Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gemini New Moon: It's all about friendship

New Moon

New Moon in Gemini

Gemini New Moon:
The Healing Power of Friendship
by Simone Butler

Spock and KirkThis week I shelled out $9 to see the new Star Trek film. Since I grew up watching the original series, I have a fondness for Kirk, Spock and the rest of the crew. And, because it debuted during the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius, I knew the movie would have something meaningful to say about our collective experience at this time.

The new Star Trek is full of adventure (Jupiter), near escapes from death (Neptune), old wounds getting healed (Chiron) and warp-speed technology (Aquarius). But its core theme revolves around the life-long bond between the two main characters, Kirk and Spock.Aquarius rules friendship. A sociable air sign, Aquarius brings together diverse people who share a common bond of humanity (even if they are part Vulcan!).

Gemini is also a bright, social air sign. The New Moon in Gemini on May 24 (5:11 a.m. Pacific Time), with its beautiful trine to the North Node in Aquarius, brings home the message of the healing power of friendship. This is especially true since the New Moon takes place during the exact Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction from May 23-27.

The Gemini New Moon urges us to acknowledge and give thanks for those who are there for us--our tribe. Now is the time to forgive old hurts and reach out to those who care about you, particularly while Mercury (communication) is retrograde through May 30, and as it slowly regains forward momentum over the first two weeks of June.

Healing old hurts and righting old wrongs is happening collectively as well as personally. Witness the rampant fears (Neptune) about a swine flu epidemic (Chiron) inflamed by the media (Jupiter). The swine flu sprang from long-neglected unsanitary conditions at a U.S.-owned hog farm in Mexico. Ideally, media attention will bring the inhumane factory farming of hogs to light and trigger much-needed food industry reform.

In another long-overdue effort at reform, President Obama declared that the "stars are aligned" (Aquarius) this year for Congress (Jupiter) to pass a comprehensive health-care reform package (Chiron-Neptune). If approved, this will cut medical costs while expanding coverage to 47 million uninsured Americans.

It's time to think of others now. At this New Moon, write a letter or make a call to someone you consider a true friend. This could be a family member, pal or lover. Thank this person for his or her contribution to your life. During the inquisitive, travel-oriented Gemini cycle through June 20, we'll "boldly go where no man has gone before" along with the Star Trek crew. And, it's nice to have a good friend along for the ride.

On Cancer (Louise Hay)

Problem: Cancer

Probable Cause: Deep hurt. Long-standing resentment. Deep secret or grief eating away at the self. Carrying hatreds. "What's the use?"

New thought pattern: I lovingly forgive and release all of the past. I choose to fill my world with joy. I love and approve of myself.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturn Direct Mojo Bags (David)

I'm hoping I'll be able to purchase one... Here's the info in case you'd like to do the same yourself.
Love and Light,
Hello everyone. 

I have been very pleased with the results from the Venus bags so far. I made up five bags, and of those I have sold two, given two away, and with one I was intuitively guided to pass it along for it to eventually be given to someone I have never even met. One friend is already getting some long-needed healing in his love life concurrent with the arrival of the bag.

Following up on this success, I have had requests both conscious and unconscious for Saturn bags. Saturn has been retrograde since New Year's but will be going direct again on the 17th, which happens to coincide in my life with a relocation to Maui. Saturn retrogrades are very common in birth charts, lasting about 5 months every year, and in my estimation it is one of the main indicators about whether a personality will be conservative or liberal. This last retrograde cycle has been a REAL bitch, not just for me personally but for many people in the world. This is because Saturn was not only retrograde in Virgo, but opposing 
Uranus and several other planets in Pisces and Aquarius.

