Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Prelude: Entering the Cave of Obsidian—Sealing the Time.

As we pass the four-year countdown to 2012, it is manifestly evident that the 12:60 world is finally being brought to its knees. The Gregorian year 2008 officiated over the great crash which now has corporate CEOs and prime ministers everywhere stumbling and fumbling as they seek to stop the hemorrhage of money and the collapse of the economic system. But it is too late for that. (See “2009, Year of the Great Divide” www.lawoftime.org)

Now, the eyes of the world are increasingly focused on what will happen December 21, 2012. As of December 21, 2008, Rhythmic 9, Kin 47, the four-year count down had begun. Blue Galactic Hand—Kin 47—signifies the exaltation of the galactic-karmic Earth sealed by the tone (8) of galactic integrity. The kin number, 47, is a prime number and, among other meanings, holds the frequency of “the prophet,” for the prophecies are now being fulfilled.

Ceremonially, on this December 21, 2008, we entered the fourth of the Seven Caves of the Chaway U Kokan, the galactic shape-shifter, first opened in 2005 at the seven-year countdown ceremony at Teotihuacán. The mid-point of our passage through middle time has been reached—the intermediate zone or bardo between the death of the old time and the birth of the new time. This means that we are at the point in this seven-year cycle, when the irreversible collapse of the old order has commenced. We may take heart in this, for now, progressively more, we will feel the cosmically shaping forces of the new entering into our psychic domain. But to receive in a meaningful way, we must be ego-free and submissive to the unknown.

The text for the ceremony of the fourth cave reads:

In the cave of obsidian, receive the initiation of the obsidian serpent. Be empowered by the knowledge of the terma (hidden teaching) of the Holders of the Sacred Power. This terma is received on the obsidian blade of your sacred baston. This is your root. (“baston” = staff or sacred wand.)

By the power of the obsidian, be you realized as the holder of the sacred power that seals the time within the cycle.

As the fourth of this seven-stage process of sacred becoming, you now receive the fourth empowerment:

Because you have realized the mind made of dawn and are its transmitter, you may have placed the obsidian blade in your sacred root of being and become a holder of sacred power, a divine ruler, a sakyong or Earth holder.

As of winter solstice 2008, we have entered the final 1461 days of the cycle. Note 1460 = 365 x 4 + one 0.0 Hunab Ku day = 1461 days, the perfect fractal of a 1461 year Sothic cycle of the great star Sirius in relation to the Earth. This means that Earth has been taken into Sirian receivership for moral bankruptcy and its evolutionary terms are now being reviewed and readjusted for the 2012 climax. There is nothing left to negotiate, The 12:60 frequency has had its day and is now over. The time of the 12:60 is now sealed in the halls of judgment.

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