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8 Keys - A Special Delivery Message from the Angels, by Linda West.

Excerpt from book "8 Keys, A Special Delivery Message from the Angels".
Taken from the foreword "A Personal Message from Linda West".

In the time that has passed since this message from the angels was first presented to me, once again, I find that the angels will have their way! After the first printing of this book, so much has come to light about the rising of the Goddess in the Earth during this time that the angels with whom I communicate feel it important to reflect now upon the changes that have resulted. One major change that they insist upon is in reference to the perception we have about our Source, whom we call “God.” I still call that source God. But contrary to the images most of us grew up with of a male persona – Father God – the image that the angels have shaped in my mind, and the one that they want to share with you is much more amorphous, having no gender and no particular shape but definitely demonstrates the softer, more nurturing nature of a female.

The stereotypes we know of as male energy – using physical strength and political/economical power in order to bring about change and to rule in the world – are giving way to those characteristics we most often associate with female energy, i.e., intuition, spirituality, and empowerment by healing and nurturing.

Science has shown us that all humans are first conceived as females, and males develop from that form. Because all human conception has the possibility of becoming male or remaining female, this duality of nature remains within us throughout our lives We each retain the essence of our opposite, which waxes and wanes along our lifeline, and is allowing us now to be affected by the rising power of the Goddess. That Goddess dwells within each of us, male and female alike.

Whether you are a male reader or a female, your female characteristics will become stronger with the rising Goddess. This does not mean that males will become female, or that any of us will reflect more or less of the gender we are. But accepting that we are both female AND male will help us to understand and benefit from the changes that are taking shape in the world.

This means that struggling against change will be less effective than understanding and working with the changes. That “powering” through your difficulties will not bring you the end results you expect, and it is more likely that persistent pursuit of your goals will bring you success more effectively than aggressive pursuit. By embracing patience, perseverance, and a willingness to welcome the Goddess within you, you will find the path to your goals made much easier.

One of the most effective ways to begin to work with these changes is to relax our need to identify with our Divine Source in a specific gender form and to change the descriptive words we attach to it. So in this edition I have changed, wherever possible, the words I use to give name to this Source in order to help you free yourself from the images that limit your acceptance, so that you may if you so choose, wander into the possibilities offered by a God who is everything and withholds nothing from you.
With these thoughts in mind, please accept this offering from the angels for the gift it is. Feel free to entertain the thought of the presence of angels in your life – starting now.


You can read more about the book, here: You can find more about psychic medium Linda West, here:

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Grace Lost and Found, by Mary Cook.

Excerpt of Book "Grace Lost and Found": From Addictions and Compulsions to Satisfaction and Serenity.
Addictions, Compulsions, and Recovery
Chapter 1

Even if we were born genetically predisposed to addiction and were chronically given drugs and traumatized in our childhood, we are still responsible for our adult livers today and for our recovery. Acting out, hostile dependency, rebellion, and vindictiveness serve only to keep us bound to an unhealthy past and to people who harmed us. Typically, we direct aggression toward those whom we see as responsible for our harm, toward ourselves, toward anyone who at least unconsciously reminds us of our pain and conflicts, including our children. 

Wherever our negative feelings or actions are aimed, recovery urges us to redirect this energy toward resolution. Maintaining negativity toward ourselves deepens our wounds. Maintaining negativity toward others reinforces attachments to problematic behaviors and attitudes. Needing or wanting other to change so that we can heal keeps us stuck in unfulfilled childhood dependency. All of these scenarios recreate familiar pain and problems and we feel increasingly less capable and confident in our lives. 

The Solution is Up to Us 

Not one of the twelve steps tells us to seek amends from others. Recovery relies only on our changing to more mature behavior. Inherent in addiction is avoidance of appropriate responsibility. We court illusions of power through picking up weapons, rather than weeping for lost innocence and protection. We hide pain through alerting perceptions of internal and external reality, rendering us helpless to find solutions. We create false selves from defensive adaptations to dysfunction, and then wonder why we feel so alone and empty. Our relationships reflect impoverishment and degradation. We are dishonest, disloyal, diseased, and devoid of true love and wisdom. We sit on a massive mountain of wreckage waiting for a short dose of counterfeit paradise from a bottle, needle, or pipe. We are in no position to hold others accountable at this stage. We must desperately desire recovery with the same passion with which we pursued drugs. 

The 12 steps are designed to help us recognize our unhealthy patterns from whom and from what experiences they originate. Exploring our early lives in the fourth step yields the most valuable information in this regard. We may learn that our destructiveness to ourselves or others is a response to unhealed abuse or trauma in childhood. Perhaps we married someone who seems cold, critical, and distant like our fathers were. Codependency and controlling behaviors may stem from being over-responsible for an addict parent. Deprivation of important psychological needs may have resulted in compulsive stealing. Childhood sexual molestation can trigger later prostitution. Unhealthy family enmeshment may translate into fear of relationships. Whatever problems we suffered in childhood they were not due to our being impossibly challenging children, nor because we deserved the treatment we received. It is our responsibility, however, to transform dysfunction into new healthy thinking, feeling, and behavior.

Mary Cook is the author of “Grace Lost and Found: From Addictions and Compulsions to Satisfaction and Serenity”, available from Barnes & Noble,, etc. She has 35 years of clinical practice and 29 years of university teaching experience.  She is a national speaker and has a private practice in San Pedro, CA.  Mary is available for telephone and office counseling, guided meditation, speaking engagements and in-service training.

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Why Are You Here and Does It Have to Be YOUR Way? by Toni Petrinovich

Recently, I was sent a set of questions regarding human beings incarnating on earth. Since each of the questions reflects a particular belief system, I am going to use them to fuel the fire investigating why you believe what you believe. So this writing is both an article and a practice of examining where your beliefs come from and how they influence your life. I am sure you have been exposed to the term "a learning curve".  It means that what you are learning impresses itself upon your mind most emphatically the first time you hear it or learn about it.  From there on, the information makes less of an impression as you align yourself with it.  It begins to become part of your knowledge.

So, too, is there a curve to your spiritual expansion.  The difference between learning something cognitively and expanding spiritually is that the linear knowledge is usually based upon empirical evidence while the spiritual expansion is without limits.

What can stifle the acceptance of your expansion is the belief systems you begin to adopt as you expand.  The initial information you received that made you aware of your expanding presence can take on a "this is the only truth" hue.  Then it moves from becoming the catalyst to expansion and becomes an attachment to what you believe your reality is comprised of in your "newly found" expanding awareness.

The trick to Mastery is letting go of every thing that you believe is creating the experience of the expansion and simply letting it happen.  So today we look at simply letting it be.  Does this make you uncomfortable?  Do you need to keep things "your way"?

1. Why do we come here to this dimension called Earth to expand?

Come here?  Where are “we coming from”?  All is a state of consciousness.  When you go to sleep at night and dream do you leave “here”?  No.  You are simply in a different state of consciousness that human beings call the dream state.

So, too, is earth yet another dream state.  You are.  That is all.  You simply are.  In that beingness, you allow yourself to consciously emerge in different aspects of being aware.  Human beings call this “being alive”.  When you are not in your bodies you are considered dead and gone.  The body may stop living yet the consciousness is very much alive and is expanding in its next state of awareness.

So, back to the question, why do we come here to expand?  Why not?  It’s here or 
somewhere else.  Why not here?