Virgo is a sign of essential importance to the "
Greatest Generation" that fought World War II and survived the Great Depression. It is also, however, the sign of "The Establishment" and its often very rigid order. During this last period, in the outer world we saw one of the greatest political partitions and gaps of our era, with a strong division between liberals and conservatives and not many people left in between apparently. Personally, we experienced this collective tension in our own lives as struggles between the entrenched patterns and behaviors of our own habits - the way we've always done things - versus totally new ways of conducting our lives. The tension is extreme because both impulses are healthy and important - we need to preserve, but we also need to break away. Saturn and Uranus are both famous for trying to kill and suppress their own children, so neither is really the "good" or "bad" guy in the tug-of-war (though Fox News and MSNBC would have us believe otherwise).

Coming out of this period that I believe has been very difficult for everyone, I am pleased to be able to offer a token, gift, and reward for the struggles of the last few months. I will be making up Saturn Direct Bags on the 17th, with Saturn in Virgo and the 12th house but free of any aspects to other planets.

The effect of these bags will be strong and potent. Saturn in Virgo is a very hard and methodical worker, and the bags will pass along the energies of discipline, commitment, and careful rule and measurement. These bags are perfect not only for those born with retrograde or afflicted Saturns, but anyone who wants to promote discipline, hard-work, and success through limitations in their lives. Saturn sets boundaries of all kinds, and when you claim this power for your own, you gain the ability to determine what kinds of boundaries will be set. People born with Saturn retrograde or afflicted often have difficulty saying "No" or breaking out of convention and routine.

"The Spirits of the Fifth Table of Saturn will serve in everything according to wish; their Table will bring good luck in play." The Seal of Saturn is called the Seal of Spiritual Luck. Saturn's energy can kill and limit the effects of negative and unhealthy things in your life, which could be as simple as better luck in gambling, or as grand as bringing together a new and efficient organization. I have also found Saturn to provide extremely powerful protection; Saturn's alchemical metal is lead, which can shield a person against the radiation of nuclear Uranium and Plutonium.

The bags will be available on the 19th. I will make up 12 of them for this round. They are $20 each - you can email me at if you'd like to order one.

Secret of Changing your World (Love Heals)

In The Comfort Of Your Own Privacy 

Surrendering Fearful Thoughts
Using the "Powerful Tool to Enhance Life"

We must recognize and understand the Universal Truth. Only YOU are accountable for the many experiences and situations that has happen in your it good or bad. We attract what we focus on most. The more energy we put into the thought…faster the manifestation. Your thought pattern determines your Life. 

When an undesired situation occurs that brings out the worst fears in us (i.e. anger, frustration, sadness, humiliation etc.)…How do we change it? For instance, you and your spouse had an argument and are not in talking terms for 2 weeks. How do you self-heal or surrender your fearful thoughts or emotions to mend the relationship? 

One of the simplest methods is to use the "Powerful Tool to Enhance Life". 

This self-heal method can be used to improve and strengthen your relationship with anyone (i.e. your clients, boss, subordinates, spouse, parents, children, friends, adversaries etc.) Remember…you attracted this situation based on your own thought patterns (mind) so you have to surrender it for the situation to change. It has nothing got to do with the other person. 

1. Firstly, be conscious of all the emotions and thoughts that are running in your mind. If you find it difficult to recognize your fears, write your feelings down on a piece of paper.


-My husband/wife is not listening to me 
-We had a misunderstanding 
-I am so sad, angry and hurt 
-We have not spoken for days 
-I am being ignored 
-She/He doesn't understand me 
-My partner does not love and trust me anymore 

Fears : *not being listened to, misunderstanding, sadness, anger, hurt, not being spoken to, being ignored, not being understood, not being loved, and distrust. 

2. Next, with your eyes closed, visualize falling and placing your forehead (mind) on the person's feet (i.e spouse) and say the verses below. At the end of the verse…just imagine "letting go" of all your fears *. 


I forgive you unconditionally
I forgive myself unconditionally
I love you unconditionally
I love myself unconditionally
I am accepting you unconditionally
I am receiving you unconditionally
I am giving you unconditionally
I am you
We are one
("letting go" fears *)

Repeat this step as often as you can. You will notice that your relationship with your spouse will improve tremendously for the better. It will be a good practice to imagine falling on your father's and mother's feet everyday (Father = Truth, Mother = Love). 

