Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Change is a Loving Friend (Quado/Carrie Hart)

When confusion sadly comes, step into it, be within it as within a fog, knowing that fog always clears and confusion always ends.

There is no reason to even wonder why it comes across you from time to time.  It is simply a part of life to sometimes see a long vista stretching out ahead with a clear path across it and other times to wander lost in the forest, the fog heavy and damp, the leaves dripping with tears.

Remember always that the fog will clear, the forest will end and another day will come when you stand at the edge of the forest and see the meadow ahead, with the valley full of fruit trees, dripping with abundance and beauty.

But look now, across the fertile valley.  Over this way, there is a great mountain, its snowcapped peak hidden in the clouds.  And someday, you may choose to take a deep breath, leave the valley and begin to climb, simply because you heard it call your name. 

And there, over that way, is another forest, dark and foggy, leading into mystery.  And someday, without quite knowing why, you may choose to fill your heart with courage and enter this forest, simply because you feel that it is time for you to do so.

For this is life.  Change, growth, evolution, becoming, and always, always, movement.  And even if you sit down under the tree and choose not to move, the world will change around you, the golden pears will fall, the winter storms will come and go, and one day fragrant blossoms will spring out on the branches, telling of the bounty to come.

It is natural to hunger for stability and safety, but it is not, ultimately, why you are here.  The luscious meadow, the high mountain and the foggy forest are all a part of the experience, this great adventure we call life.

Remember always that change is a loving friend who believes in you deeply, who challenges you to live from your heart, who knows your vast courage, and who trusts you to reach into yourself and find all that you truly are, right now.

Welcome, my dear friend.  Take my hand and lead me.  I am ready to take that step.


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