2. Earth has duality, polarity and contrast and it offers a certain expansion experience, but why do you suppose it is so important to have this experience of free will if it is not likely that we need it in other 

Here we begin to look at the belief system involved.  Why would this experience be any more important than any other experience except for the hubris of humanity? Human beings (through their ego personality) foster a viewpoint that is completely self-reflective. If it is not about me, what good is it?

So this question reflects there is a belief that having this experience is important because it involves free will.  Would you have it be differently?  Would you like to give up the contrast and free will and then . . . what?

Is there an emphasis on learning the experience of free because we will need it in other realms? What is so important about free will?  Could it simply be another experience exercised here; perhaps in other realms, perhaps not?  Can you simply let it be?

Under all of this questioning is the present viewpoint within mass consciousness that things need to change, the earth needs healing because humanity is running amuck, etc.  Could it not be possible that everything simply is and that is all you need to pay attention to so as to feel your own contentment?  Why does everything have to have some important, spiritual, off-the-charts meaning?  Why do you 
believe that what is is not perfect exactly as it is?  If science is looking for the source of gravity (and they are), perhaps it is the weight of the good intentions of human beings weighing the earth down.  After all, isn’t part of the issue your inability to change things according to your belief system that makes you think something needs to be fixed?

Human beings want to feel important . . . so this realm must be important . . . otherwise, oh, dear . . . perhaps you are not so overwhelmingly better than everything else after all!  The hardest thought for a human being is that he/she is only as important as they see themselves and that importance is for them alone. There is such attachment to being important or as a friend of mine once said, “being the one”.

3. Is it a sort of lesson we have to experience?  Is it like passing a grade to move on to experience other dimensions?

Oh, this is one of my favorites – the lesson (drum roll, please).  From the moment you could understand your native tongue, mom and dad taught you lessons about life.  Then you went to school and the teacher taught you lessons – right up through college or university.  Emerging into the world of business, homemaking, life itself is seen as a lesson since everything is “teaching” you something.  The connotation here, again, is that something is wrong and needs to be corrected by the lesson.  
You, as a human being, need to be fixed.

How about this?  Life is experience.  No one actually teaches you anything(though they would like to believe they are).  Mom and Dad superimpose their fears on you.  The schools attempt to inculcate you in society’s values (all depending upon the school.  I went to Catholic school and was taught everything 
differently, including history.)  By the time you arrive at the beginning of maturity, you are so immersed within the benefits of being taught a lesson that you know no other way because you need to learn; you need to be fixed.

How about this?  Life is experience.  Stop being attached to having to learn something.  Rather, focus your attention on experiencing what you want your life to be.  If you want a lesson, that is it – you are a human being.

4. What is the reason to come to Earth? Why would a Soul choose to experience duality, contrast or polarity?  There must be a bigger reason?

I will begin my response here with another question:  Why not?  Let’s pretend we 
are eavesdropping on an inner conversation being held in the realm of soul life 
between lives:
“Hmmm, what’s next?  I’m feeling like an experience.  Hmmm, what to choose.  I could become aware of earth and really shake it up.  After all, that frequency is filled with excitement and I could get really lost in it.  Or I could focus in dimension _____ (fill in the blank); haven’t done that in a long time.  I wonder if they’re still playing that game where they attempt to separate their one 
consciousness.  Hmmm . . . 

“You know, I remember that earth was about to begin remembering itself.  Now that could be fun.  Become focused there again (last couple of times were a kick!), lose myself in earth’s amnesia and see what happens to remembering.  Or maybe I won’t remember this time around.  I’ll just play.  Don’t really care.  It’s all infinite. Okay, focus “earth”; let’s choose a body.”

It’s earth or another focus of consciousness.  The choice is yours.

5. Why wouldn't we just choose to stay in a higher realm that would seem 
more pleasant?

Again, I will answer with a question or two.  How do you know you didn’t choose to stay in another realm and then later decided to focus here?  How do you know or believe that other realms are more pleasant?  And what in the world is a higher realm?

The answer to each of those questions is one:  belief.  Someone told you that there are higher realms.  Someone told you that they are better or more pleasant. Someone told you that being here is less than being there.

Realms, planes, dimensions – each of these words means a set of frequencies. Frequency is the number of times a wave moves up and down in its length.  There are no realms, planes or dimensions to go to.  You can’t get on a plane and travel to the 13th dimension.  You can focus your consciousness on a frequency that you describe as the 13th dimension yet that doesn’t mean that is what it is.  It is only 
true for you.

All reality is relative – hence, the word reality.  What is “real” to you is what is “relative” to you.  The word “relative” stems from the Latin relatus – to carry back.  So what is relative to you is based upon your perception of any realm as the information is carried back to you.  Since you are a standing wave transmitting and receiving simultaneously, you can only receive what you transmit.  It is your personal reality.

6. Are we all just lower evolved Beings that need to go through this realm to expand?

Now here is a great example of a belief system housing much, much attachment within the human race.  If you really want to know where all of these beliefs stem from read the works of Zecharia Sitchin and the origin of religion.

I will be brief here.  In the origin of the species is the memory of being subjected to beings that were seen as “gods”.  This belief is the basis for the Christian Bible.
Since most religious beliefs alive in planet earth rely on there being a lesser and a greater to control the population, mass consciousness has bought heavily into this belief system.

Holding this belief in your reality keeps you small, restricts your self-worth, diminishes your ability to follow your passion in life, subjects you to the whims of others, leaves you feeling unfulfilled and strengthens your sense of separation.  
Once you know (rather than believe) that you are Source Consciousness in form focusing in this frequency dimension, no one and no thing can subjugate you.
And, it is also very easy then to step back and let it all be.

7. Is there some truth to karma? Do we come to Earth to amend karma from other incarnations?

Karma:  the cosmic principle according to which each person is rewarded or punished in one incarnation according to that person's deeds in the previous incarnation.

Question:  Who or what would do the punishing or rewarding?  What belief system does this stem from and why would you want to believe it is true?  See the answer(s) to question 6 and take some time to understand how all of these beliefs were created to control a population during a specific time in history.

At the same time, there may be a feeling that you would like to focus consciousness in a certain frequency dimension that you have experienced to bring better understanding of a certain aspect of it i.e., you have been a female in the earth dimension so it would be fun to focus on being a male, etc.

8. Why would we come from a place that we are AWAKE and then come here to REMEMBER to awaken? Or have we elected to come here to help Earth in some way?

Questions:  What does “awake” mean to you?  How do you know you were “awake” in another dimension?  Who told you that you were?  You couldn’t possibly know that you were because if that were true, you would not ask this question.  Once you are awake, you remain awake – whatever that means to you. It is all relative.  It is all your personal reality.

The idea of being awake is the recognition, the remembrance, that there is no separation – of any thing, any one, any where.  There is no space or time.  Once you are aware of that you are awake and you will remain so.  The fact that you are asking the question means that you are getting very close to remembering that you are awake.  Forgetting that you are awake is not only experienced in the earth 
realm, it is experienced in many other dimensions, as well.  Re-membering is the basis of the fun.
It is Source sourcing itself as all experiences simultaneously, infinitely.  Read that sentence again.  Source IS all simultaneous experience infinitely; that means in every connotation of time or space, every idea of no time or no space, infinitely, everywhere and no where.

There is no judge.

There is no suffering unless you choose to experience your reality as something that you don’t like.

