Friday, March 27, 2009

On Learning How To Flow

In an inter-dimensional world, you can't set a goal. You can't set it because without time, you don't have a linear road. If you were traveling around the inside of a giant balloon, where would be your goal, the other side? It never ends. Right away, that makes it difficult for the Human mind to accept. Your eyes are wide open, but you can't see anything that makes sense. What's the answer? Learn how to "see" beyond the limitation of this non-existent road. This involves intuition, intent, and learning about what a Spiritual Map is like. Meanwhile, you construct your own goals of where you "think" Spirit may be taking you. That's the biggest mistake to begin with. Spirit sees all roads as one. When you decide in advance where you think you are going, many of you will be "stuck" on your own road, not allowing Spirit to change your predisposed ideas of "who you are," and moving you to the road that is your best potential future. Then you'll feel you have been betrayed, or that "nobody is home" upstairs. It's a classic example of Human perception getting in the way of Spiritual enlightenment. -Kryon.

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