3. Additionally, you could also do some positive affirmations daily. This is to shift your current believe and hence creating more love-based thought patterns such as happiness,confidenc e, abundance, fun, appreciation, being brave, respected and loved etc. Daily practice of affirmations can be Life transforming. Repeat each affirmation as many times as you can.

Below are some examples of affirmations that can be used for the situation illustrated above;

I am Listening Unconditionally
I am Being Obedient Unconditionally
I am Understanding Unconditionally
I am Being Understood Unconditionally
I am Joyfully Blissful Unconditionally
I am Calm Unconditionally
I am Loving Unconditionally
I am Being Loved Unconditionally
I am Trusting Unconditionally
I am Being Trusted Unconditionally
I am Speaking Unconditionally 
I am Being Spoken to Unconditionally 




Six Keys to Protecting Yourself from the World's Intensity (Jenna Avery)

2009-05-15 21:55:45-04

When I wrote to you earlier this week, I shared with you the "Top Four Concerns" revealed through my recent online survey. I'm excited to share some tips and insights on these topics over the next two weeks, starting today.

One of the subjects you all mentioned repeatedly in the survey was the issue of protection. So many sensitives struggle with wanting to feel emotionally, energetically, and spiritually protected. And rightly so! This less-than-sensitive world is not well-suited for our finely-tuned nervous systems.

Not knowing how protect ourselves can leave us feeling exhausted, overstimulated, and disoriented.

As empathic sensitive souls, our energetic boundaries are wide-open, which is great when we want to merge with, connect to, and support others, but not so great when we're just trying to get our shopping done.

We also tend to have mushy interpersonal boundaries -- we get over-involved in other people's lives by rescuing and fixing them. Again, we're great supporters and helpers, but the cost is too high when it affects our own well-being.

Through my studies and training, what I've found that works best is using protection skills that are a combination of setting powerful energetic boundaries, using natural remedies and energy medicines, and creating strong, clear interpersonal boundaries.

But interestingly, true protection is attainable only when it is built on a foundation of self-knowledge.

Here are a six key tips on how you can use these ideas:

  1. Know WHO you are. This sounds simple, but as a sensitive soul who is tuned into and affected by other people, you can easily get disconnected from who you really are. Knowing yourself deeply, at an essential, spiritual level will help you stay true to yourself at all times.
  2. Know WHAT you are here to do. It's also imperative to know your soul's essential purpose -- what you are here to do in this lifetime -- so you aren't easily thrown off your own path. You must also be living and doing your purpose work. Important note: If you're truly living your purpose, you'll be using the gifts of your sensitivity to do so.
  3. Know HOW you are. Tune into yourself regularly -- write morning pages, meditate, check-in by asking, "How am I right now?" so you can stay connected to yourself and recognize if you start picking up someone else's feelings.
  4. Set powerful energetic boundaries: Visualize yourself in a layered bubbles of differently colored light. Set the intention that each layer filters away and rejects what isn't yours and doesn't belong in your energy field, like negativity and low vibration energy.
  5. Use energy medicine like flower essences to help define, strengthen, and clarify your sense of self and your boundaries. Also try using the elements in your physical spaces, like putting plants in your physical spaces for grounding, and bowls of water or small fountains to keep the emotion energy moving through (so you don't end up processing it for other people).
  6. Set strong, firm, interpersonal boundaries.For example, learn to be highly committed to saying "Yes" to what works for you and "No" to what doesn't. Refuse to engage in anything that lowers your energy or "vibration." Learn to say "No" gracefully. Remember that "No" is a complete sentence.

Cleansing the Mind (Edgar Cayce)

Think on This ...

For how does one cleanse the mind? By the pouring out, the forgetting, the laying aside of those things that easily beset and filling same with pure, fresh waterthat is of the eternal life, that is of the eternal goodness as may be found in Him who is the light, the way, the truth, the vine, the bread of life and the water of life. These things are those influences that purify.