If your experience is outside of your alignment with your passion, you will experience it as suffering.

You will attempt to fix it or place the blame for the “wrongs” of the world on someone or something.

All you need do is re-focus on your passion.

Source is experiencing itself as you as your passion.


Toni Elizabeth Sar’h Petrinovich is a Master Teacher, mystic and quantum physical researcher with a ministerial doctorate in metaphysics.  She is the author of The Call – Awakening the Angelic Human, and its accompanying CD, DNA Re-Awakening,  You – A Field Guide, Finding an End to Seeking, DeLight of the Orbs and Speaking of Light. Toni teaches metaphysics and the sacred connection within through her Meta yoU classes, guided meditation CDs, DVD production and video presentations.

Parenting, by Lynne Forrest.

Often we tend to think, that as parents, our job is to protect our offspring from experiencing pain. Naturally we want them to have only positive life experiences. However, this is often not realistic. Even if we were able to micro-manage our childrens lives and so prevent them from hardship, we wouldn’t be doing them any favors. As a matter of fact, we most likely would be hindering their growth!

As a friend of mine once replied to his mother in response to her profuse apology for having failed him, “But mom, you’re implying you don’t like the way I’ve turned out! We both know it took every thing I’ve been through to be who I am today and I happen to like the me I’ve become! Don’t you?”

Of course we should do everything possible to learn how to be the best parents we can be! Reading how-to books about healthier communica­tion with our children and exchanging ideas with other parents is important. Seeking family counseling when it’s indicated can be essen­tial for proper healing. But it’s also important that we as parents under­stand that our job is not about preventing our children’s pain. We can’t! We do and say things to our children that feel and in fact are abusive in spite of our best efforts. There’s no preventing it. Children do not get through childhood unscathed. And, more important … Perhaps they’re not supposed to!

What if childhood was designed by nature to be an initiation? Could it be that the wounds of childhood are part of the necessary journey towards be coming mature and capable adults? We certainly know that how chil­dren respond to adverse circumstances will influence them for the rest of their life.

Many third world cultures pre meditate rites of passage for their youth. If you were to study some of these initiation rites for African or Aboriginal tribes, you might be disturbed at the severity of the trials set in place. Adolescent boys, for instance, might be sent out, naked and hungry, into the jungle and not allowed to return until they killed a predatory animal. A hardship of some type must be endured by each youth in order to be accepted as a worthy adult member of the tribe.

It is easy for us to judge such rites as uncivilized and cruel. We might even describe them as abusive behavior, unjustly wrought against the youth of a people who don’t know any better. We tend to think that we are “too civilized” to indulge in such painfully primal practices. But it doesn’t take listening to many of our own people’s hor rendous childhood histories to see how rampant incivility is in this country.

Whereas initiations are per formed with deliberate intention among tribal peoples, we leave it to accident or happen stance. Theirs are rites which have been designed by tribal elders for centuries. Their practices originate out of an ancient under standing that people are shaped and strengthened by what they go through. There is an acknowledgement that strong character is built from struggle … that victory is hard earned. They understand that self mastery and fulfillment results from overcom­ing hardship.

Every one of us has endured some type of initiation through childhood. Unfortunately, it was probably performed with out intention, or even awareness. A rite of passage gone awry, we are too often kicked through the doorway of life by parents who were themselves mindlessly initiated. As a result, we fail to glean the possibilities that might have come from our adversities. No one ever shared with us that strength comes from pain endured. That patience and tenacity is earned through long stand­ing tribulation. That compassion, and a sense of otherness is gained from heart break. Instead, we saw nothing beyond cruelty as the reason for some of the things we endured. We balked at the idea that any thing positive could have possibly come from such horrendous treatment.
Rather than being able to see strength of character or resilience as attributes we have earned through hard times, we learn instead to shrink away from life, avoiding pain at all costs. Out of this aversion to internal duress, we tend to either repeat what was done to us, or swing to the opposite extreme, vowing never to do to our children what was done to us.

But, we too are destined to become the unwitting initiators of our chil­dren. Our own unhealed childhoods prompt us to unconsciously react in ways which end up wounding them. Even our attempts to protect them can be hurtful: Jenna’s father, who had witnessed his own father sexu­ally abuse his sisters. He went to great extremes in order to prevent the possibility that he might ever demonstrate such behavior with his own daughter. He acted in the only way he knew to prevent such a thing from happening. He avoided her. She took his shun as rejection. His attempt to protect her left her with an abandonment wound she has struggled with through out her life.

Sometimes, through our efforts to cushion our children from struggle we end up depriving them of important, albeit painful lessons. Children need to experience some hardship in order to learn how to deal with the inevitable blows of real life. If ones early years are too easy, then one does not acquire the necessary skills for dealing with life. Besides, child­hood hardship may very well be a rite of passage designed to direct us towards finding our very purpose for being here.

Child hood is not supposed to be a protected environment, free from all tribulation! Nature designed children to be tough and resilient so that they can with stand the falling down and knocking about that inevitably goes with the business of growing up. This is how they find out what works and what doesn’t. They must learn through experience the sur­vival skills they will need later in life.

Children are not supposed to be treated as fragile, delicate pieces of break able stuff! And if we treat them so then we risk instilling in them a lack of confidence towards being able to handle life. We have become so worried that we are going to be seen as abusers, that we are afraid to do anything that might cause our children discomfort! It’s as if we think it’s somehow wrong to discipline or set restrictions.
We are beginning to see a backlash as a result of such over-therapied thinking. Our children are turning on us. With self will run riot, these undisciplined children have never known appropriate boundaries. When we become afraid of our children they become that which is to be feared.

Our children need to sense that we are in charge. They need freedom within structure. This gives them an assurance of safety from which they can create, express, and explore. It’s necessary for us as parents to pro­vide a balance between limitation and liberty which is age-appropriate. Instead, parents tend to go to extremes. Neither being too demanding nor being wishy-washy push overs work well. Having more “yes’s” than “no’s” in a childs life does work. But the “no’s” need to be final! Every child deserves to know what his or her bottom lines are! Dealing with limits is one of the important tasks of childhood. It is part of the prepa­ration for life.

Also our job, as parents, is to let our children know that life is not fair, or pain less. That it is not designed to be. That, in fact, they will be better prepared to handle life as a result of the deprivations they must endure. We help them under stand that childhood can be a rite of passage designed to direct them towards finding their very purpose. Their most painful times can actually strengthen and refine them into being the best they can be, especially with a little guidance. But we must let them face their ordeals with out running interference for them.

The greatest truth that we can arrive at regarding our children is to understand that they are not ours. We do not own them. We are given a very beautiful and sacred trust with them. That is all. This blood con­nection we have with them assigns us the responsibility and the right to come into real, authentic relationship with them. A relationship fraught with tears and anger, distance and rebuff, as well as joy and love.

Neither are they extensions of us. They will probably see the world very differently than we do. We can not predict or manage how that will be. Accepting these truths can free us. We are not responsible for how they turn out … we are responsible for how we turn out. Their respond-ability is up to them. We can not govern that. It is their choice. Like them, we can only decide what we will do with what life hands us.

