Friday, March 27, 2009

Physical Encounters

I was surfing the web when I stepped into this message, posted by Shirley Swift on the Hummingbird Healing Centre website...


I was intrigued by a statement of a gentleman, whom I had not physically met. He wrote: "It said that the very act of viewing electrons and protons on a micro basis, altered the behavior of those elements of matter. Those same physicists have claimed to have proven that once any two quantum particles have interacted, they can subsequently influence each other no matter how widely they are separated. In other words, if two electrons interact in a lab and one stays in the lab and the other ends up in outer space somewhere, anything that affects the one in the lab, will immediately affect the other in outer space! That requires instant communication beyond the speed of light. Recent experiments have confirmed that this is the way the subatomic quantum world functions. NOW, that suggests a truism on a human behavior level between two enlightened souls. When something affects one soul, the other soul, with which it was previously entwined is also immediately affected!"
My reaction was agreement with the exception of changing his words of choice "WAS PREVIOUSLY" to my words of choice "IS CONTINUALLY" as it applies to humans. Quantum particles are without emotional limitations and can readily interact.
I am implying that in talking about a human mind/body/spirit connection that transcends distance, it is human preferences that impede this sort of connection. The key towards enlightened communication: unconditional acceptance and open-minded response.
Assuming both you the reader, and I, the writer are enlightened beings, my offering this information on this site, your reading this, has touched each of our thought patterns and set off a chain reaction. At least on some subatomic level we have connected... and will remain so - to whatever capacity we open ourselves.

Love and Light,

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