Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bach Foundation Teachers Programme 2009

Title: Bach Foundation Teachers Programme 

Where: Bach Centre

When: 8th & 9th July 2009

Cost: £427.70

Further information:

Open to: UK Bach Foundation Registered Practitioners; some BFRPs in non-BIEP countries; contact stefan@bachcentre. com for full eligibility information.

What's it about?

Lynn Macwhinnie, the BFTP trainer, explains:

"I absolutely love delivering training and speaking to groups and audiences and aim to ensure it is informative and inspiring - in fact I am in the throes of creating my power-point presentation for a congress in Holland later this month. The reason I mention this is to give a context to what I am about to write. 

"In my view, we have to do what we love; what makes our soul-sing and resonates with the people we interact with. It does not matter whether we do this on a one-to-one basis, to small group, big groups, huge audiences - it all has the same intrinsic value - we are spreading the word about Dr Bach's wonderful legacy. 

"Without exception on every level 3 practitioner programme there are people who ask me how can they go on to teach or speak to groups about Dr Bach's work. The answer is: anyone can. The repeated question was one of the reasons the Bach Foundation Teachers Programme (BFTP) was established a few years ago. It is mainly for UK practitioners, but there are occasions when international practitioners have been eligible for the BFTP because the Bach International Education Programme (BIEP) is not available in their home country. 

"BFTP is the pathway to teaching the Bach Centre approved introductory course on Bach Flower Remedies; although if you do not want to or don't have the time to deliver ongoing programmes; that is fine. Because what you experience and learn in attending the BFTP at the Bach Centre, will hold you in good stead for those talks or short workshop taster sessions that can be part of marketing your practice in reaching prospective clients. 

"If you have been thinking of teaching or speaking to groups locally but haven't yet got around to it - ask yourself what is stopping you moving forward? Is it lack of time to plan and prepare? Not knowing who to approach? Lack of confidence? Uncertainty? (There are remedies for that!). Remember, as a BFRP you are already teaching clients about the remedies, the skill set is there - it might just benefit from being buffed up a bit if you want to teach in a wider forum. And of course some of you already have more formal teaching experience to draw on. The level of entry to BFTP is open - it is your passion and commitment to furthering Dr Bach's work that counts.

"I will be facilitating the next BFTP in the summer (it happens only once a year). The garden will be lovely - and participants will discover what is involved in creating teaching sessions, showcase their skills, receive feedback, and observe and learn from each other too. We will look at where you might find teaching opportunities through your own (and often unrealised) networks; how to promote yourselves; and the support and resources available to you from the Bach Centre in getting your classes off the ground. 

"If you want to focus on giving short talks the 2 days at the Bach Centre can be complete in itself, giving you pointers on enhancing your delivery, structure and content. If you want to go on the rest of the BFTP journey then there is an inclusive mentored process to follow (with BFRP and Trainer Maggie Evans) as you create your own plans and gather teaching hours.

"It is a pretty busy and intense couple of days, but also fun; plus you get to make more Bach friends and widen your network of contacts and mutual support, and of course take away plenty of ideas, insights and inspiration. I look forward to seeing you there!

"If you have any queries do contact me or Stefan at the Bach Centre."

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