Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gaia Wisdom: Keeping Spiritual Faith in Uncertain Times (Pepper Lewis)

Dear Humanity,
    Breathe deeply, family of Gaia and know that you are one. Yes, still one and undivided, in spite of the steady stream of news to the contrary. Why then, such a decline in trust? Why is your breath shallow and your step hesitant? What shelf have you placed your gentle hearts upon as you moved into the background of your own life? Allow your true self to come forward now, even slightly so that you will feel the warmth of my words from within. Allow me to bypass, even temporarily, the exterior shell of your intellect. Let the soothing salve of Spirit penetrate the personality's fears and objections. Know that all is well, and as usual, not everything is at is seems. If you have taken these words to heart in the past, and proven them correct even once, know that they are even truer today.
    In what region does your peace dwell, do you remember? Did you ever find peace in the morning headlines or the evening news? Who was the last person to greet you with good news? Think and remember, so that you will be present with my sentience in this moment that stirs the echoes of life within. Take a moment to find your pulse. Count to 10 once and then again. Emerge from your hiding place and into the light as I shield you from winter's cold.
    There are principles and truths that guide every era and moment including this one, and they have not been lost or misplaced. The Universal Laws that uphold this world are not those of men, yet men abide by them and imitate them by creating laws of their own. The active principles that give these laws shape and form are also powerful and creative builders of life. Draw strength from this as a new world struggles to birth itself with precepts that are just and balanced. As part of that new world you too must birth a more expansive and perfected self; one that is better aligned and has greater vision and purpose.
    This transformation is taking place within you and also within the earth. Like a storm, it is almost at full strength now, so you must secure yourself to the mast that is Spirit, and hold tight until the storm passes and the waters become calm once again. Do not be surprised by the eventualities of the day as they are temporary; one day need not define the next unless your belief insists that it does. The world must redefine itself now and restore value to life. Until it restores the value in life there will be less value in other things.
    More than ever it is time to engage life fully, calling upon the quality within all things to demonstrate not to you, but through you. Spirit and spirituality is not something you are or do when you are with others of like mind, it is what you become in the smallest and tightest of moments when hope and humanity dangle from the precipice upon which you both stand. Stand firmly and yield not to small thoughts and obsolete beliefs.
    This is an excellent time to experiment with your 'will'. It originates in the soul and not in the intellect, so you will need to find it and activate it if you have not done so already. The will is the true director of purpose; it is the part of you that is most like YOU. Your will keeps you engaged in life; it is what links you to the sacred and reminds you that life is what you are and not what you do. Your will reflects an attitude that represents your wholeness, regardless of what condition the individual parts are in. When you are uncertain as to your next step ask (and then allow) your will to direct the next moment. You will note an almost immediate difference in what transpires next.
    Your ideas regarding Spirit and Spirituality must also be observed and broadened or narrowed depending what governs them. Follow your thoughts as you think about feeling spiritual. If a position of obligation arises from within or without, then it may be appropriate to broaden your stance. True spirituality is an idea about the essence of things. It is one of the few principles of truth that does not require factual proof. It does not rely on somebody or something because it is already essential in nature.
    Spirituality is not an obligation; it is a mindful practice that binds the sacred to the mundane. You are always the embodiment of Spirit, therefore you are always spiritual, even when you do not think or feel that you are. Trust and entrust yourself to the process that is unfolding. When the duality of two minds forces the moment to become unbalanced, trust your will to return you to the field where centered thoughts have remained unhindered by the chaotic spin of the outer world. I will be there to welcome you and to keep you there as long as possible until you return.

 ~ Gaia.

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