Saturday, February 28, 2009

Children of the Shift - by Kahu Fred Sterling and Kirael.

Children of the Shift

Master Kirael, through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling,

KIRAEL: Today I will speak about the magical children of the Great Shift, some of whom are known as indigo, rainbow and crystal. These children are given these labels by the human light. I like to think of them as simply children of the Shift or children of the light. Although a few of these children were born a little before 1982, most were born between 1982 and 1984 and are in their mid to late twenties now. They are either graduating or have already graduated from college, and many don’t know what they want to do with their lives. Their philosophy is to enjoy life in this dimension as much as possible, until they are ready to get on board for the Shift.

The Shift children born in the late nineties and after have quite a different journey and philosophy of life. They know how to do the Shift journey and are ready to do it now. They want to be heard and will talk to anyone who will listen. When we get into this lightened time of the Shift, they will be more than ready.

I can tell you more about these Shift children, but rather than fill my opening statement with that information, I will take your questions, because much of what I have to say about these young people will be in the answers to your questions.

Q: What is the difference between the indigo, rainbow and crystal children?

KIRAEL: I will speak briefly and in generalities about these different categories. These children display a new and unusual set of psychological attributes, revealing a pattern of behavior generally undocumented before. All three categories of children are psychic and sensitive, but differences do exist.

Indigo children are warrior spirits or warriors of the light. Their collective purpose is to change old systems that no longer serve us. They are here to clear blockages and old barriers. An influx of these children occurred in the early to mid eighties.

In contrast, an influx of crystal children occurred in the late nineties and 2000. These children are wise beyond their years, caring, forgiving, happy, peace loving and empathetic. The crystal children are ready to do the Shift journey now.

The rainbow children are being born now and are here to serve humankind by bringing healing energy that emanates from their expansive heart chakras. They are open-hearted, unconditionally loving and affectionate, and new to this plane of consciousness.

The timeframes of when these children started coming into the Earth plane are just a general estimation of when a majority of these children were born. You will more than likely find not only indigos but some crystal children who are in their mid to late twenties. The dates provide you with the timeframes of when their energy started to multiply.

Q: Years ago, you mentioned that to go through the Shift, our brains must operate at 35 to 55 percent capacity. What are the ranges in brain capacity of the Shift children?

KIRAEL: If your sons and daughters are 25-27 years old, they are just reaching a 20 to 25 percent brain capacity. Yet they’ve been above all of you in brain capacity for a long time and now are awakening to what they’re doing here.

Your recent election was evidence that the young adult Shift energies are starting to wake up to their journeys. They voted in this election in such large numbers because they want change, and they voted for the candidate who has heart energy. They were not focused on the candidate’s words as much as they were on the energy behind his words. These beings do not want to hear about negativity, and the candidate who engaged in the least negativity won this election. Barack Obama is a light who has the gift of heart energy and is operating at 42 percent of his brain capacity. More than making him smart, that makes him more love, and the Shift children who were old enough to vote recognized that.

Any child born in 2000 or thereabouts came into this journey fully loaded, so to speak. The three new chakras were already active in them and they have extra DNA strands. Their brain capacity at birth is about 20 to 25 percent, because their energy patterns are woven into the omni brain.[1] That is one reason they’re bored with people operating from the 10 percent brain.[2] You can imagine how frustrating it must be for them to have teachers who are 35 or 40 years old operating at maybe 12 or 14 percent brain capacity. These young children are working at a level beyond their teachers. In fact, they’re working over them, around them and through them.

The teachers can develop their own omni brains, but they have to get past their training and look at this little child who doesn’t respond to them, and help him to respond. If they take on this journey, these children will respond. Let’s say you have a teacher operating at 15 percent of his or her brain capacity, who is teaching a four-year-old child operating at about 25 to 35 percent brain capacity. The teacher must be open enough to say to that child, “I will try to work with you. I will exercise my brain a bit, because I want to make you feel my love.” When the teacher teaches from the heart on the child’s level, the child will say, ‘Oh, I can do that.” These children are aware of their wholeness, and it is the teacher’s job to be aware as well.

The baby born now will be at 28 percent brain capacity and by the time it’s two years old, it’ll be at 36 or 37 percent.

Q: How will the older Shift children awaken to their life plan and what role will the Goddess Light play in their awakening?

