Friday, March 27, 2009

On Losses -by Luciana Stiglich.

This is something I wrote last year. As I'm currently working on a Grieving Healthy Meditation Program, I'd like to post it here in case it can be of help.
My last patient for the day had just left, with me thinking on how amazing patients that come to us are usually dealing with something we too are having a difficulty with at that point. We talked about something I had been trying to avoid, until I understood it could be of help to both to talk about it. I think it has to do with every event having a lesson for the ones involved. Healing is always a two-way road.

Today's issue had to do with loosing somebody we love and the emotional process of accepting the loss. It didn't have to do with learning the don'ts. It actually had to do with learning how-to-hurt.

Grief, pain, frustration, anger, sadness, separateness and loneliness can be horrible things to live, especially when they come tied together, but we have to give us permission to feel that pain in order for it to leave us once it has been fully experienced. We have to connect to that feeling and then let it go. Otherwise, we just accumulate the hurt and turn it into an expectation: I was hurt, I will be hurt again.

Getting in touch with our feelings can sometimes be a painful journey, but very necessary in the healing process. We have to give our emotions the time and space they need to adapt to the new situation and that time and space varies according to each of us. Emotions being our compass, they are a solid foundation built as a result multiple experiences. When something hurts us deeply, this foundation, these bricks, turn into swift ballons to let us rearrange them into the new situation. This transformation is what takes us through shock, denial, and disorientation before we can firmly begin placing all the bricks back into their new positions.

Knowing never takes the pain away, but it helps, somehow: On more subtle bodies, there are Light Cords that grow from each of us and reach to the ones we Love. Those cords are fed with all the experiences we share while we exist together. As time is something very relative in our finite minds, it is difficult for us to understand that there are really no linears, everything is never-starting, never-ending circular, and from that point we never loose anybody. Love is eternal. Having experienced it once, it remains sealed in our soul, helping it to develop and expand, increasing and improving our perception of ourselves and the universe as the magnificent creations each are.

Love is not related to a physical body, we can recall it in our memories for as long as we need to. It is part of ourselves as much as we are a part of others. It helps us to keep on moving. It helps us grow.

I couldn't help being sad I couldn't give my patient enough comfort because of our physical limitations; I couldn't merge and hold her heart while it all unfolded naturally, even though I wished I could. I could be there for her though. So gave her some floral essences, told her about some stones, used Angel cards for guidance and tried to help her remember that "always" does exist as a cozy place full of memories, experiences and lessons shared with those we love inside our soul.

From that point of Love, we can never be apart.

In Service,

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