planet]. They are the catalyst for DNA activation that will be starting with the completion of the stages of the crystalline. One shapes the other, and the biggest thing that's going to take place within the crystalline grid is the rewriting of the past. Yes, even the physicists were right! They are questioning the meaning of time and asking the question, "Does it even exist?!" You're dealing with interdimensionality, and therefore you must suspend your belief in the linearity of time itself. This will help you understand how such a thing could be... rewriting the past of the planet in order to change the "now."

It's something we told you is needed and necessary. It indeed has the potentials to create something that we have called The New Jerusalem. Although this portion of this message is a quick review, it's a necessary one for those of you who are not familiar with it. And now you know that something is afoot. The energies are starting to move, and we even told you about this year (2003) being the "year of change." In all appropriateness, the things that you're seeing on your planet are unfolding even faster than we thought they would. It's no accident that finds you sitting in a Lemurian energy at this moment, listening to the message [to those in Shasta who are hearing the channelling]. We will tell you what the connection is in a moment. 

That is the review of what has taken place in the last 13 years. The magnetics of the planet have moved. They've postured themselves in a way that has actually lifted the veil slightly, and under that veil has poured energy to the planet... a new energy that will continue to unfold for another 12 years. It's an energy of a type that some of you never expected. I'm going to discuss that.

Some of you say "new" energy, but the word is used so often in your language and culture that it may not even be meaningful to you. What does "new" mean? The last channelling we gave you, one that will be published, was one that gave you the information of "what is new and what is not." We ask you now to look at that, for it will tie in to what we tell you today. God is slow, and the wisdom of revelation is slow. Good things are given in this way, and you know this. The ancients knew it, too, and the wisest societies on Earth still honor the process of things that take time. So the "new" energy on the planet actually means "one that is different from the energy of the past millennia"... one that will be "new" for this entire dispensation. It's also one of the most profound changes and shifts of all Human history, and it will take time.

Honoring Those Who Are Part of Mt. Shasta

It's time to speak of this area [Mt. Shasta]. There's no better time to speak of an area than when you're sitting in it, and it has much to do with the planet as a whole. It has a great deal to do with those listening and reading, also. Let's start with those who live here. I'd like to greet and celebrate the Guardians. This is a name we're giving to those who have vibrated higher almost all of their lives. They were born with the Lemurian energy, they could hardly wait to get here [Shasta], this is where they were drawn, and this is where they stayed.

They literally nursed the information of the mountain, the Guardians did. You might say they were the forerunners of the Lightworkers. But oh, they're more than that. They anchored and held the energy and kept it fresh around this mountain. It's fresh to this day! First-timers to the area: Are you aware of the kind of energy you walk within? Those of you who have trekked up the mountain know that it speaks to you. Did that surprise you? There's much going on here, and we're going to even rename the process.

The Guardians - who are they? They're the Human Beings who've lived in this mountain area for years and years and years. They've watched the comings and the goings - they've watched all of the energy around the mountain - they've seen the truth and they've seen the non-truth. They've seen the frivolity come and go, and they've remained anchored, keeping the mountain precious... holding it for what it's going to do.

The Guardians. These are the ones to whom we say, "Well done!" These are the ones to whom we would like to say, "And if you wish to leave now, you may. Permission is granted, and you may pass the torch." In fact, some of you are tired, are you not? You think we don't know this? Now that the grid has settled and we move into the crystalline energy, the interdimensional active parts and pieces begin to move. It's a different energy. You Guardians are finished. You did it... held the energy to the manifestation of what it was designed for, and you've done a fine job.

Why move? Because you're about to see a shift in this Mt. Shasta area. There will be great comings and goings even within the next three years. Those who have lived here for a very long time, for whatever reason, may choose to leave. I'll tell you something: There are Guardians here who would never come to a meeting like this! They don't think they're spiritual, but even they are holding and anchoring. Much of it is intuitive... drawn to the area lifetime after lifetime and keeping watch over it. Even these who don't hear this message will feel it in their bodies, a surging intuitive feeling that their job is done. Although it's a precious place to be, some of the Guardians will leave anyway, not even knowing why.