KIRAEL: The Shift children who are 24 and older have come into this journey with a specialized life plan. They are not aware of their life plan, because up until now they have not been communicating with their guides, who are just coming in now and making contact with them.

If you’re driving down the road and you see someone in his or her twenties in the car next to you talking to no one in particular, that’s probably a young adult Shift energy, and, trust me, somebody else is in the car. These young people will be channels and mediums, but not the type who make public appearances in front of a large audience. Instead, these young people will record their own channeling for their own purposes. The journey of these young adults will be focused on communicating with the higher self in order to evolve their own light.

The Goddess Lights on this plane are opening up the gates for these young people. When you, as Goddesses, are around any of these young adults, don’t act as if they’re special. Just talk to them as you would anyone else, and then ease into the subject of the Shift. Pay close attention to their response. Their awareness is heightening daily.

Here’s another little tidbit, so to speak. When they see flying characters in video games or on television, they are seeing something they came here to see you do. Yes, they came here to see you fly.

Q: Do you have advice on careers and education for the young adults who are Shift energies?

KIRAEL: Although you asked about the young adult Shift energies, who are in college or graduating, I will include those in grammar school, junior high school, and high school. Do not ask them what they want to do when they grow up or graduate. They’re already grown up and they know what they want to do on a deep level. They just can’t tell you, because they haven’t figured it out completely. Just give them some time.

These children are the future We the People. They will get into this journey and change the focus of things. For instance, you might have a child who graduates from school and learns how to maneuver in the stock market. You might wonder, “What is this child doing in the stock market, of all things?” That child’s journey will probably concern figuring out how to make the stock market work for everybody. The stock market won’t be around after the Shift, but it is here now and it will work well with these young adults involved in that journey.

Whatever line of work these children pursue, they will be happy doing it. Their journey is about doing what they like, not what you like or expect them to do. These children are satisfied with what they have and with what they are doing in the moment.

Most of you don’t have that much satisfaction in your life. In today’s world, you are always climbing the ladder of success. You want to get to the top so you can retire with a good pension. Yet some of you won’t make it because you will be fired and your retirement will be gone. Just imagine: If you work at a job that you love, you might not want to retire. You might want to work until you are no longer capable of doing the job or until you go home to the Creator.

Watch these Shift children and learn. They know they have to make money to maintain their lives, but they will move along their journey at their own pace. If you push them, you won’t get anywhere. They will not move until they’re ready. I’m not telling you to give up on them. Instead, listen to them. Right now, they’re not sure that they want to do anything, because they can feel the Shift, but they don’t understand what they’re feeling, because they haven’t been listening to you. However, soon they will explode onto the scene, and jump into their journeys and in-lighten. [3] When they do, all around them will in-lighten.

Q: How do we get these young adult children to use their gifts now rather than focusing all their energy on the third-dimensional journey?

KIRAEL: They are aware of the Shift journey. They just don’t want to do anything with that journey right now, because they want to get as much out of this third-dimensional journey as they possibly can. They wanted to get here to do this journey of being human and they know this is their last opportunity to experience this plane of consciousness. They don’t have that many more years left, so they want to feel the whole journey. They want to experiment with tattoos and dance and play and throw their arms in the air. They know that in the Shift energy, those types of journeys won’t exist.

Stop telling them that they have to do this Shift journey. They know what they’re doing, and they know that they will soon have to turn their attention to their Shift journey. They will avoid the latter journey just a little bit longer. Don’t press them to meet your expectations. They’ll get there in their own time, and you’ll be proud when they awaken to their Shift journey and tell you what they can do and how they will do it.

Another reason they won’t engage with you is because they don’t want to tell you what they know. They know how to click off certain genes, how to speak through their omni brain, how to communicate with the citizens of other countries and other worlds, for example, extraterrestrials. They have the ability to do all of these things, but they are not willing to let anyone know, because they want to be third-dimensional. Let them be third-dimensional for now.

Q: My son started a two-year culinary program and it’s been five years and he’s still not finished. He’s taking so many courses that don’t seem to work together, but he’s told me to trust him because it’s all part of a plan. He’s having a wonderful time doing what he wants. How will this all come together and what will he be doing post-Shift?