If we had been given to understand that childhood is an initiation, how might we be different? If our parents had understood that their job was to take us through often painful rites of passage, how differently might we have turned out? What if we had been given a frame work of under­standing such as tribal people provide their children throughrites of passage? A frame work that said, “Yes, this is going to be hard … you may not even live through it … but there is purpose to it. Through this ordeal you will find new meaning. You will come away better prepared to deal with your life. Your ability to handle these hard times will determine your very success. You will be stronger. You may even find your life’s purpose.”

We have the opportunity to make conscious our roles as initiators for our children. It’s up to us to do the best we can to treat our children with respect without standing in the way of their life experiences. Allow them the refinement which their struggles can bring. This is our challenge.

Lynne Forrest is a non-traditional practitioner who has been in private practice for twenty six years, and the author of a new book, Guiding Principles for Life Beyond Victim Consciousness. Find her on the web at or These articles are copyrighted material. All rights are reserved. No part of these articles may be reproduced by any means or in any form whatsoever without first obtaining the written permission of the author. Permission for reproduction may be requested by contacting Lynne at Another Way Center: (423) 698-0814.

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Compulsions and Health, by Mary Cook.

One of the hallmarks of compulsive disorders is the inability to satiate craving, for other than brief periods of time, after which more intense craving results.  This dynamic amplifies, the longer the compulsion has been practiced.  In later stages of compulsive and addictive disorders, the level of desperation to avoid non-drugged or non-modified internal states is formidable.  The farther we travel from honest reflection and compassionate personal inquiry, the more problems and pain we create and attract.  The more we focus on escaping and artificially altering discomfort, the more negative energy we give and receive, and the greater helplessness and hopelessness we experience.  Our world becomes smaller because we are empowering our ego personality, which directs us from habit and fear.  We are increasingly controlled and imprisoned by dark forces inside and around us, because we have made the object of our compulsion our Higher Power.  

Compulsions represent areas where we need healing.  We cannot obtain sufficient sex to compensate for the lack of healthy role models and demonstrations of mature love in our life.  Compulsions with food will not insure our safety, our sense of control, nor will they satisfy our needs to nourish ourselves mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  The adrenalin highs and fantasy life of the compulsive gambler do not counter depression from past lack of consistent emotional support and personal appreciation.  Compulsive shopping, money and material possessions cannot compete with commitments to personal healing and spiritual growth.

Compulsive aggression or violence gives the outward illusion of power and control, but actually amplifies internal feelings of vulnerability and helplessness.  A life style of crises, drama or excessive busyness and over-stimulation, intensifies and increases the frequency of personal painful thoughts, feelings and memories.  All efforts to block out pain, act upon it aggressively or escape it through artificial euphoria or defensiveness, compounds and complicates our original problem and its roots.  Just as material gifts cannot possibly compensate for sick, toxic, abusive, or unavailable parents, empowering the minds’ incessant desires and demands does not result in happiness and health.  Instead, it leads to feelings of despair and emptiness.

When our behaviors are attempts to defend against or release painful feelings that are not processed, healed, understood or integrated in a mature manner, we attract and create more experiences that trigger the same painful feelings.   When we are afraid of true intimacy, we block emotionally vulnerable connections with others.  Doing so indicates that we have previously disconnected from a meaningful, heartfelt relationship with ourselves.  Relationships then are typically superficial and focused on satisfying objectified needs.  Sometimes this pattern exists only in romantic or family relationships, because vulnerability to pain is greater there.  When we relate to others primarily from our mind, rather than from our heart and soul, the essence of true bonding and spiritual energy is missing.  Thus relationships do not evolve to challenge and enrich us, but rather remain stagnant or deteriorate.

The effects of compulsive disorders on our bodies can be primary or secondary.  Alcohol and other drug addictions, eating disorders and sexual compulsions have a direct negative impact on physical health.  Other compulsions as with gambling, shopping and work lead to damage from excessive adrenalin in the system.  With the exception of physical sensations which trigger the compulsion, we become desensitized to our body as a valuable guide and vehicle for spiritual growth on earth.  The over-focus on habitually satisfying the five senses and compulsive desires, prevents us from experiencing physical balance, harmony and a sense of wholeness.  As compulsive disorders progress, healthy sleep, exercise and diet suffer.  All of this opens the door to numerous health problems and disease.

Compulsions reinforce the less evolved part of our brain and interfere with higher brain functioning.  Thus we remain mentally in a state of survival with a high level of stress hormones present.  Habit is perpetuated and our mental focus is limited to seeking pleasure and avoiding pain.  How we think and feel about ourselves lacks depth and breadth.  Our thoughts focus on obtaining, wanting and needing, which means we view ourselves as insufficient, incomplete and deprived.  Understanding ourselves and life is severely limited because we are not living creatively and proactively.

Compulsions greatly interfere with conscious awareness of our spiritual being, our faith, and our relationship with our Higher Power.  Interactions with others devoid of spiritual energy are draining and difficult.  True happiness, health, love, and life fulfillment is beyond our reach.  Since spirit and soul make up our core essence and are the only part of us that is eternal, we remain in a downward spiral of negativity until we become willing to re-examine and change how we’ve been living.  One of the hallmarks of spiritual recovery is lack of strong craving, for we know what is of primary importance is contained within us and our relationship to our true Higher Power.

-- Mary Cook is the author of “Grace Lost and Found: From Addictions and Compulsions to Satisfaction and Serenity”, available from Barnes & Noble,, etc.  She has 35 years of clinical practice and 29 years of university teaching experience.  She is a national speaker and has a private practice in San Pedro, CA.  Mary is available for telephone and office counseling, guided meditation, speaking engagements and in-service training. Click here to read the original post.

Colon Hydrotherapy, by Clara McComber.

Colon Hydrotherapy is an ancient method of natural healing, utilizing water to cleanse and heal the body. Enemas are a basic form of Colon Hydrotherapy in its most basic form that more people are familiar with. Enemas are recorded as early as 1500 B.C. in the “Ebers Papyrus”, an ancient Egyptian medical document.

In the early 1900’s, several physicians brought attention to Colon Hydrotherapy. James A Wiltsie M.D. and Joseph Waddington M.D. both placed tremendous value on the therapeutic benefit of this modality.

Dr. Waddington once stated: “Abnormal functioning of the intestinal canal is the precursor of much ill health, especially of chronic disease condition . Restoration of physiologic intestinal elimination is often first, but, too often ignored, important preliminary to eventual restoration of the health in general.”

Dr. Wiltsie followed through the theory by saying: “Our knowledge of normal and abnormal physiology of the colon, and of its pathology and management, has not kept pace with that of many organs and systems of the body. As long as we continue to assume that the colon will take care of itself, just that long we will remain in complete ignorance of perhaps the most importance of fill health in the whole body.”

Today, physicians, naturopathic doctors and chiropractors recommend Colon Hydrotherapy as part of a holistic healing program.

Douglas M. Brodie, M.D. of Reno, Nevada, an oncologist and homeopath was quoted in the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients ( August/September 2000 issue in the article “Value of Colon Hydrotherapy Verified by Medical Professionals ): “ I do recommend that most of my cancer patients take colon hydrotherapy or ‘colonic irrigation’ because they often improve by having such treatment…..It’s better than an enema, which is merely a lower bowel cleanse, as opposed to a colonic which is a thorough cleanse of the entire bowel. It’s similar to comparing the diagnostic efficacy of a sigmoidoscopy of the short end of the bowel to a colonoscopy   which takes in the whole bowel. An enema only goes so far. Colon Hydrotherapy is the best cleansing and detoxifier for the gastrointestinal tract that anybody could want. I do promote its use.”