We celebrate the Guardians, and we tell you that these Humans do not reflect old energy workers. They are the forerunners of you, Lightworkers! If you call yourselves Lightworker, then you are the ones who will take the mantel of the Guardians. An influx of energy and humanity is about to happen here. Guardian, as the energy begins to be realized and the reality of what is taking place begins to manifest, you'll no longer be able to keep Mt. Shasta a secret. Don't be alarmed, however. Yes, there will be growth. Perhaps there will even be commercialism. The mountain remains the mountain, regardless of what you do. It cannot be spoiled, for the Guardians have done their job. So we celebrate the Guardians, and some of you are here. Don't be surprised if you're pulled back to this spot for an annual trek of your own choosing, coming back to visit the family that resides in the mountain. There's a great shift occurring here. When you return, remember: Climb the mountain before you decide what has changed and what has not!

Realignment and Shift of Mt. Shasta's Energy

Many of you have always known about the energy of this place. But did you ever know of the timetable? What about the prophecy of the mountain? There's a shift taking place that even the most esoteric of you are not totally expecting.

Let me ask you this: If you think about those on the other side of the veil, you'll know intuitively that there's no gender there as there is on Earth. Angels may appear to be male and female, but they're neither. We've told you repeatedly that Kryon and all of the family around you are genderless. Gender labels and names in spiritual matters are something given to you for energy identification. When you speak of spiritual gender, you're speaking of attributes around energy. It gives you something to relate to... this thing is masculine, or something else is feminine. It becomes a communication identification tool, and not a biological designation.

Get ready for something you didn't expect: That system is over. There's no longer any reason to give elementary information in parables to those who are enlightened in this new energy. So we tell you this: Something is going on in the mountain. Mark my words right now so you can refer to it later. In the not-too-distant future, the ones who identified the male and the female portions of that mountain behind us [Shasta] will have to reevaluate it. The energy around it is melding. It's melding. Some of you have been aware of this for a while.

There will come a time when you can no longer say that this particular portion "is masculine" or that this particular portion "is feminine." Although those are the energies that have always been part of the mountain, the mountain itself is melding those energies. It's changing. It's changing because it's time to change.

Oh, there's more. We're going to give you a new word. Some have asked the Guardians: "Is this Shasta mountain a vortex or a portal?" Some of you locals have thrown up your hands trying to explain this. It has the attributes of both, does it not? How do you explain it, then?

There are other places and parts of this planet that have featured strong male and female energies as well. But with the magnetic grid shift, some of these attributes have "moved away" or melded. Let me give you an example. The area you call Sedona has changed greatly in the last 12 years... so much so that you will no longer feel what you felt the last time you visited there. Those of you who visit repeatedly know of this. That's what the grid shift did to this profoundly energetic area. It did the same with the area in Machu Picchu that many visit regularly. Things are beginning to change even within some of the most well-known energetic areas on Earth.

Well, let me tell you what it did regarding the mountain behind us. It activated it. It has been waiting all of this time for the shift of the magnetics of the planet. Is it a vortex or a portal? Neither. It is instead something new: It's a vortal. A genderless vortal. And to some, especially those who call themselves Guardians, they're not going to like it. After all, it's the mountain they grew up with, and it's changing. Guardian, there is no judgment for leaving this place, only celebration. If you're one of those who's disturbed by the energy shift and the population increase, there's absolutely no judgment around your decision to leave. You've done your job, steward.

For those who don't believe this melding process, I ask you: Why would you be shocked at this when the energies of the planet are shifting so greatly? Where does it say that the polarities always have to be the same geologically forever? With a huge shift in magnetics, wouldn't you expect the polarities of masculine and feminine to adjust? Where does it say that things only work one way and stay that way?

