Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Being that which is ideal

Think on This ...

Know that the purpose for which each soul enters a material experience is that it may be as a light unto others; not as one boastful of self or of self's abilities in any phase of the experience, whether mental or material, but living, being in spirit that which is ideal and not idealistic alone, nor the unattainable.
For, as He hath given--if ye would know the Spirit, or God, search for Him; for happy ye will find Him.
Thus--in that consciousness of daily living and being that which is in keeping with the ideal--life and its problems becomes not a burden, but opportunities--for the greater expressions and expansions of self in knowing that as ye sow daily the fruit of the spirit, ye need not worry nor fret thyself as to its growth. God giveth the increase. Hence be not weary in well-doing.

Edgar Cayce Reading 641-6

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