Edgar Cayce Reading 1620-1

Earth Chage - Steve Rother & The Group.

Greetings from Home

Blind Creator Dolls

You will see this Earth change very rapidly over the next 200 years. Yes, we know you think 200 years is a long time, but you are beginning to see an evolution that has never taken place anywhere. For that reason, all eyes of the universe are on planet Earth watching what is taking place to see what is going to happen as these beings awaken from a dream, take their power and try to continue to live in that same space. It is quite exciting to watch from our perspective. There is much drama, energy, a lot of fun, laughter, tears… There is everything you would expect from a human drama, and yet we wish to tell you of a perspective from which we see you. It does not mean we are right or that we see things the way everyone should see them, but please understand when you have multiple visions of yourself, you have choices. We are offering you another vision. Let us tell you what you look like to us.

Imagine you have this little doll that walks around and interacts with the world around her.  The doll keeps looking back to you to control her, and to tell her which way to go. The secret is that the doll is actually the creator of the scene, while you are the observer. The doll is actually not only creating her own experience, but controls every element of where she goes and what she does.  That is much the way we see you. You are creators of Heaven on Earth.  All we are attempting to do is to re-mind you of that fact. You create every thought that you hold in your being and it is revealed in some way. The thoughts you are most comfortable with most often are fear-based. As much as you consider that negative, difficult and bad, we tell you there is also beauty in the darkness.  So do not judge yourself, but understand first that your entire reality is based on your thought process. Coincidence and accidents are illusions of the gameboard. Literally, you have placed your being in one of these physical bodies to try and find your own controls, to see where you can start leading yourself.

I’m Stuck!

Many times you find it confusing when you say, “Yes! I will take responsibility. I will take control of my own life. I will start using my powers and passion to the highest possibility,” and nothing seems to happen. Then you worry that you did something wrong, but consider instead that perhaps things are starting to be right. Perhaps you are ridding yourself of some of the things you have to do. We ask you first to start becoming comfortable with yourself and your own ideas of what your own reality would look like.

Now let us stand back and look at things from perspective wider view. It is the larger perspective on a collective basis where you are seeing changes on your planet, much more than individually at the moment. Many of your organizations and collective gatherings of souls now have to adapt to the higher vibrations you are creating and demanding that your world be in. As that happens you will see many changes that seem to have control over you, but realize that they do not because you are actually releasing that part of control. It is perfect for you to say that you want to be in your passion and to move in that direction no matter what it is and even if you cannot figure out a way to make a living doing that. Just experiencing your passion in the evenings or on weekends will help raise your overall vibration and all your interactions in your world around you. So the first thing you need to do is find out what makes your heart sing, and try to figure out ways of doing more of it. If you still feel like nothing is happening, there is another approach to try.

Conscious Perception Shift

The easiest way to change a situation is to shift your point of perception to accommodate a larger view. Humans are not conscious of doing that, but you will learn to do that very well over the next 100 years or so. Being able to change your perception about a situation at any time and to see it from multiple angles will be a very important part of human evolution. That is what is happening as you move out of this field of duality where you see everything as light and dark. It is now being balanced by the third position of the higher self, so in effect you are moving out of the field of duality and into the field of triality. The field of triality gives you more capabilities of your god-self in the physical body. When you first reach triality you ask yourself what you are going to do. You can do this or that, but you can also choose not do anything because you do not need to do anything. There is nothing wrong with that and it is not being stuck. That is simply enjoying a vibrational level where you need nothing from the outside.

There will come times in all of your lives when you will have those magical moments. It may be a moment, a day, a week, or a month, but whatever it is each one of you needs those times. Do not consider that to be stuck, because instead it is a time when you can catch your breath, a time where you are going to adapt your higher vibrations. There has been much confusion as you look at yourselves in this field of duality, for duality only shows light and dark and not all the different rainbow colors in between. It shows only the light and the absence of light, but those are the ends of the spectrum. There is no truth in these ends, for it is all in between. When you start to understand that you have been seeing everything in a very limited range¾a very small field of vision and vibration¾you can start to see what is happening on a larger scale.