KIRAEL: Your son absolutely knows what he’s doing, beyond even his own recognition. His omni brain is connected to his local brain, and, unlike most of you, he feels the connection and speaks from his omni brain every now and then. He has a gift for communicating well with all people, young and old. When he gets focused on a person, he will hear what is said and he will be completely immersed in the communication, winning that person over completely. He will be that great, because he knows how to speak to all levels of consciousness. He is a Shift being. Be aware of this and honor his journey.

He can’t make sense of all that he knows because of the connection between his omni and local brains. He can hear both brains operating at the same time, so his focus can change daily. You will talk to him one day and the next day you will talk to him and wonder what happened to the person you were speaking to yesterday. He might be angry one day and the next day he’ll speak as if he were king of the world. The fluctuations in his communication and mood have to do with his receiving messages from both the local and omni brains simultaneously. It takes time to piece the information together and it can be as confusing to him as it is to you. Just be aware of his journey.

As far as his journey during the Shift is concerned, he will be a council leader. “A council leader,” you say. “You’ve got to be kidding me, Master Kirael. He can’t lead a fork to his mouth.” Not only can he lead a fork to his mouth, but he will get involved in the journey of the green foods. After the Shift, you will want to eat plant foods and he will be a chef of extraordinary skill. A lot of the children coming up behind him, the little ones, will come right into this chef journey and learn how to prepare these foods in present time. Your son will be a teacher beyond teachers. He must start this journey soon, so watch for him to change in about three or four months, right after the New Year. He will be training others and loving everything he does.

Don’t be concerned about his dillydallying, so to speak. He will move into his Shift journey when he’s ready.

Q: My 27-year-old daughter is a Shift baby and she now has a 6-year-old Shift baby. How do the parents who are Shift babies relate to their children who are also Shift babies?

KIRAEL: Let’s start with your daughter, the 27-year-old. Two and seven are nine, and in my numerology, that is completion. In a sense, this is the end of her journey up to this point. That nine is just a symbol, indicating that her journey is transitioning to a new one—understanding what to do with her 6-year-old. She is not aligned to his journey because she is in the unusual circumstance of being a Shift child who has a Shift child. This will be an interesting journey for them both. More than likely your daughter will be at her wit’s end all the time, because she probably feels that she’ll never understand her child.

If she does this exercise, she could turn the journey around—I’ll use the medium for the moment. Aim your energy at the medium. You will feel a little resistance at first. Bend your will and go through that resistance. Don’t crash into it. Bend your will around it and go in and see if you can feel what he’s feeling. I can’t tell you what the medium’s feeling because he’s not here. His body is on automatic pilot so that I can use it to communicate with you. Nevertheless, he’ll be aware of something when he returns. Tell your daughter to live her life by going through that weave,[4] that resistance, to get into her child’s heart.

Adults will have to be vigilant and heart-centered when they communicate with these younger Shift children, so that they can understand what the child says. The child will say something that makes no sense to you, but that doesn’t mean it makes no sense to the child. The journey of your daughter’s 6-year-old is about his mother understanding what he’s saying. Your daughter doesn’t understand him, because she’s at the far end of the spectrum of the Shift children. She’s just getting ready to get into this shifting journey, but her 6-year-old is already there. He wants to tell everybody what’s going on in the world. He wants to be ready to take over this world.

Six in my numerology is about mastery. This 6-year-old child knows mastery. His whole journey is about understanding this human experience, but he will fight it, because he came in here expecting the Great Shift, and instead, he found a world of duality on the verge of a Shift. He won’t have to wait too much longer.

When the 6-year-old is 26, he will be recognized as a genius. You say, “I don’t know about this. You might have missed this one, Master Kirael.” Trust me, he will be a genius. He is talking to me right now and I’m in Hawaii and he’s where he is. What does that tell you? How did he know that we would be here having this talk? He’s listening to what you’ve just said, more so than your daughter. Your daughter’s a beautiful person, but she has to learn to talk to this child on a new level of consciousness. She can start by saying to him, “What are you feeling in your heart right now?” You’re thinking that there’s no way she can say that to him, but she can. She must tell him to speak from his heart, and she need only tell him once. That’s the only thing this 6-year-old will understand. If she speaks to him from her heart and gets him to speak from his heart, she will succeed. If you get the 27-year-old and the 6-year-old to come together, they’ll never again separate. That’s the journey, my friend.

Q: How do we speak about love to our Shift children?

