Monday, March 9, 2009

Astrology per the Talmud

<13 was found written, says the Talmud: "Whoever is born on Sunday will be distinguished above others." Upon this Rabbi Asche says: Both Dime bar Kakustha and I were born on a Sunday; I became the principal of a school, and he became a captain of robbers. Light and darkness were created on the Sabbath. He who is born on Monday will always be a passionate man, for on this day the waters were divided. Whoever is born on Tuesday will become rich and given to pleasure; on this day all herbs were created. Whoever is born on Wednesday will be wise and happy: on this day the stars of the firmament were created. He who is born oh Thursday will be constantly employed in works of love. Whoever is born on Friday will become active in good works. Whoever is born oft the Sabbath will also die on the Sabbath, because the Sabbath was desecrated on his account. Raba, the son of14 Rabbi Schila adds: He will be called holy. Rabbi Chanina15 said to his pupils: Go to the son of Levi, and say: Not the constellation of the day has an influence but the stars of the hour of birth. He that is born under the influence of the Sun is gifted with beauty, eats and drinks of his own possessions, but his secrets will become known; should he become a thief, he will be unlucky. If any one is born under the influence of Ve­nus, he will become rich and voluptuous, because the (fire) of love is born in him. He who is born under the influence of Mercury will be­come enlightened and prudent, because Mercury is the secretary of the Sun. He who is born under the influence of the Moon will learn to bear hardships. He builds and moves in, moves in and builds, eat and drinks of the possessions of the stranger; his secrets remain hidden, and as a thief he will be fortunate. He who is born under Saturn16 will find all his plans perverted and defeated. The plans of others against him, however, will also be defeated. Whoever is born under the influence of Jupiter will become a just man. He who is born under the influence of Mars will become a shedder of blood. Rabbi Asche asserts this. He will either become a robber or a butcher. Abaii17 adds, "or a judge.">> 
(From Dr. Gideon Brecher's work: The Transcendental, Magic and Magical Healing Art in the Talmud. Vienna: 1850.)

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