Some say that the earth is moving into the fifth dimension. We told you before that we don't like to number dimensions, for they're not like peas on a table that are things to be numbered. However, since you're in 4D now, it's the next logical number for you to refer to dimensionally. For now, and for clarity, we'll also call it the fifth dimension... that dimensionality that you're moving into that represents a big shift in reality.

The prophecy regarding this mountain has spoken about those within the mountain who are fifth-dimensional. What's going on? What's happening to the land? This prophecy is beautiful. It's esoteric. To some, however, it's eye-rolling. Could there be proof? Some prophecies would indicate that there's an interdimensional city in the mountain, one inhabited by fifth-dimensional beings with Lemurian energy, they say.

God bless the Guardians who brought you that information, for they were right on the mark. We'd prefer not to call it a city. That makes you compare it to what you're used to. We'd like to call it a "gathering." It's a constantly shifting and changing interdimensional gathering of beings of the fifth dimension. (Again, the five is for you.) There's more prophecy, too. The most unbelievable and eye-rolling portion to some is this: There will come a day (they say) when the mountain will disgorge those who have been in there for eons! There will come a time (they say) when these fifth-dimensional beings will walk the streets of Mt. Shasta! That's what they've said.

Well, perhaps you can celebrate this truth with me in an esoteric way, for it's beginning to happen. As you sit here, the city within stirs. Don't be frightened. It's a celebration of you. Let me give you some things to think about: For years, we've told you about a time when your DNA could be activated in an interdimensional way. Some have said that it would be activated into the fifth dimension. Again, that term stems from the idea that you're moving out of 4 (your reality) into the next one (which, to you, is 5). That has been the information. So, what do you think this activation includes? We're going to give you just one attribute of "activating DNA."

What if today's scientists are right, and you actually have interdimensional matter within your body [a teaching from the seminar of the day]? What if the things that you cannot see, but which are there, might include beings (angels, to some) who have stood by to come forward when it was proper and the energy was right? They come to literally be part of the Lemurian family and to be part of the very DNA that you carry with you. Think about it for a moment. Do any of you feel incomplete? Are you waiting for something or someone to join you? And what is all of this Lemurian talk about? 

I'll give you some answers, but before I begin, remember this: You've given permission for this. No matter what I say or do, there are some (who see conspiracy and drama as their way of life), who will say that this is a takeover. "See!" they will say, "Kryon has tricked us to allow the Lemurians to take us over!" Let's get this out in the open where you can look at it so it's not a secret. Use your intuition and free choice. When God fills you with love, is it a takeover? No, it isn't. It's a transformation.

The Lemurian Connection

There is a core of humanity who has always been here... who's never left. Lifetime after lifetime after lifetime, it has incarnated into expressions of humanity that emanated from the continents and many societies you called Lemuria. It was one of the greatest civilizations on the planet. Although it was small compared to today's standards, it was enlightened, almost to the end. It had great leaders and scientists, almost to the end. The first group of you who emerged could be found in the Indus Valley in yet another great civilization - almost all composed of Lemurians. However, it was not in your best interest to "clump" into another advanced society, so you were scattered yet again, this time all over the Earth.

The core of the group that sits in front of me tonight, and many who are reading this, are a part of this original family. These are the ones to awaken first on planet Earth - the few of you who carry the stamp of the Lemurian and Indus culture. It surges within your DNA, Lightworker. Are not aware of this?

Some of you have memories that you cannot explain of your time there. It is the core group that is interested in these things - the one with the Lemurian DNA that awakens first. Like some kind of broadcast receiver, the DNA in most of you is being activated at a level that tickles your free will, and is asking you to take a look at everything, because something is different. Feel anything lately? Are you the same as you always were, or is something stirring? Do you feel that time is speeding up, perhaps? Seeing 11:11 on the clocks?

