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79, the Noosphere Constant and the 441 Cube Matrix

441 Cube Base Matrix

In Rinri Newsletter III. Vol. 3, No. 3, we introduced the 441 Cube Matrix and the Master Cube Order of Fourth Dimensional Time. In subsequent issues we elaborated a bit more on the meaning and nature of this matrix and the related templates that constitute the Book of Numbers. We now present an example of the use the 441 base matrix as part of a program for the study of prophecy and a new science of consciousness.

In this context, prophecy is a function of a mathematically structured order of consciousness whose prime method of organization is a matrix of 21 x 21. Investigation of the interrelationships of the number sequences within the various overlays of this matrix as they describe different dimensions of reality and states of mind within the synchronic order define the new science of consciousness.

Before going into a description of the nature and structure of the base matrix, we would like to amplify on the significance of 79, and by that means introduce ourselves into the workings of the master system, the 441.

First of all 441—matrix of 21 X 21 - is considered to be the minimal fractal order to represent the unity of totality. For practical purposes this means any number can be located on the 441 matrix, even if it is greater than 441. The number 20 is considered the factor of totality, while 20 + 1 or 21, is the unity of totality. 41, as noted, the difference between 400 (20 squared) and 441(21 squared), is called the interval of God. So 441 is the matrix of the unity of totality.

For any number greater than 441, divide that number by 441, the remainder—which should be 441 or less - will be the base matrix unit (BMU) of that number. Or if it is a number over 9261—21 cubed—you can divide the number by 9261, or multiples of 9261. The remainder will give you either a number less or more than 441. If it is more than 441 but less than 9261, than that is the cube index of that number, i.e., indicating its location in the 21 x 21 x 21 cube or 21 layers of 441. You then divide that number by 441 and get your BMU.

Let us take the numbers of the psi bank for example and see how the prime factor of 79 is the noosphere constant.

The number of psi chrono units in one psi bank plate (the foundational structure of the noosphere) is 520, that is, 260 units for the northern hemisphere and 260 for the southern. 520 - 441 = 79. That qualifies 79 as the base matrix unit (BMU) for the noosphere, or the noosphere constant. There are four such plates that govern the noosphere: 520 x 4 = 2080 psi chrono units that constitute the noosphere psi bank.

To demonstrate the consistency of the noosphere constant, let us find the BMU for 2080.

441 goes into 2080 four times - 441x 4 = 1764. Then subtract 1764 from 2080, the result = 316, or 79 x 4. Hence, the BMU in the 441 matrix for 2080 is 316. (For complete details about the psi bank, see Earth Ascending, A Treatise on the Law Governing Whole Systems, (1984, 1996). The position of 316 in the base matrix is coordinate Vertical 12 (V12) Horizontal 17 (H17). In the Holomind perceiver matrix codes, this 316 (79 x 4) position falls precisely on the 79th UR Harmonic rune, whose significance is “Tree of cosmic fire generates planet mind.” In other words it is the 79th rune that specifically denotes the noosphere whose BMU is 79! (Note, as will be detailed in time, there are six new rune strands with 48 new UR runes, whose numbering runs from 65 to 112, and which code the corpus callosum of the Holomind perceiver, itself a function of the 441 matrix).

One other note: On the 13 Moon calendar, October 24, Self-existing Moon 7, is the 91st day of the solar-galactic year and also known as a “noospheric pause.” This means the exact 79 year interval between the economic crashes occurred on 91st day, the first of the four days that mark a noospheric pause in the 13 moon calendar (the other days are the 182nd, the 273rd and the 364th, all 91 days apart). The sum of the four noospheric constants occurring at each of these 91 day interval pauses = 316 (79 x4), 316 being the total psi bank base matrix unit.

The crash of the world markets on October 24, 2008 and the beginning of the sustained world recession, 79 years to the day to the famous 1929 crash, was truly a message of the Noosphere occurring during the first noospheric pause of the 13 Moon year. Time is up for the 12:60! This is the message of the noosphere. Time to move forward mentally and spiritually and evolve our intelligence, our logic and our awareness.

We might next examine some features of the number of the noosphere constant, 79. Why 79? First of all it is a prime number. It is 78 + 1. (1 +2 +3 … + 12 = 78) + 1 or (13 x 6 = 78) + 1. According to Rashad Khalifa, there are 79 mystic—al-muqattat—letters prefacing 29 (of 114) suras of the Quran (he counts the NuN of Sura 68 as two letters). The kin number equivalent 79, is Blue Magnetic Storm, solar seal code 19, Wavespell 7, 19 and 7 being the two key numbers coding the Quran and the Harmonic Module (Tzolkin). In the vigesimal code, 79 is written 3.19 = 60 (3x 20) + 19. And in simple numerology, 79 = 7 +9 = 16 = 1+6 = 7.

Taking Kin 79, Blue Magnetic Storm to represent the Noospheric frequency, and the Storm wavespell as the wavespell of the noosphere—wavespell of regeneration—it is especially significant that it is also the seventh wavespell, for seven is the number of cosmic creation. Note also that the kin numbers of the seventh wavespell run from 79—noosphere constant—through 91, number of the noospheric pause.