That is where your confusion lies. You expect everything to come through those same channels, yet that is not the way spirit attracts or comes through you. The easiest way for you to change your perception is to move out of what is happening to you and put yourself in service. How about volunteering at a hospital or a hospice? How about doing anything to get you out of your stuck mode? Being in service helps transform me intowe, and that dissolves the separation that makes everyone feel stuck. It simply is not possible for you to feel stuck when you are connected with other humans. Place yourself in a position of service and you change everything at that moment. It changes your perception, and gives you purpose and focus. At this point, you want to bring in your passion. You want to find that one gift that you can give better than anybody else, because each one of you has it. Every one of you came with a gift from Home that is not possible for anyone else to carry. It is your soul’s mission to share that, and the moment you change the me and into we you start to understand, you feel of use and your power returns. What magic! Now you have possibilities, so we will give you very definite pieces.

A Soul View of Humanity and Racism

Much has gone before you. Many have taught and brought you their truth. Many have worked from their hearts to improve humanity in some way. Most of it has been misdirected, for humanity does not need improving. All you need is a space for empowered humans to be able to thrive and grow without restriction and limitation. The new planet Earth is a place of encouragement. Because of that, you will be re-thinking much of the larger picture and even some of the things that are taught in your schools. 
There has been much confusion about one particular point we wish to address this day. We understand it is confusing, but we ask you to look at it first from the perspective of spirit because dear ones: you are not humans. You are borrowing this body for a short time to let your spirit pretend to have a human experience.

Now let us look at a larger perspective, because there have been many leaders on your planet who through an honest desire to try and help have misdirected energy. You have seen it in slavery and racial struggles. We wish to give you another vision.

The Origin or Racism

There was a gentleman who came in and confused everyone with incredible knowledge and vision. His name was Charles Darwin and he channeled messages about the larger vision of life. Some of these messages helped humanity to adapt very quickly to the world around it and make fuller use of every part of their world. But there were certain elements of the explanations that seemed to be either incorrect or misunderstood. Let us address one in particular, the Theory of Natural Selection. This theory states that the fittest races seem to survive, while the weaker races seem to die out. It is easy to see in the animal kingdom that the Theory of Natural Selection proves true almost every time. That would indicate to you that one is better than the other, but that is not true and it is the part the human sees that the spirit disagrees with.  Put another way, let us say that you, as a spirit, are coming into planet Earth. You are going to have an incarnation and you want to get this one right so you have your choice: you can choose this model here that has these attributes, or you can choose this model over there that has those attributes and may help you to learn a certain life lesson. Quite honestly, it does not make any difference which model you choose. The confusing part is that Darwin’s theory implies that one of these models is better than the other, but that is not true. Many times a soul will put itself into a challenging body to gain something or to be able to teach others. Never is a soul hampered by a physical body because you are not physical; you are a spirit pretending to be human. That is the most important part we wish to share with you, because as this new energy comes in and as these new concepts are revealed to you, you will have to release some of the old ideas.

The concept of racism on your planet is one of these old ideas. Powerful leaders convinced others they were doing something positive by eliminating select races or cleansing their ethnic background. You look at that and think it is the most atrocious thing you have ever heard, yet we tell you that it began with good intent. It did not work because the conclusions derived from Darwin’s work were from a human perspective and not from that of spirit. You keep forgetting that important point. One physical vehicle is not better than the other in that sense. Within each race there are specific attributes that are very desirable as a soul beginning a new visit to earth.  Is it true that some races are dying out while others will survive and grow?  Yes, that is a mater of nature and the physical. Yet it does not affect the choice of the soul as much as you would think.  No spirit is ever hampered by a physical body, ever. That is important to keep in mind. On the spiritual level, everyone is equal, always because you are a part of each other, there is no difference.

