Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gemini New Moon: It's all about friendship

New Moon

New Moon in Gemini

Gemini New Moon:
The Healing Power of Friendship
by Simone Butler

Spock and KirkThis week I shelled out $9 to see the new Star Trek film. Since I grew up watching the original series, I have a fondness for Kirk, Spock and the rest of the crew. And, because it debuted during the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius, I knew the movie would have something meaningful to say about our collective experience at this time.

The new Star Trek is full of adventure (Jupiter), near escapes from death (Neptune), old wounds getting healed (Chiron) and warp-speed technology (Aquarius). But its core theme revolves around the life-long bond between the two main characters, Kirk and Spock.Aquarius rules friendship. A sociable air sign, Aquarius brings together diverse people who share a common bond of humanity (even if they are part Vulcan!).

Gemini is also a bright, social air sign. The New Moon in Gemini on May 24 (5:11 a.m. Pacific Time), with its beautiful trine to the North Node in Aquarius, brings home the message of the healing power of friendship. This is especially true since the New Moon takes place during the exact Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction from May 23-27.

The Gemini New Moon urges us to acknowledge and give thanks for those who are there for us--our tribe. Now is the time to forgive old hurts and reach out to those who care about you, particularly while Mercury (communication) is retrograde through May 30, and as it slowly regains forward momentum over the first two weeks of June.

Healing old hurts and righting old wrongs is happening collectively as well as personally. Witness the rampant fears (Neptune) about a swine flu epidemic (Chiron) inflamed by the media (Jupiter). The swine flu sprang from long-neglected unsanitary conditions at a U.S.-owned hog farm in Mexico. Ideally, media attention will bring the inhumane factory farming of hogs to light and trigger much-needed food industry reform.

In another long-overdue effort at reform, President Obama declared that the "stars are aligned" (Aquarius) this year for Congress (Jupiter) to pass a comprehensive health-care reform package (Chiron-Neptune). If approved, this will cut medical costs while expanding coverage to 47 million uninsured Americans.

It's time to think of others now. At this New Moon, write a letter or make a call to someone you consider a true friend. This could be a family member, pal or lover. Thank this person for his or her contribution to your life. During the inquisitive, travel-oriented Gemini cycle through June 20, we'll "boldly go where no man has gone before" along with the Star Trek crew. And, it's nice to have a good friend along for the ride.

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