Colon Hydrotherapy cleanses the colon by using water as a medium to loosen and break down the impacted material through repeated flushing with varied water temperature, so that the material can be flushed out and can no longer harm the body or inhibit assimilation and elimination. Also, the colon muscles are exercised during this process; in time, it is possible for muscle tone to be regained and the distended colon to be  reshaped. Of course, Colon Hydrotherapy helps to hydrate the body. Our bodies are over 70 % water. In addition, there are reflex points in the colon connected to every system and organ in the body. Thus, as the colon is cleansed, the reflex points can be better stimulated.

The colon or large intestine can be viewed as the sewer system of the body. It is at the end of the digestive tract/alimentary canal and is 5 to 5 ½ feet long.; it is an organ that is made up of muscle tissue that move toxic materials and waste along and out of the body through peristaltic action ( wave like motions ). When waste builds up in the colon, then putrefaction occurs i.e. decay; think of a trash can that has had food waste sitting in it for a while and how rotting takes place. Consequently, autointoxification occurs as the toxins are back-flushed through the entire body because the colon is backed up, and the entire body is contaminated. Toxins can be found in every cell, organ and system.

When a person is constipated, the walls of the colon are lined with impacted accumulated feces, which provides a good home and breeding ground for bacteria, parasites and candida albicans. Oftentimes, hardened mucous, also known as mucoid placque, is part  of  the impacted material which can contribute to even more constipation as the peristaltic action of the colon muscles is hampered.

Constipation can be caused by insufficient hydration, insufficient intake of fiber, unhealthy nutrition, imbalanced inner ecology ( including lower count of good bacteria to bad bacteria in the colon ), chemicals, environmental toxins ( endotoxins and exotoxins ), high emotional tension, stress, injury, trauma, to name just some factors.

In a healthy colon, the ratio of good bacteria ( flora ) to bad bacteria is 80/20; in an unhealthy colon the ratio of good bacteria to bad bacteria can be totally reversed to 20/80.

In order to cleanse the body, a thorough cleaning of the colon has to be the first step of an effective cleansing program. Thus, the other systems of elimination, including the liver, kidneys, lungs, skin and lymphatic system can systematically release built-up toxins and be able to function optimally also. It’s basically a domino effect.

It takes time for toxic material to build up, sometimes years, which can create for a  body to exhibit “dis-ease”. Keeping this in mind, it then takes time to reverse the process through cleaning the body with the assistance of Colon Hydrotherapy and other cleanses.

When the colon is eliminating waste material efficiently, then the whole digestion tract benefits and the assimilation of nutrients is optimized.

80 % of the immune cells are located in the colon. The immune system cannot be built up in a toxic body, only in a body with a minimal amount of accumulated toxic material. At this point in time on this planet, our enviroment is polluted to such a degree that cleansing on a periodic basis (  frequency and timing depending on a person’s health condition, where a person lives and other personal factors ) is important. We take our cars in for regular tune-ups, lubing and changing of fluids to keep them in good, safe working conditions. Similarly and more importantly, I feel that our bodies need periodic cleansing, good nutrition, love, joy and care not only for good health, but to be able to be strong and vibrant vehicles for our spirit, to hold more and more light and higher and higher frequencies as we evolve.

Indications for Colon Hydrotherapy: the history and physical examination of the patient (by the physician) would dictate the need for colon hydrotherapy in the overall treatment plan. Colon Hydrotherapy has been shown to be beneficial for the following conditions:

·        Acute Fecal Impaction
·        Constipation
·        Colitis
·        Diarrhea
·        Parasitic Infection
·        Atonic Colon
·        Mucous Colitis
·        Fever Therapy
·        Hyper/Hypothermia
·        Paraplegics & Quadriplegics (Bowel Training)
·        Prevention
·        Abdominal Distention/Flatulence
·        Hemorrhoids (mild to moderate)
·        Intestinal Toxemia
·        Nutrient Supplementation via Rectum
·        Diverticulosis
·        Balance Physiologic Flora of Large Intestine
·        Preparation for Diagnostic Study of the Large Intestine
·        Barium Enema
·        Sigmoidscopy and Colonoscopy
·        Surgery

Indications under prescription and direct physician supervision:

·        Diverticulitis
·        Ulcerative Colitis
·        Crohn’s Disease

Contraindications for Colon Hydrotherapy:

·        Severe Cardiac Disease; i.e. uncontrolled hypertension, congestive heart failure of organic valve disease
·        Aneurysm
·        Severe Anemia
·        GI Hemorrhage/perforation
·        Severe hemorrhoids
·        Cirrhosis
·        Carcinoma of the Colon
·        Fissures/Fistulas
·        Advance Pregnancy
·        Abdominal Hernia
·        Recent Colon Surgery
·        Renal Insufficiency

Environmental Toxins:

Environmental toxins can be found in the air, (indoor air is 70% more polluted than outdoor air), water, and soil. Toxic material can be also found in food, cleaning products, personal care products, furniture, carpeting, paints, etc. Hazardous material is released into the air from cars and various industries. What you put on your body ( lotions, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, makeup etc.) is as important as what you eat since your skin is the largest organ of your body and will absorb whatever you put on it.

Environmental toxins belong to the group that is termed primary toxic suppressors (the term coined by Dr. William R. Kellas and Dr. Andrea Sharon Dworkin, authors of “Surviving the Toxic Crisis”). Primary environmental toxins come from electromagnetic pollution (power lines, cell phones, computers, microwaves, etc.), chemicals/solvents, metals, air and water pollution.

 As an example, chlorine, which is added to water to disinfect it, is a health challenge as it combines with other pollutants. In a ten minute average shower, the human body can absorb the same amount of chlorine as if you drank 20 gallons of tap water. In addition, hot water from a shower releases chloroform, one of many chemicals which has been linked to increased incidences of colon and rectal cancer as well as bladder cancer

(“Terrain is Everything” by Susan Stockton). Shower filters and whole house water filtration systems are available to filter out chlorine and other chemicals from water. Taking this simple step not only benefits your health but also improves the condition of your skin and your hair.

Heavy metals can be found in the air, water, in the pipes of  houses, cans, seafood, to name a few. Mercury poses a significant health challenge to the gastrointestinal tract. Silver dental fillings are comprised of 50% of mercury; the other 50% is comprised of other metals. Mercury toxicity can cause constipation, bloating gas, rashes, and frequent night urination. Mercury accumulated in the system interferes with the assimilation of nutrients and waste excretion from the cells and harms the immune system (“Surviving the Toxic Crisis” by Dr. William R. Kellas and Dr. Andrea Sharon Dworkin). In my years of practice as a Colon Hydrotherapist, I have witnessed people with the condition of candidiasis, particularly in severe cases (imbalance of yeast/fungus in the system), being able to balance the condition when they address the issue of mercury also.

Holistic doctors and natural healthcare practitioners can provide simple tests to measure the levels of toxicity of heavy metals in the body. Intravenous chelation, oral chelation, and chelation through suppositories are various ways that can help clear heavy metals out of the body, plus vegetable juicing using cilantro in the mixture.

Aluminum is another prevalent metal found in cookware, aluminum foil, antiperspirant, antacids, paint, cosmetics, baking powder and some over the counter drugs. Aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer’s Disease. All toxic metals have adverse affect on our health.