When you unravel that mystery and look into the hearts and souls of all people, no matter what the bodies they inhabit are like, you will understand. Although one body may be designed better than another to accomplish a particular task, there is no such thing as bad or better just as it is with vibrations. Higher vibrations are not better than lower vibrations, they are simply different. A low C is not better than a high E on the piano, the two keys simply are made for different effects and uses.

Areas to Watch

You can see the soul inside a physical body if you just look. The moment you see the soul, everything else disappears because it is then that you start to see yourself. At that point, you can even fall in love. It makes no difference what body type, nor what your preferences or belief systems have historically been. If you pull away the veil and truly see another soul, you will fall in love with yourself and your image in the others eyes. That is what is happening more and more on this planet.

We will also tell you that in the years directly ahead, many of you have great sensitivities to the environment around you. Some of that may become difficult for some of you, because your sensitivities will increase at the same time as the background noise—what we would call white noise—of Earth will also rise. Many of you will feel distracted, as if you have a problem or cannot stay focused on things. Understand that the energy is changing, and your own preferences of how and where you would like to be, as well as what you need to support you are also changing. Many of your own preferences, even for things you love to eat, will change over the next few years. Suddenly you do not care for your old favorites anymore, yet things that you never tasted before or things that you did not like as a child all of a sudden you just cannot get enough of it. You will find that many of these things will change to help support your own vibrational changes as you move forward.

There will many of you who will start to discover your spirit. Those of you here in these rooms and watching this broadcast, you are teachers, dear ones. That is why you are drawn here, because you have something to say. We are here not to give you messages. We are not here to tell you what to do or even to give you hints about what is right or wrong for you because only you can tell that. We are here to help you find your voice. Let us explain because that, too, may help you to understand the overview of spirits pretending to be humans.

Life Extension

We look at it many different ways. We have had people come to the Keeper and ask, “Is it possible that I could be channeling the group, too?” He said, “Of course it is.” He is not the only one who hears these messages. Many of you resonate with these messages, because it resonates in your heart before it hits your ears. You know there is something here that you want to be reminded of something that can help you re-turn to your vibrations of Home. Yet many times when the Keeper calls on you and says, “Maybe you have something to say, too?” You pull back and say, “No, no, not me. I am here to listen. I am here to watch and learn.” That is fine. You can learn all you wish. The reality is that we know who you are, and your light is becoming so bright that it is not going to be possible to hide it for much longer. It is quite amusing to see people hide behind a bush and then when they light up they cannot keep hiding but still pretend to be. It is so funny for us to watch.

You are spirits, dear ones. Your bodies are only a temporary vehicle. Bless your body and enjoy it. It does a great job. Yes, the physical body can easily last for 300 years. It was originally designed for even more and has lasted more than 300 years in your own recorded history. You will return to that if you so choose, for life spans are more flexible than you think. There are people who automatically think, “I want to live for 1,000 years.” You would be bored out of your mind. It would be like living amongst the cockroaches and you would not be able to relate. Many of you will not be able to get rid of that image. As you move forward, this is an image we would like you to see.

Ice Cream

When the Keeper first began bringing our messages in, he was reading a book by Kryon and he asked, “Do you guys know Kryon?” We laughed hysterically.  We thought it was so funny he asked the question, but he really wanted to know the answer. We said that when all is said and done, you will pull away the veil and find out you have all been channeling the same entity.  That is confusing for you because of the truth. You are not accustomed to your own greatness. You are not accustomed to who you really are from our side of the veil. You are not accustomed to seeing yourselves the way we really see you. So let us give you an image of something that might help you see yourself in our eyes, for this is what you truly look like.

Many of you will not attempt to write a book because you think, “What can I say that has not been said before?” Many of you do not wish to stand on stage because you see greatness and think you are not great. You compare yourselves many times, so here is the image. Let us talk about ice cream for just a moment. We have never been to Earth so we have not had the pleasure of actually tasting this delicacy of yours called ice cream, but we can tell you that it is incredibly popular on this planet. Why? It is popular because of choices. Ice cream gives you different flavors, variety and choices. When you think of ice cream you do not think about how good it is going to taste, you think, “I get to choose this flavor, or I can choose that one,” and you are so barraged with the possibilities that the ice cream is already good before you ever taste it. You are the creators and you create that way ahead of time, so let us give you this view:

We are the ice cream. . .