I'll tell you what's going on: For many of you, there is the awareness that you're now ready for those of the fifth dimension to join you. What am I saying? There's a great deal at work on this planet that you've called fifth-dimensional energy, including entities all over this planet who are waiting to enhance you, to join you in a way you cannot even fathom, in an interdimensional way. Don't make this sound like an invasion! It's an invitation through free choice, to accept the angels who are standing by to become "part of you." It also includes the energies of all the masters who have walked on this planet. Many of them even told you of their return, and that they would "fill you" with their presence.

Many of you wondered if the ascended masters would return and walk the streets of this planet. Well, Human Being, when you leave this place, or the place where you're reading and you walk outside, that's what's happening! That's the reality. Are they walking the streets? You answer that. Are you walking the streets? It's about you, and it always has been about you. Many of you are beginning to understand our channellings over the years. You're now becoming aware that the ascension of this planet, and the return of the masters, is beginning to happen within you! Go back and revisit The Journey Home parable. It's about a Human who became divine, simply though pure intent and a transformation of being through knowledge. It's about ascension!

Many spiritual Humans wish to sit back and have the earth and God "do something" for them. They wish to watch it, feeling that they're only Human, after all. Not this time. Those days are gone. You want to watch the handiwork of God? You're going to have to look inside where God lives. That's where it's going to be - all of it. And so we tell you this: All that is here in Mt. Shasta - all the prophecies about the beings waiting for a certain kind of time and energy on the planet - is being realized. The entities in the mountain are lining up to be part of you. Pieces and parts of them will become pieces and parts of you. Family will join family.

How can we explain this to you? Will you change? Yes, it's called ascension! How did you think that was going to be accomplished? It's accomplished with profound help and beautiful love. It's all part of an energy on this planet that we told you about. Do you know what happens to a core group that goes through that? They change the very dirt of the earth, and the reality of the planet. The consciousness of the children are all part of it, and they're changing too. It's all part of this decade, one of the most profound in Human history, where you'll decide what peace on Earth really means. That's what's happening here. 

DNA: The Beginning of an Elaborate Explanation

We cannot stop the conversation now without discussing DNA. Let me tell you about it. You've named it for your 4D visibility and chemistry: deoxyribonucleic acid - DNA. That's what you see. It's what is in your reality of perception. It's 4D, and a description of your Human genome. To most of the earth, that's the extent of it. We've spoken of it time and time again. When we say DNA, we don't mean the layer of chemistry that you can see. We mean all the layers. Here is the basic information. We've given some of it to you before, but we'll enhance it now. And we'll do something else, too. It's time to meet someone.

DNA is 12 layers deep. Each layer has two attributes - the one you can see in four dimensions (the double helix) we will call the bottom layer. Although bottom and top don't mean much in an interdimensional aspect, that's just for you. It's to give you an idea of where it belongs. It's on the bottom. The two attributes of it we will say are the sides of the ladder, connected with a chemistry that you're well aware of that bridges both of the attributes and creates the bonds. On top of this layer, there are 11 more. Therefore, there are 12 layers total with 24 attributes. Each layer, even the interdimensional ones, have two sides. They're balanced very much like the one you can see. We told you that there would come a time when we'd discuss the other layers. And we will. Complex, it is.

In order to do this properly, we'd like you to meet somebody. It's a surprise. Get this right, my partner, this is critical [Kryon talking to Lee]. We wish to celebrate Yaw-ee today. Yaw-ee is here [speaking of someone in the crowd]. Yaw-ee is a Lemurian name composed of nine glyphs. The Lemurian writing, much like Sumerian, which became part of the Asian culture and the Indus culture, was glyph writing. That is to say, the letters themselves had meaning. They were concepts, and not just sounds. Nine of them composed the name of Yaw-ee. Yaw-ee was known to all of you as one of the greatest architects of Lemuria who ever lived. Beyond that, Yaw-ee had a gift. You see, Yaw-ee built the Temples of Rejuvenation that were present on the mountaintops. Yaw-ee knew all about DNA. He was given visions - visions he's still being given today. I would like to introduce him to you, for he's here in your group today. A surprise, even to Yaw-ee! 