KIRAEL: Ask them what love means to them. They’ll talk to you, but not about romantic love or the love between a boyfriend and a girlfriend. They’ll talk to you about a love that is more expansive. Most of the Shift children who are young adults don’t have boyfriends or girlfriends. They are interested in having as many people to love as possible. They want to find people who have brain power equal to theirs so that they can communicate with them on an expansive level. This is the whole journey, my friend.

Q: I understand that the Shift children who were born in early 2000 have thin veils, yet many either don’t speak or speak very little or seem to be in a world of their own, not paying attention to or not focused on what’s happening in the present moment. Would you comment on this?

KIRAEL: The children born around 2000 are powerful Shift energies, many of whom don’t speak because they know they’re supposed to communicate without words, or telepathically. They were told coming into the Earth plane that this was the world of the Great Shift, yet it doesn’t fit into their idea of what that is. They don’t understand that before the Shift can happen, We the People have to do the journey.

Their brains are talking to your brains, but they get no response from you, so they’re frustrated. They don’t understand that you don’t hear them. When you do speak to them, they listen as attentively as they can, but unless you have something interesting to say, they will drift off or “zone out,” so to speak. Hence, if their teachers are teaching the way they have always taught, they will have problems getting these children to focus. You might think the teacher is saying something interesting, but the children do not. The teacher must speak to the children on their level of understanding. Those who know these children will have to speak to the teachers and tell them that they have to communicate with these children in a special way and they have to figure out what makes these children tick.

At other times when these children seem to be “zoned out,” they are simply engaged elsewhere, and what looks like idly looking off into space is really the child looking at and communicating with an unseen energy.

These children also appear to “zone out” because they get deeply involved in their creative endeavors. When most of you engage in a creative endeavor, you immediately want to put it away and keep it private. Well, these children will not shy away from their creative endeavors. Instead, they get so deeply involved in them that they appear to be in a world of their own, and they are. For instance, when they do automatic writings, even though their eyes are wide open, they are communicating on another level of consciousness.

Those are just some of the reasons why so many of these children appear not to be paying attention, or spacing out, if you will.

Q: What’s the best way to communicate with these children?

KIRAEL: If you want to communicate with these children, be honest. Tell them that you can’t understand them yet, but that you’re working on it. Ask them to talk to you, and tell them you’ll listen to them no matter what. When they tell you what they’re talking about, listen and then speak to them at their level, and by that I mean that you should speak from your heart. When you speak to these children at their level, they will respond jubilantly and you will know you’ve succeeded.

When you get into a conversation with these children, you must break down the weave of resistance, so that the love flows freely between you and them. At first, you will feel a little resistance about halfway through the process, but if you press that love a little bit, you’ll flow it right into their hearts and you will be able to hear what the children are saying.

First and foremost, these children want someone to speak to them in truth. When you say, “That was great, Bobby,” or “That was wonderful, Bobby,” and you don’t mean it, they will know you’re not speaking your truth, and they will not listen to you. These children think conceptually as if they were adults, but they aren’t able to get their words wrapped around the concepts, so they will still sound like children.

You are a pre-shifting energy and these children do not want to interact with you, because they cannot understand what you’re saying. Most adults say to these children, “Aren’t you cute?” They don’t want to hear this anymore. Instead, they want you to say, “Look at your eyes. They’re a beautiful shade of purple.” Point out something different about them. Talk about their clothes, if they’ve dressed themselves.

If you talk to these children and you’re not on their wavelength, they will “zone out.” You can tell when you’re losing them, because when you look into their eyes, you will see that glazed expression. You can’t miss it. When that happens, stop and change the subject. Get them to focus again and give them a hug. They love to be hugged.

These children came into this journey believing that this world was ready for them. It wasn’t. Many of these children are disconnected from this duality journey. You see, when they connect to this plane of consciousness, they think, “Oh, my God, disconnect,” and they do. Right now, their journey is focused in the mental body and they can disconnect from this plane of consciousness just as easily as they can connect to it. They are just beginning to understand this plane of consciousness, and when they do understand it, they’ll click right into that 35-40 percent brain power and they won’t pop out of it again right away.

The Goddess Light, which is about the highest spoken truth, is important to the journey of these children. You have the responsibility to give these children a hug and tell them that everything is all right, and that the world just isn’t ready for them. Stand up and acknowledge these children, because they will have to turn to you if their parents don’t listen to them. As a Goddess Light, be ready to share your love with them. You have no excuse not to. Open your heart and stay in truth. That’s how you get all these children into this shifting journey.