                          You are the flavor.

We will come through you and yet each one of you will have a different flavor of spirit, because of your life experiences and of who you are. Chocolate ice cream is not better than vanilla, they are just different flavors. It takes a different perception at that point and we dare you to be the best flavor you can. Take all of your life experiences and that beautiful energy you feel coming through your heart and find a way to express it whether it is through art or channeling, music or writing. It makes no difference; you can use this anywhere. Let it shine through your beautiful flavor of this physical being that you are. Your soul will put the flavor on the ice cream and it will be one heck of a sundae.

Dear ones, if only you could see yourselves the way we see you, you would laugh hysterically at the whole game and all the restrictions that seem so big in your field. You would see the true nature of who you are and walk more proudly than you ever have before. We hope, this day, that you walk with pride with whatever flavor that is, because it is unique. It is your blend of light and spirit, that beautiful spirit being of yours that has gone on from lifetime to lifetime to be here right now. We love you more than you could possibly know because we see ourselves in you. We do not come here to give you messages to help you become better people. We come here because we are honored to be in your presence and that is how we see you—the bravest angels that have dared to take off your wings and play the game of being human. You are advancing all of the universe through every step you take, and it is beautiful beyond your understanding. Walk with pride. Be the best flavor you can be.

It is with the greatest of honor we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another every chance you get. Re-member it is a game. Play well together.


The group

Espavo: Ancient Lemurian Greeting


a word to Re-member

Hear the word and the explanation here> 

In live channel, the Group has been telling the story of Amor. The story begins with Amor as a twelve year old boy living in the days of Mu (Lemuria). The Group says it is time to tell this story because we are at a point in our evolution that is very similar to where we were in the days of Mu.

In the very first chapter of this story, the Group told of how Amor was at his Walk into Life. This was a custom where a twelve year old boy or girl would declare their commitment to be a responsible adult. There were no laws to speak of in the days of Mu, but there were customs that they adhered to. One of those customs was when a person walked into Life they would choose one other person, usually older, to whom they would make a commitment to help them transition when it was time. At the very last moment Amor chose a man when he knew only slightly named Etu. Etu was a linguist who worked with the ancient languages. During the months and years that followed, Amor and Etu got to know each other as the custom suggested.

After being apart for some time Amor was summoned to the house of Etu, for it was his time. Even though Etu was a very young man he was still leaving. Amor came to his side and in that moment the two men completed their sacred contract. Amor gave permission and guidance for Etu to leave if he chose. Etu then had Amor come close to the bed. He told him that he had a gift for Amor. As Amor bent down to hear Etu told him the gift was a word and the word was ESPAVO. In the last hours of his life Etu explained that the word ESPAVO was used in the ancient days of Mu. It was a greeting that was used for both hello and and goodbye. Etu told Amor that it was now time to bring back this ancient word into use for the time of evolution was nearing. This word was to help people re-member their true place in the Universe.

Literally translated it means:

"Thank you for taking your power."

We invite you to use this ancient greeting once again. This is the time of power and we thank you for being here with us.

ESPAVO dear ones


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to all Moms in the world!

Mama, thank you for who I am 
Thank you for all the things I'm not 
Forgive me for the words unsaid 
And for the times I forgot
Mama remember all my life 
You showed me love, you sacrificed 
Think of those young and early days 
How I've changed along the way [along the way]

And I know you believed 
And I know you had dreams 
And I'm sorry it took all this time to see 
That I am where I am because of your truth 
And I miss you, yeah I miss you
Mama forgive the times you cried 
Forgive me for not making right 
All of the storms I may have caused 
And I've been wrong, dry your eyes [dry your eyes]

And I know you believed 
And I know you had dreams 
And I'm sorry it took all this time to see 
That I am what I am because of your truth 
And I miss you, I miss you
Mama I hope this makes you smile 
I hope you're happy with my life 
At peace with every choice I made 
How I've changed along the way [along the way]

Cause I know you believed in all of my dreams 
And I owe it all to you, Mama.