Emotional and Spiritual Aspects to Healing:

The body is of the densest vibration in this dimension. The body is affected by thoughts, emotions, stress, nutrition, level of hydration, and the environment, including planetary alignment, sun flares and earth activity.

On my own healing journey and in my years of practice as a healer, I have had the experience and the privilege of witnessing people healing on the spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical levels. Besides cleansing and nutritional support, spiritual practices, emotional healing, working with the subconscious mind and re-educating belief systems that are without benefit, has helped greatly to heal me and others on all levels.

The first chakra ( root chakra ), the second chakra (the sacral chakra) and the third chakra (the solar plexus chakra), are energy centers associated with the bottom half of the torso. The fourth chakra (the heart chakra), the fifth chakra (the throat chakra), the sixth chakra (the brow chakra) and the seventh chakra (the crown chakra) are associated with the upper torso. In my experience, the issues corresponding to the first three chakras need to be addressed and healed first before the upper chakras can be further opened, healed and balanced. For example, safety issues need to be healed in order for the heart chakra to be opened. Issues around the first chakra are related to survival/ security issues including safety issues, support, money, shelter, food, to name a few. The primary emotion is of fear.

Issues associated with the second chakra are primarily related to sexuality and creativity.

Issues around the third chakra (which run through the transverse colon) are related to power, will and potency.

The first three chakras listed above, are associated with the lower torso where the colon resides. According to Louise Hay, author of “You Can Heal Your Life”, probable cause of dis-ease in the colon is the fear of letting go of the past; holding onto the past. Her suggested affirmation for this is “I easily release that which I no longer need. The past is over and I am free”.

Karol Truman, author of “Feelings Buried Alive Never Die” (revised and updated edition 2003), further delineates the issues of the three sections of the colon: Ascending: not being generous to yourself (need to be). Transverse: not being open/truthful to self and others. Descending: unable to be relaxed within yourself. Old belief systems are stored in the colon energetically. In my years as a Colon Hydrotherapist, I have seen over and over again when people verbalize what is challenging for them and also emote at the same time, the body releases much quicker and in copious amounts.

My own daily spiritual practices include meditation, prayers, blessings, and journaling. I journal to release and heal emotions and also to work with the subconscious mind with the tool of non-dominant handwriting (for a right hander, the non-dominant hand would be the left hand; for the left hander, the non-dominant hand would be the right hand) to access what is hidden and that I am not aware of. Through the process of non-dominant hand writing, the ego is bypassed and much information can be gathered from the right brain. Through this powerful yet simple tool, one can dialogue with the unconscious internal aspects of self, such as the inner child, the critic, the judge, the perfectionist, the controller, in order to uncover hidden issues so that they can be brought forth to be healed. What you uncover, discover, can be healed and transformed. What you are not aware of, runs your life. I dialogue with the internal aspects of self regarding the issues that need to be healed which include the first three chakra issues listed previously.

On my path and in my work of assisting others on their healing path, I have experienced and witnessed negative thoughts and challenging feelings affecting the body, which can create challenges in the body if they are not addressed and healed. In addition, a toxic body can also affect the brain, thinking and emotions. Hence, it is important to not only cleanse the body through therapies such as Colon Hydrotherapy, other cleanses and holistic healing therapies, but to work actively on a regular basis to clear emotional toxins, heal the related emotional traumas and spiritual and psychological wounds. Since there is zero separation of the spirit, mind and body, it is vital to address healing in all these areas. One can only become whole and healthy when there is conscious commitment to healing based on self love and self acceptance.

Through my own journey of healing, as I worked with cleansing my body, working with my emotional, psychological and spiritual healing, my body has shifted and healed dramatically. I have lived through a number of experiences, including anorexia nervosa at the age of 18 (down to 58 pounds), severe immune disorders, spinal surgery, plus severe breathing challenges in the lungs and nose and severe depression, all of which are now healed. Today, I am strong, healthy, vibrant and thriving with my own business assisting others to heal on all levels. I have much more joy, peace and balance in my life, for which I am very grateful. I continue to learn, heal, grow and evolve. I feel honored to be of service to others and to be able to make a contribution from the lessons of my experiences and completions.

Clara McComber was born in Hong Kong, In 1981, she moved to the United States to study music at the University of Redlands in California where she received her Bachelor of Music and Master of Music in Piano Performance. In 1991, due to severe health challenges related to the immune system, respiratory system and past traumas, Clara moved to Flagstaff, Arizona where she connected with holistic healers who were instrumental in assisting her journey to wellness. n 2000, with her health dramatically improved, Clara started her holistic healing practice, the Center for Radiant Health, based in Flagstaff, Arizona. Today, she is a teacher, speaker, intuitive healer and Certified Colon Hydro-therapist. Her intent is to be of service to others and to empower them to make changes and heal on all levels. Click here to see the original post:

Your Divinity and Your Personality, by Shelly Dressel.

Ultimately, this channel was taking the one from the first of this month (July 2011) about manifesting a million dollars to the next level. During this channel, the Goddess assisted each person in creating a deeper connection within them. From that connection, she was able to help show how to accept more of who you are. This can manifest in different ways. Sometimes it’s about being able to accomplish things. Other times it’s an inner awareness that goes beyond specific words.

Much of this channel consisted of the Goddess assisting people with discerning what is their divinity and what is personality. As she refers to personality, it’s that whole of what makes you human. Some may refer to this as their ego. Her point in bringing up the difference is for people to find within themselves which is which. When you build a life based on desires from your personality, it may feel disconnected, empty and shallow. When you recognize what your divinity is and what evolves from that it will feel rich, fulfilled, content and expanded.

In most people, it’s a combination; the key for you to discern is where is the foundation for the majority of your life, your intention or your awareness. She also assisted you in creating an alignment from your stream of consciousness through your I AM presence so that you could know more of who you are and what you have to draw from in terms of past experiences.

Therefore, when it comes to manifesting anything within your life, the stronger, more centered you are on a foundation of divinity; the greater your potentials and more expanded your manifestation.


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I send out my love to each one of you. I flow to you the essence of who I am, so that I may feel the alignment of who you are!

It is such a joy to be able to come and share this time with you. It feels as if there is so much happening, not only in the entire world, but within each one of you.

It feels as if everybody is shifting and moving at a much more accelerated pace than they have been in the past. This is in response to the ascension process, but it is also in response to the choices that you make within your life.

I invite everyone to take this moment and make a choice to feel relaxed, to let go whatever may be around you and allow yourself to think only of this moment. Think only of no breath, your consciousness and your intention to go where ever these energies may take you.

I always appreciate speaking a bit at the very beginning like this, because I can see you letting go the tension and the burdens that you carry around with you.

So now, as you are ready to do so, I invite you to take in one more deep breath breathing down within the center of your being and then as you breathe out; consciously let go your physical body. Allow your consciousness to release in such a way that it shifts into the space of the magnetic grid.

As it arrives here within this space let yourself feel what it is. This is the space where you connect with your higher self. This is the space where you allow an even greater amount of your divinity to link with you. Feel it and take it in for what it is to you. Some may have a perception of interlocking pathways; some may feel a space of pure consciousness.

As you are ready to do so, I invite you to let go the magnetic pull of the earth. I invite you to let your energies expand in such a way that you can feel the essence of the crystalline grid. As you allow yourself to merge within this space open to the feel the various shifts in consciousness and energy as they flow through here. Some may have a perception of the gradients and energy, others may just have a sense of it all, as one energy.