Do your utmost to understand what these children are saying when they communicate with you, whether it’s with their voices or through their art or other endeavors. If you take the time to listen to what they’re saying, and respond from your heart, you will succeed in every communication. In the Great Shift, you will speak telepathically to them and they will understand.

Q: Many times when I ask my daughter a question, she doesn’t answer orally, and when I say, “Why aren’t you answering me?” she says, “I did.” I’m having a little problem with that, because I don’t understand what she’s trying to tell me and she does that to me a lot.

KIRAEL: You must learn to communicate with her. How old is your daughter?

Q: She’s thirteen.

KIRAEL: Your daughter is telling you that you must learn how to speak to her. She wants you to look at her when you speak to her and peer into her third eye to hear what’s coming out of it, because that’s where the real truth is.

You will be a test case, because you will learn how to speak to these children by learning to speak to your daughter. Don’t tell her that’s what you’re doing, because she’ll shut the communication right off. If you’re not ready to communicate with her on her level, you will go into this journey and bounce around and you’ll get nothing out of your daughter. These children are patient. They want you to communicate their way only when you’re ready.

Practice with the exercise I mentioned earlier. Go through that weave of resistance and get into your daughter’s heart and listen. That’s how you get started where any of these children are concerned. If you listen to their words, you will be listening to nothing, but if you get into their hearts, then you’ll find out what they’re trying to say to you. Get into their hearts a couple of times and they’ll feed that heart energy to their brains and their words will match what’s in their hearts. You will hear what these children really want. They know that their omni and local brains are separated, but they also know how to pull them together.

I know that your daughter had some health issues and fought hard to get here. When the doctors took that X-ray of her brain and that spot that was there was gone, the doctors thought, “Oh, it must have been a dot on the X-ray.” It was not a dot. It was a cancerous tumor and it’s not there anymore, because your daughter erased it from her brain. That’s how much she wanted to stay here on this journey. You don’t have to tell her about it. She doesn’t care about that. She just wanted to get here, and now you, my friend, will reach her by speaking from your heart to hers. Thirteen is not too old.

Q: What’s the best way to introduce Signature Cell Healing to these Shift kids?

KIRAEL: This Shift journey happens to be about the power of Signature Cell Healing. Not everybody calls it Signature Cell Healing, but you’ll know it when you see it, because it will be all about love. These Shift children know Signature Cell Healing better than you do. They just don’t know to call it Signature Cell Healing. During a healing, they’ll tell you, “Your hands are wrong. Move your hands over here. Move them over there.” Listen to them.

The Shift children will be your leaders at the end of the Shift process because of their knowledge of Signature Cell Healing. Do you remember when your son was little and he would reach up and put his hands on you and your headache would go away? Well, he knows Signature Cell Healing. If you don’t think so, put him around a cat or a dog that’s not feeling well and see what he does, how he holds the animal and where he puts his fingers. Not all these children will grow up to be veterinarians, but they’ll know how to do veterinary work.

The Shift children are on the perfect journey. They are so in tune, so powerful. Their omni brains are working in this journey. You have an omni brain, too, and if it’s not working, then listen to what these young people say. They will guide you through this whole process. If you have a 6-year-old who wants to tell you something, listen to him. He may not be able to communicate it as well as he’d like to, but he’ll probably do better than you’d give him credit for. If you ask him about healing, he will tell you exactly where to place your hands. He’ll know when his grandfather’s knee is not healing and he’ll know what to do to correct that. You’ll say, “Wow, where’d you learn that?”

Remember, these children are operating from their omni brain and that’s what makes a Signature Cell Healer. In fact, you could spell Signature Cell Healing O-M-N-I B-R-A-I-N, omni brain.

Q: I have a friend who has discovered that in certain South African young people, the HIV has miraculously mutated and disappeared. Is this a skill these children have currently and that they will have post-Shift?

KIRAEL: They’re practicing this skill now. Certain of the children who had full blown AIDS and have been found to be free of the disease are Shift children who don’t want anything to do with the AIDS journey. They came into this plane of consciousness to check out the journey and then get right out of here. So they programmed this journey to get AIDS, but then they found that they liked it here. They thought, “Wow, this is really great.” So they clicked off the gene.