You know him as Dr. Todd Ovokaitys. Doctor, are you here?


Speak out if you are. 

"I'm here." (A surprised Dr. Ovokaitys answers from the audience.)

And so we will address you as Yaw-ee. We bring you into this because we want to review your vision, and we want to tell you about your future. It's no accident that you find yourself on the planet in this place at this time. For an awakening is beginning. You can only go so far with what you've known. We wish to take you back to the vision that you had in this lifetime that set you on the course that you're currently on, a profound vision it was. Do you remember it?


Yaw-ee, do you remember the door we took you through?

"I do."

There, you were shown living DNA in the inner workings of a Human Being, which was alive and functioning. There, you were shown the magnetic resonances and more that are part of a ladder in four dimensions. Did you ever wonder, Doctor, why we took you into a room to show you something that's not in a room?


And now we'll tell you: It's a metaphor. I'm going to give you information that even you, Doctor, will not understand yet. The shape of all DNA together, all the interdimensional DNA when placed together with interdimensional eyes, as a complete and total shape, is in the form of a six-sided cube. It fits within the Merkabah, a very designed place where a cube should be. And that's why you were given the metaphor of the room. That's why there was a door to take you into a place with six sides, all equal in dimension. Now I'll ask you some more questions. Were you aware of the twists?


Did you count them?


Let me tell those listening and reading about Yaw-ee. He was known as the Twist Master! There's a secret here, Doctor. It's given publicly because you have the answer. I will tell you something about this. Many have asked, "What causes the twists within the twists in 4D DNA?" Some say that it's obviously the chemistry that pushes and pulls on it in certain ways to torque it in certain ways. I will give you the answer to what causes the twists, and then I'm going to tell you about The Twist Master.

There are four elements, all of which are interdimensional, which twist DNA. DNA's relational twisting is from the interdimensional pull upon it. Timegravity, magnetics, and one other, which you've called The Cosmic Lattice. But we will call it Ascended Master Energy. It's the divine energy of the cosmos. It's the pieces and parts of what you've called Human consciousness. It's an energy that you're starting to discover.

All four of these energies are present in other dimensional DNA layers, and they push and pull upon the dimension you can see, and they twist the ladder and provide the twists within the twists. It's time to count the twists, Doctor, and it's time to also see which direction they twist, although that is well known. For we have information: When you start looking at the twisting, you're going to see some correlations... some things you didn't expect. Count the twists in the Indigos, too. Here are things that no one suspected. How different are the Indigos, really? Are there basic core biological differences? Yes.

Yaw-ee, you will have two more visions within your lifetime, if you wish it. They will occur to you as you move from place to place, for you have taken a high vibration where these things can now be "seen" in ways that no longer require ceremony. Two more are granted to you. 

Yaw-ee, welcome back to Lemuria! There were songs about you. It seems that you applied your own science to your own body and lived a very, very long time. Even before the scientists of your time believed you, you were applying it and you outlived them all. If the culture was still there, there would be books about Yaw-ee, one of the greatest scientists that ever walked the planet. And that's the truth, Doctor. It is one of the reasons I asked my partner to speak to you often and channel to you in private. It's also one of the reasons why you have other visions about a past life that you've never told anyone about.

More about DNA

Let us finally (for today) speak of a layer of DNA that's next to the bottom - an interdimensional layer that all of you are feeling. It's difficult to explain this, but this particular layer that has a specific name and a color (neither of which we're going to give you yet), floats in and out of four dimensions. Yes, it's interdimensional, but it has attributes that interface with your 4D DNA. You might describe this piece as intuition... a layer unto itself that is also the one responsible for fear, joy, and for love... and the responses those emotions carry to the bottom layer. Why do you cry when you're fearful and when you're joyful and when you're in love? Isn't that odd? There is a similarity, is there not, to your reaction to all three? This layer is responsible for it. It is interdimensional, and it touches the four-dimensional layer that you can see called the Human genome. It's the layer we described in the ascension channellings, which must be rewritten with ascension status. It's one of the layers that those in the mountain are interested in. It's the layer of your future and your past. It's the layer that is ready to be rewritten, and even redesigned and reactivated.

