Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Forgiveness (Veronica)

"Most all have been impacted by negative experiences.  Often the transgressors are those we hold most dear.
The heart aches in reaction to displays of multi-tiered abuses that are enacted while in a linear life.
Some may say that these experiences tend to accelerate in the course of a life.  The crescendo of betrayal, abandonment, cruelty, emotional trauma, etc. leaves the soul feeling bruised and weak.
One can succumb to these negative moments... or forgive them.
We can feel the soul energy questioning the word energetically.  Some tend to cling to the "bad" experiences in life prohibiting their own evolution in the process.
Not all souls are evolved enough to even realize they have offended.  So it is for the more aware soul to find a path of forgiveness for those who participate negatively towards them.
The idea of evolving may be actually an opportunity to see clearly those who have offended and realize they are merely inept in their participation.
Forgiveness can allow the evolving process to begin for both parties.
We realize that it may be difficult for those in the "now" of your current linear as the process can be a multiple life experience.
We, however, still encourage the forgiveness moment for all who are in linear.
It is the best way to evolve as we see it.  All of those who have offended may not be as great as yourself, but self forgiveness is often the most difficult to achieve."


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