Taking the wavespells as an evolutionary/planetary sequence, note the progression of the first six wavespells: GK Neptune (Dragon), SP Maldek (Wizard), GK Earth (Hand) and GK Pluto (Sun) (Red Castle). Then come the two Martian wavespells: SP Mars (Skywalker) and GK Mars (World Bridger). While the Red Castle establishes the Alpha (Dragon 1) and Omega (Sun 20), between them being the Maldek Wizard’s redemption, and the galactic karmic Earth to be redeemed, the second Castle establishes the Martian prophecy and disorder that preceded civilization on Earth, followed then by the second Plutonian wavespell, SP Pluto (Storm). The regenerative Plutonian wavespell, is then succeeded by the second (SP) Earth Wavespell, the Human.

This means that the advent of the noosphere (Storm wavespell 7) is the redemption of the Martian karma now playing out on the world stage (both Barak Obama and John McCain are 4 Skywalkers—as is Bill Clinton). Once the noosphere is established, then the genuine Human, (wavespell eight) may be established on Earth.

The noosphere constant, 79, also has its relation to the biomass constant 73: 73 x 5 = 365, there are 73 chromatics per solar orbit and 73 260-day cycles per 52 solar rings-Sirius B cycles, or one solar galactic cycle.

In relation to the Biomass constant the noosphere constant represents an increase of a frequency of 6. Note the features of number 6—1+2 …+6 = 21, base factor of the 441 matrix. There are 21 possibilities to a throw of the dice, six being the number of the sides of a cube, the perfect primary geometrical form; while six also refers to the allegorical six days of creation.

Also in regard to the numbers 73 (biomass constant) and 79 (noosphere constant) in relation to the supreme master bio-solar telepath, Pacal Votan, it is worth mentioning that the sections that deal specifically with him in the Telektonon prophecy, Section XI (The Prophecy of the Seven Generations) ends with verse 73, and Section XII (Time’s Special Witness) ends with verse 79 (as noted above).

While the 73rd 52 year cycle (long count 1366560 to 1385540), coincides with Pacal Votan’s supreme moment of supermental synchronization with the solar logos, hence establishing the biosphere as a function of the solar ring, the 79th such cycle (long count 1499420 to 1518400) begins in 995, just four years before Quetzalcoatl’s departure across the Eastern Sea, prophesying his return. The end of the 79th cycle in the year 1047—time of the rise of the Ife civilization in Nigeria - occurs at the 20-year mark of the first 60-year Kalachakra Cycle, the sixteenth of which ended in 1987, the Harmonic Convergence of both the Kalachakra and Quetzalcoatl prophecies—and hence, the commencement of the biosphere-noosphere transition.

As the formal geometrical power of 6, the cube is a pure mental construct, the “crown of creation,” or philosopher’s stone. When this cube (6) is added to the biomass constant (73) it yields the noosphere constant of 79. The noosphere is the cosmic cube that crowns creation, represented by the biomass constant. This is a spiritual mental construct that is “added” to the creation, transforming it into the noosphere. 73 + 79 = 152 or 19 x 8, the frequency of kin 152, the Solar Human, the outcome and culminating oracle of the last year of the Mystery of the Stone, the new Homo Noosphericus.

The 79-year interval between the fall and the rise and then the fall again of the world banking system is but a brief and fitful moment in the standards of cosmic history. The 79-year noospheric constant cycle between October 24, 1929, and October 24, 2008 amounts to = 28835 days (365 x 79) + 19 leap days = 28854 days. That is just 54 days more than the number of days in a four-katun cycle.

4 katuns (7200 x 4 = 80 x 360-day tuns) = 28800 days. That is the number of the harmonic of polar light (288) multiplied by 100. That is significant because it indicates that the noosphere constant is the function of the harmonic of polar light (288, also the base factor in the mass value of the God Particle).

The 79-year interval is precisely 4 katuns plus 54 days. 54 is the frequency of the White Lunar Wizard. Note that White Lunar Wizard and Red Lunar Moon are both gateway kin, separated by 195 kin or fifteen wavespells. 195 is the frequency of kin 195, Cosmic Eagle, the lost generation when it was the Red Lunar Moon Year, 1994-95. We see here a transfer of power from the White Lunar Wizard, the year preceding the present year of the Blue Electric Storm, the 91st day of which was the Red Lunar Moon.

Of course if we count back 54 days from Red Lunar Moon (kin 249) October 24 to get the precise moment of the four katun cycle completion October 24, 1929 = 28800 days, we arrive at Kin 195, Blue Cosmic Eagle! That date occurred on Lunar Moon 9 (August 31), a new moon. This means that the reference to the G-7 overflowing its banks on the Red Lunar Moon. a prophecy that was received in reference to the Red Lunar Moon year, coded by the lost generation of the Cosmic Eagle, has been truly fulfilled.

In this elucidation of the meaning of the perfect 79-year interval between “black Friday,” October 24, 1929 and “black Friday” October 24 2008, we may see how prophecy is a function of a mathematically structured order of consciousness whose prime method of organization is a matrix of 21 x 21

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