I invite you to shift once more; this time, allow yourself to shift into the space of the soul plane. Reach out for your divinity. As you have a sense of opening up the flow of your consciousness put forth the intention to link with your I AM presence.

As you feel this essence, as you feel this energy move within and around you, allow yourself to open to the perception of the many, many, many facets that make up who you are. As you allow your consciousness to shift in such a way you take in even more of the variances that have created who you are.

I the Goddess move in and amongst all of you. I reach out and embrace each one of you. As I do so, you will find yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is. As you arrive here within the All That Is, I invite you to let yourself fly as if you are flying free.

As you know this is a place of creation. This is a place where you can truly be who you are. You can practice various potentials. You can get to know the various aspects of not only this life but that make up your divinity.

As we are gathering within this space I’m listening to the various communications that you send to me.

There is much that I would like to speak with you about this evening. The last time that we work together, we worked on the steps that it would take to manifest $1 million. There was so much fun and excitement around that experience!

I gave you some steps that you can follow. I worked with your energy to assist in releasing whatever may be standing in the way and then by the end of the whole evening, I saw everybody in the space of collecting their million dollars up to 10 and 20 million. There were a number of people, who had decided to just think even bigger. This is by no means the only way to do this, it is but one.

So I wanted to come back and revisit this again with this journey this evening. I invite you to take in a deep breath, and as you do so reach out as if you are being handed --perhaps a check, perhaps a money order, perhaps the cash for $1 million, and as you take this into your hand let yourself feel, whatever it is, that goes through you.

Allow yourself to tap into even more deeply what this experience is for you. The vast majority of you are now very comfortable with this amount of money. So I would like to take this in a couple of different directions this evening.

One of the things that I would like to speak with you about is what might be divine thoughts or divine actions versus those that are based in your ego. Now, through Shelly we sometimes we refer to your ego as your personality. If I speak either one of those they are intended to be interchangeable, because when we speak of one’s personality everyone knows they get a feel for what that is about that individual. When we speak of one’s ego, it is sometimes associated in a negative connotation or as a limited connotation.

And so for the purpose of what we are doing we will call your personality or your ego that part of you that is your human existence.

As you take in a deep breath and you let your focus go within your heart center allow yourself to be here in the space of the All That Is and really truly know and feel your divinity.

Now for this next step, some of you may have a specific sense or idea and others may have just a very vague sense. But I would like you to have a sense of turning around and looking back at your divinity. As you do this I invite you to follow your energies as if through a stream of consciousness so that you may link with your I AM presence.

As you do so, ask to know what some of your lifetimes may have been. Again it may be a general sense of knowledge, it may be specific. If you are coming up blank then take in a deep breath with me, [Deep breath] and as I breathe through I’d clear out the energies and invite you to once more look towards this space and be open to truly feel the alignment with your divinity.

Many of you feel this as a wash of love. You feel it as a wash of strength. You may see or sense it in other manners. It is important for you to be open and acknowledge who you are at your core being.

As you consider things in your daily life, consider yourself as you are walking through your life. You are very conscious of the aspects of the elements that come in as your divinity. As you consider some of the accomplishments in your life, there may be a part of you that has a sense of feeling; “I did it, I accomplished my goal and I did it”.

I invite you to go to that place in your life when you’ve had that feeling. As you do so in this moment in time, as you are in that space of alignment, open up and for some it may feel as if you are peeling away a couple of layers but peel away until you get down to your core being and when you align with this accomplishment; let yourself have a sense of your foundation was it to your divinity or was it based in your personality. For many it’s a blend of the two and often times it’s difficult to discern one from the other.

So, I invite you to consider again; perhaps it’s an accomplishment, but consider a time in your life in which you succeeded. Perhaps you won at a game, perhaps you won an award. Who knows what it may be. But consider a time in which you were acknowledged for your accomplishment and it felt good but perhaps there was something lacking.

The question here is; did it feel like whatever you are seeking had its foundation in your personality or your ego aspect as opposed to your divinity? There is a difference. I know how much all of you have been very dedicated upon your personal journey. You have chosen what you seek to have. You have chosen to create a greater alignment with your divinity. You have chosen to move to the ascension process in whatever form that may mean to you.

Let us consider accomplishments that you may seek to have in your everyday life. Think of yourself in the life that you are living and think of some of the things. Let’s start with that you may already have. Are there perhaps many either materialistic or things outside of yourself that you surround yourself with?

Let me be very clear upfront that there is absolutely nothing wrong with having lots of material things around you. It’s a glorious way for you to experience life; and I believe that everybody should have as much of whatever it is that they seek to have. Now having said that let’s come back around to the things that you have within your life.

As you consider some of them, does it give you a sense of accomplishment or does it align with you within your heart center and within your divinity as it manifests in your physical being? Now you may say; “it all feels the same” and that’s fine.

Continue to go through your life, perhaps think of some of the accomplishments that you’ve had. Have their perhaps been things that you have accomplished or experienced and you did so because it would give you perhaps a certain status or perhaps it would give you the job you are seeking, the home you wish to have? My purpose here is for you to consider the things that you have manifested or that you have wanted and when you tap into these energies you can feel the difference.

This is an alignment with me when I am in my connection to divinity and then other things that you have done or accomplished, and it feels somewhat disconnected from you. It feels like something you did and you enjoyed it and it was just what you wanted, but it left you feeling empty or perhaps alone and lonely. Whenever you have accomplished something that you were seeking to have and it leads you with a sense of emptiness, loneliness or disconnect, then you have shifted away from your divinity and into your personality.

As you consider whatever it is that you seek to have, is it something that makes you joyous and happy from within your inner being or is it something that you feel is going to make you happy once you get there? It is sometimes very difficult to ascertain the differences.

I would therefore invite you to begin to practice asking yourself that question. Do I want this because it’s in alignment with my divinity and my soul choice? You may at first get the, I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know answer. You may always get that answer. But my sense is that the more you ask that question of yourself with the pure intention of awareness you will begin to discern very easily: is this based in my divinity, or is based in my ego and personality?

You may find as you begin to create an even deeper alignment with your divinity through this exercise that you manifest even greater material things within your life.

Let’s come back around to that million dollars that we’ve been talking about for this month, of money, meaning July 2011. As you are here within your divinity and as you link with your human self upon the earth, I invite you to again step into that space of the money that I handed you just a bit go.

With this greater clarity, what is your sense of having this money within your money, within your money field, ha-ha within your energy field?

I am noticing that a number of you recognize that you have barriers in place because manifesting a large amount of money is not divine or manifesting this amount of money is materialistic and that’s a negative thing.

So even though you may want it in a part of you there is another part of you equally strongly putting on the brakes and throwing up barriers. So breathe down deeply within yourself and as you do so have a sense of clearing out any resistance, clear out belief that no longer work for you, clear out any obstructions that you may have.

If you seek to have a greater understanding of the alignment between this value or this amount of money then reach in to your I AM presence. I can guarantee that every single one of you at one point or another throughout this stream of your consciousness has had riches beyond what you could imagine.

So, you have already done this. You already have it set up and available to you as a support mechanism. Breathe deeply inviting the flow of that support and inviting the flow of that energy to come up within you creating a greater foundation within you.