In Signature Cell Healing, you learn about clicking genes on and off, and other such things. These are things a Shift child can do. Some of these children are clicking off the AIDS gene completely and some are clicking it off just enough to give you something to work with. Their journey is mind-boggling. They will teach you how to turn off cancer genes, AIDS genes, etc. It’ll be some time before that happens, however.

Some of these children will be coming into the journey with all sorts of abnormalities, for which they will simply click off the gene, and that will take the whole journey into the public eye.

Q: Do you think these Shift children should be in the medical field or will that even be relevant?

KIRAEL: A good place for these children to start is in alternative healing. They will learn Signature Cell or some other alternative healing method. Many of them don’t even know that they are using their healing skills. They just know that they can heal themselves. One day they are sick and listless and the next, they are strong and ready to go. They aren’t aware of what they’ve done or how they’ve done it. The next time you have the opportunity to meet one of these children who has measles or some other disease, tell him or her to click the disease off, and watch how quickly the child heals.

Q: What’s the best way to communicate long distance with these Shift energies?

KIRAEL: Sometimes you doze off while watching television and you hear a voice that you think is on the television, but you’re not positive, because you’re in that ethereal zone. Well, perhaps you’re actually communicating with a child from Africa who has gotten into your weave. They can get into your weave anytime from anyplace, and they know a number of ways to do it. Some of you think you’re losing your mind, because you have thoughts that seem to have come from nowhere about subjects such as healing. These thoughts may well have come from one of these Shift children.

Many of these children are communicating long distance right now by connecting to all four bodies, which enables them to connect to all those levels of consciousness (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). Watch the medium when he says a prayer and you’ll understand that he’s praying from all four bodies. He knows he’s connecting on all those levels of consciousness.

Practice by meditating, and then listening, and when you hear a voice, it will be as if the person is right there with you. Talk to that voice. You ask, “What if I can’t understand the voice because it speaks an unfamiliar language?” What language you hear is irrelevant. You talk to your body and your body talks to you, yet the language in which you communicate is not English. Your cells don’t have mouths. They speak a silent language. One way your body communicates with you is by giving you a pain, so that you can fix what’s causing that pain. If you don’t fix what’s causing the pain, your body will give you a bigger pain, and if you still don’t understand what it’s saying, it’ll just intensify the pain until you figure out what it’s trying to say.

Conversations are occurring all around you right now and they’re not all in your language. Go into the etheric fabric and speak with these Shift children. They’re out in the ethers playing with you right now. Listen to them. If you don’t understand what’s being said, open up your heart and let them feel you. If they can feel you, they’ll slow their conversation down and then convert it into your native tongue.

In your case, your whole journey is focused on these children. You will work with them and now is a good time to start, because they need you the most at this time. Don’t rattle their world. Don’t pick on them. Give them the freedom to enjoy the journey they’re doing at this time. They will surprise you when the time comes and they venture into the journey of love as they know it.

Q: I’ve been considering a poetry contest to draw these children in and I’d like your suggestions on how to structure this contest.

KIRAEL: In order to engage the Shift children, you must come up with novel ideas, things you could not imagine you would do. You can’t give these children something familiar, because they will think, “What the heck will I do with that?” These children are looking for expansive experiences. Find something that makes sense to them, and make sure that everyone is a winner. Give each child a gift and pick something that will engage their minds in the most expansive way. That’s not the easiest thing to do. If you ask the parents what their child would like, they’ll say, “I don’t know. He doesn’t like anything.” You should ask the child from your heart to his heart what interests him. These Shift children will tell you exactly what they want.


Be aware of these Shift children. The next time you see one, look into his or her eyes and then follow the energy to that child’s heart and sense its beating into this journey. You’ll know that these beings can do magical things. They can click off a gene, communicate telepathically and much, much more. They are geniuses by all standards. They are so far above most of you that you’ll never catch up to them, except that they will know how to click your light on and bring you into alignment with them. That’s one of their journeys, too. God bless you.

[1] The omni brain, also called the 90 percent brain, is that part of the brain scientists say we do not use. It is where most of our higher knowledge is stored.

[2] The 10 percent brain is also know as the local brain and is the part of the brain we use in our everyday lives to align and understand conscious thoughts or defined experiences. The 10 percent, or local, brain limits us to the third dimension.

[3] In-lightened is a word that Master Kirael coined. It means to be filled with light.

[4] Weaves are the threading of different levels of consciousness, reaching defined states of awareness or evolutionary thought.