Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Orhaid Method for Total Healing -by Sayahda.

The Orhai Method of Total Healing is a new and unique form of energetic healing that works on clearing the cellular memory of past and present trauma stored within the DNA. It assists you in neutralizing programmed memories that were created by the collective consciousness, past lives, and present day experiences.

Orhai takes you back to the beginning of your evolutionary cycle and then moves you forward into the life cycle you are presently experiencing. By recapturing the totality of who you are, whom you have been, and whom you are becoming total healing can be achieved.

The main philosophy of Orhai is equality. When practicing Orhai on another person both people should be at the same height. If the patient is sitting down, the healer should sit across from them. If a patient is lying down and a healer is standing above them, the patient might feel vulnerable or look up to the healer for insight. How many times have you been on a healing table and wanted the healer to tell you what they saw in you?

Orhai discourages this and encourages the patient to see themselves. The ego is not entertained when practicing Orhai. This therapy empowers an individual and promotes a feeling of equality within them. Empowerment can only be achieved when we allow the patient to discover their inner knowing.

Everyone has a lopsided energy field to a larger or lesser extent. Unlike other healing modalities that energize both sides of the body equally, Orhai focuses on the weaker side first, allowing it to gently increase in strength and eventually match the other side.

If you charge the whole energy field at once the stronger side will increase its energy level leaving the weaker side with insufficient energy to match it. True healing cannot be accomplished if one side of the body is energetically stronger then the other.

Often when a person begins a healing process they focus on the bigger issues of a problem. Although Orhai addresses these issues, emphasis is placed on the developmental traumas that are stored within the cellular memory.

Developmental traumas are non-violent in nature and are not necessarily a result of negative actions or influences projected at you. They represent small things that happened to you when you were younger that you did not like. Sometimes a person does something to us thinking it is for our best good. Your mother made you eat a certain food that you detested, or would not let you sleep with the light on and so forth.

Although these things seem insignificant, they can have a strong affect on you. Over a period of time an unconscious resentment begins to develop towards your mother. This unconscious resentment can lead to bigger psychological, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual problems later in life.

Everything that has ever happened to you lives within your cellular DNA.  Memory lives in the cellular structure and the imprint of that memory lives in the energy filed. If you clear the cellular DNA and don't clear the energy that created the issue, optimum health cannot be achieved.

Orhai works on all levels of your being and does not require you to wade through past emotional chaos. It teaches you how to activate specific light points located in your energy body that increase your wisdom and neutralize the issue. Once a person learns Orhai they can activate their light points in minutes. Orhai does not require any tools, esoteric knowledge, mood music, or healing tables. It can be done anywhere and at anytime. 

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