"The Time is Now" film

The world is ready for this important film - to be released in 2009!

The LINC Organization, our well established 22 year old California Charitable Corporation, is producing The Time Is Now an highly entertaining significant film featuring personal and profound conversations with world renowned visionary leaders, including inspirational leaders, environmentalists, philanthropists, social entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and great thinkers – truly humanitarian leaders who inspire the human spirit!

With majestic futuristic visuals, powerful dialogue, an original sound track and viable solutions for Humanity, 
The Time Is Now
 has all the elements to make a huge difference with billions around the planet; positively influencing peoples of all cultures.

The Time Is Now is unique as it presents distinguished leaders from every sector. Each reveals their personal secrets to success, their most inspiring ideas, their deepest life philosophy and wisdom, their most effective healthy practices, along with powerful solutions for Humanity. The film offers viable future possibilities that can shift the destiny of our Civilization on every level - our individual lives, families, businesses, communities, nations and world.

This is a moment in history like no other!  We are presenting a positive futuristic view of what is possible as we utilize our most advanced resources, intelligence, spiritual awareness and scientific breakthroughs to make the highest integrity choices for Humanity now and for our future generations!

Expanding on the phenomenal success of The Secretour visionary film The Time Is Now takes us further by providing the practical everyday tools for how to effectively apply the laws of attraction, while developing the leader within each and every one of us. It’s a call-to-action.

The Time Is Now is part of a new wave for highly successful documentaries such as Al Gore’s Academy Award winning film,An Inconvenient Truth. Our film also follows the legacy of the great philanthropic events and music videos such as Stand Up For CancerWe Are The World, Live Aid, and the Katrina and 9/11 benefit concerts.

Film Leaders

Lee Iacocca
Jack Welch
Cathy Black
Dr. Ivan Misner
Kathy Coover
Bob Proctor 
Lynne Twist 
Michael Bernard Beckwith 
Gregg Braden
Dr. John Demartini 
Rebecca W. Rimel

Chris Griscom
Marie Diamond
Raymond Aaron
Marci Shimoff
Lisa Nichols

Kenneth Chenault
Lynne Joy McFarland
Tom Tierney

Bobbi DePorter
Reuben Mark
Robert B. Reich
Kathryn S. Fuller

Ellen V. Futter
Ross Perot

Dr. Chavanna King
James Ray

Chris Griscom
John Gray

Hale Dwoskin
Freddie Ravel
Joan and Stewart Emery
Chunyi Lin
Dr. Richard Moss
Dr. Shinzen Young

Bill Gates 
Jack Canfield  
Tony Robbins 
Peggy Dulany Rockefeller
Stephen Covey
Jim White
Katie and Gay Hendricks

Roxanne Emmerich
Rickie Byars Beckwith
David Woods
Paul Scheele
Janet Attwood
Joseph McClenden III
Lucia De Garcia
Chet Holmes

Mercury Retrograde: May 6th to May 30th (Alice Inoue)

Dear Friends,
Another Mercury Retrograde is upon us. This cycle is about being more flexible than usual as you move forward, and rethinking your priorities and values in the present.  Are you living your life according to others' wants and needs, instead of making time and space for your own ?

It's a great time to do some planning for the future, leaving room for changes as they arise.  The theme for this period is to be flexible in all ways and in all parts of your life, avoiding rigidity at all costs.

During Mercuty Retrograde, everything you encounter is an opportunity to refine or revise what is not flowing.  You may find parts of the Retrograde frustrating, yet, it is also a time to create a valuable experience for yourself by consciously slowing down and following intuitive flashes.

With love blessings,