I am going to shift gears and ask you another question. Has there ever been an occasion within your life in which you thought you were capable of amazing things? Perhaps it was a creativity within you, perhaps it’s your intelligence, perhaps it’s your ability to organize, who knows what it may be.

But is there anything within your life that you’ve considered and then perhaps it was when you were growing up and your parents said this or perhaps you yourself have said this, ”Oh, that’s okay, lots of people can do that.” In other words, you downplay your ability.

Perhaps another phrase that you may have used with yourself or someone have may have used with you is “you’re egotistical if you think that”. And again that time I use the word ego because you all know what it means.

Here within the space of the All That Is, I invite you to look within your heart and think about these things within your life, these times when you truly are magnificent, these times when you are immense in your energies. Think about it and I invite you to be completely honest with yourself and accept that; yes, that is you and yes, you have that ability.

As you move through your days and you ask yourself that question, ‘is this divinity or is this ego or personality’? In particular, when it comes to these things or maybe one thing, whatever it may be that is unique to you and that you know makes you special then I invite you to open an feel the flow, feel it as it washes through you, feel what it is to acknowledge this within.

I see in so many of you right now that it’s almost a relief to acknowledge it because it is as if there is something inside of you that has been wanting to make itself known, that has been wanting to get your attention, but because you are either being humble or you didn’t want to make more of yourself, you ignored it and you pushed it down.

This is your opportunity to let that come up, let it come out [Deep breath] and let it pour forth from you. Again, what a relief this is! As I look at you I see so many of you coming into your own. I see you acknowledging who you are and accepting your ability. This is not always something easy for you to do. Some of you may think it comes with responsibilities or it comes with attachments. What I believe can assist you in all aspects of your life is for you to open, recognize what this is and accept it as yourself.

As you accept this within, you are acknowledging something that you put forth as your divinity before you came into and you’ve lived this life. You need not tell another single person about this. It is yours, it is private, it is you, about you, for you, because it is you.

If you connect with something within you and it feels hollow, it doesn’t feel like it’s your own, I invite you to ask that question. Is this divinity or is it personality?

You may find that some of those things that you have taken on are based in personality as opposed to divinity and therefore you can let it go. If you have self-imposed responsibilities or actions and you can recognize that it’s really not here as a means of supporting your divinity, you can let it go.

As you consider actions that you may be taking or aspects of your life that you are perhaps living because someone else expects it of you, you can let it go. Now, if there’s something that someone else expects and you choose to have that and you recognize that it comes from your divinity, that’s a completely different story. But, if they are actions that you are taking perhaps the life you are living and it is based on someone else’s choice and desire, I invite you to let that go.

As you take ownership of who you are you grow in your divinity and you grow in your awareness. As you accept this person that you have always secretly thought you are and these abilities within yourself that you thought, “yes, that is something I can do” and you take it on, you blend it within you, you recognize that “this is being true to myself”, then feel how much you grow.

Sometimes it may be difficult to let go of someone else’s expectations of you, but you will find that the more that you are connected within your divinity, the more that you are living your life from that space of honoring who you are; then these other things will fall away from you and you will find that it will be without trauma and without difficulty.

I am especially excited about what is taking place tonight! I believe in all of you and I believe that as you step into your divinity so very completely, that the joy will emanate from you. You will be at peace. You will be content with all that is happening within your life. And as for the million dollars, it will easily expand into as much or as little as you would like.

As you are living your lives over the next several weeks, I invite you to do whatever it is you need to do so that you may be true to who you are. If you don’t know who you are then, begin by asking; “does this create joy within my heart as I take these steps or this action?” Another question you may ask yourself, “What is it that makes me feel happy when I contemplate doing it?”

The direction to help you find out what is soul driven is by following those things that assist you to feel happy, excited, content or expanded.

Right now, I invite you to look around. Look around, not only here in the space of the All That Is, but look around at your life on earth from the perspective of the All That Is. Are there things that you would like to shift? Do so now with the intention that it will be easier for you to do it in your daily life.

As you consider all that is happening ask yourself the question; “is this my divinity, or is this my personality?” I see many of you flying around, expanding, playing with energies, moving in many, many different directions.

I invite you all to come back as a group. If you seek to return here to play by all means do so but for now, as you come back as a group, look around at each other and as you do so, see them from the eyes of your divinity.

~~ Ansaluia ~~ As you consider that word, you are expanding your own divinity; you are acknowledging your divinity and you are looking at the others around you and seeing them as their divinity. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s what leads life or it’s what allows life to continue to grow.

So, coming up with in the midst of all of you is the hologram of both the earth and the new earth. As you consider who you are from your divinity, and who you are in your everyday life, I invite you to send that flow into the hologram. As this flow continues to move down, let yourself feel or sense the empowered movement of energy as it comes through you. The hologram itself begins to radiate light. Some of this light is filled with color; other is just a pure white light.

These holograms once they are filled up begin to shift. They move through space, that which is aligned with the new earth shifts to the crystalline grid out towards the new earth and the hologram of your earth moves down to the energy of your physical world. It moves into the center of the earth itself.

It links with the crystals that make up the center. It links with the other dimensions in energies and begins to emanate out from the center of the earth and as this is emanating outward it comes up through the earth.

It comes up in such a way that it assists in shifting the collective consciousness; it also comes up from the earth into your physical body. I invite you as you feel this energy, recognize that this is you! It is you as your divinity. It is you being filled up with the knowledge of who you are and the potential for who you are and where you can go.

Let it wash over you and then you send it out from you into your community, into the ethers, into the magnetic grid and that is another means of creating an energy field that will support you.

As you allow your consciousness to return once more to the All That Is, I invite you to consider how you are already feeling yourself become grounded. Know that you can come back here at any time and practice recognizing what is your divinity and what is personality.

Take with you all that you are and allow yourself to shift so that you may go back into the soul plane. As you come within this space, look at your divinity. There may be even more that you discern about who you are. Allow yourself to shift. Perhaps there is a greater amount of your divinity that will stay here within this space but as much as is in alignment with you, will come with you.

You move through the energies of the crystalline grid, you feel yourself in that crystalline vibration as if amplifying and creating an alignment that will help you in manifesting within your life.

You move through there into the magnetic grid. As you move through the magnetic grid you feel the magnetic pull of the earth. You feel yourself coming back down within your physical body.

Allow yourself to expand as much as you need to, so that you can flow your consciousness, so that you may flow your awareness within and around who you are right now at this moment. As you allow yourself to adjust, take a moment and ask yourself; “here I am back on earth, back in my physical reality, what about me is unique or perhaps special or perhaps the greatest reflection of my divinity?” Allow yourself to accept that this is you.

Allow yourself to accept the immensity of who you can be and as you create an alignment that becomes stronger and stronger within you, you find that so much manifests around you. Perhaps it manifests in a physical way, perhaps in relationships, perhaps it’s in finding satisfaction, peace or contentment. Be open and allow for everything to flow within and around you.

And we thank everybody. For those of you still in the queue, we apologize that we were unable to help you this evening or get to your question but know that if you go inside and as you continue to expand in this way that we’ve been speaking of that many of you will get the answers yourself and you do probably have some insights already, but trust in yourself, trust in your transformation, trust in this ever growing awareness.

Know that you are not alone, that you are always connected, not only to your own divinity but you are connected to the Angels, the guides, myself and the All That Is.

I am ever with you.


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