It's the reason that some of you are feeling an interdimensional DNA aspect in your 4D layer. One of the biggest things that you're feeling is this: Dear Human Being, you are without a future! You were born into an energy where you knew you had a future. Just ask the prophets. Well, it didn't happen, did it? So where are you headed now? Your future is being written right now by you. The prophecies about the future are being written by you. And this is most uncomfortable for many of you. After all, only the masters can write a future for Earth. Is this becoming a familiar theme?

For some, you have depended on an emotional status that has a future that was prophesied, and that belongs to you... good or bad. To be on Earth without a known or prophesied future is to be a ship without a rudder! It's why some of you wake up at three in the morning and want to know what's wrong. "What's different?" you might ask. Pieces and part of that DNA are being stripped away and reactivated because you asked for it. Had any interesting dreams lately? What's going on? Oh, celebrate the miracle! A time that some thought would never come is before you. It's a time when the land celebrates you. For eons there have been fifth-dimensional beings who did nothing but wait for you, and now they want to join with you to create an Earth for the potential you were born for... designed for, and yes, that even your DNA knows about. Now that's profound.

All of the layers of DNA, interdimensional and not, are labeled for you. They're the names of God. Eventually, we'll give them to you. I've asked my partner to seek help from others so that the names will be familiar to him when they're channelled. That's the truth. But you're not ready for that yet. This layer is the closest one to the ones that you would feel as opposed to the ones that are etheric. The next channelling we will give will expose the third one, and the last one in the first grouping.

There are layers that are active, and there are ones that are waiting to be active. There are layers that are informational only and set a stage. There are also ones that are only "stored potential," like batteries waiting to be used. There are even ones that communicate. Part of your divinity is wrapped up in what you call the DNA. And that's the truth. 

What is the overview of this as we close? What a puzzle that is coming together! Here you sit this day with the architect that some of you sang about, and you don't know it. Such is the duality that hides things, family. You are Lemurian, every one. You are core group, every one. You're the ones who have changed this planet. The duality is strong, and many of you reading and listening still don't believe it. That's called free choice. But I know your names! Blessed is the duality that lays upon you, for it keeps the play fair. You're going to have to decide if it's real. When you're most alone and when that time is upon you where you ask about the others, we ask you to stretch out your hand in an exercise we've told you before and let us touch you. Feel the tingling, feel the massaging and the love. "Are you there?" you might ask. "Oh, yes, we are, dear Human Being. Yes we are! We're always there."

We support the love of God. That is the essence of those who wait to become your partners. As you walk from this place, many of you will embody and manifest that. That's why you came. Some of you will do it and some of you will not. It's about the journey, not about judgment of what you do while you're here. That's why we love you the way we do. There has never been a time on the planet where so few will do so much for so many. And I'm looking at them.

So why are you here? What's bothering you? Will you have abundance to sustain you? Yes. We've defined abundance before. It's when you get fed every day. Abundance is the love of God in your hearts. Can you walk through life healthy? Yes. It's called the love of God in your DNA. When you realize who you are and why you came, everything starts to change. The invitation for ascension? Yes. We've even defined it.

The first ones to take that graduate step of ascension will be Lemurians. You have survived eons, lifetime after lifetime. You were monks, nuns, and shamans - killed, burned at the stake - just so you could keep it fresh. And here you are. It's your time.

Make it count. Make it count. Reader, listener, you will leave here different from how you came. Within the spectrum of free choice, each of you, to whatever degree you wish to accept it, will walk from this place different from how you came. You can't help it. You're Lemurian.

And so it is.