Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Flow of Balance Within Your Life (Shelly Dressel)

Sunday, 17 May 2009

This channel came through at the perfect time!  There is an immense flow of energy coming into the earth at this time and many of you may be feeling as if you are pushed out of balance.  With this journey you will feel what it is to be balanced within the All That Is and while grounded upon the earth.  The Goddess speaks of opening our imaginations as a means of opening to greater creativity.  Our imaginations intrinsically are huge and without boundaries; if yours does have constriction or boundaries, it's due to your ego or control.  This channel is a wonderful opportunity for you release any guards or boundaries so as to allow your imagination to flow and expand. 

One way to move into this deeper expansion is to release beliefs.  Many of us have beliefs that we no longer even think about.  Many of us go along with the collective consciousness and don't realize we are restricting ourselves.  The Goddess will assist you in removing layer upon layer of beliefs or old emotions that keep you from being all that you can be.  She gives you an opportunity to practice seeing, sensing or feeling the angels and light around you. 

She completes this channel with addressing self love.  It's very difficult to be balanced without allowing yourself to be open to self love.  If you are hard on yourself, if you  judge yourself, if you feel less than; you are in resistance and that will keep this balance at a distance.  So allow yourself to open to self love, connection and awareness. 

 This channel is filled with many levels of balanced energies.  Allow it to flow through you!

Nama sika; venia benya   I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you my beloved family.  Welcome to our time together; welcome to this time that we choose to come together, whether it's at this physical time in which the channeler is speaking or whether it's another time.  Anytime that you invite my energies to come and share space with you, I am there.  I hear you when you reach out to me, I listen when you speak to me.  I am here to share with you my love, my support, my energy.

So many of you feel as if the world remains imbalanced; you may feel as if your life is imbalanced.  But indeed I come in as a means of assisting the shift in energies that allows for a more feminine energy to become integrated within everything else that is here already upon the earth.  Feel which energies are most prominent for you.  Take a breath in and as if you are holding up your hands, ask yourself, is the flow of energy through you that which is predominantly masculine or that which is predominantly feminine?  It matters not which sex you are, you are still an integration of both the masculine and feminine energies.

So take a moment to ask yourself and feel if there's one or another that's stronger within you at this time.  If so then breathe in more of the essence of that other energy.  If you feel you are more masculine, breathe in the divine feminine.  If you feel you are more feminine, then breathe in the divine masculine.  Allow this to be an opportunity for you to consciously balance your energy. 

Take a deep breath in that allows you to feel the flow of energy within you.  And consciously choose for that flow to be a balanced flow of both masculine and feminine in the way that it is expressed through you.  I can already feel a transition taking place within each one of you.  Allow this to be your reality as you move through your days.  You can call on these energies at any time to create this balance.

I invite you to take a moment and breathe deep within yourself.  Through that breath allow yourself to focus or ground within your physical body.  As you breathe down within yourself you can gather all your energies and have them come within you and let them anchor within.  From that point of being anchored you can then allow your consciousness to rise up.  Allow it to move upward through you.  Let it move out perhaps through the top of your head; let it move out through your heart center. 

Allow your consciousness to shift so that you may align with the magnetic grid.  As you come into this space look around - feel what this is to you.  This is your space for your higher self.  This is where you come when you seek guidance from within.  This is where you come when you seek to communicate with others.  It is a space that you have created and fine tuned over a period of time. 

Feel it and know it as your own.  There is an interlocking grid that allows you to shift.  Have a sense of letting go of the magnetic pull of the earth.  As you do so, feel yourself moving through the interlocking grid until you find your energies aligning within the crystalline grid.  This again is an energy space that has been created by the consciousness of the universe but also the consciousness of those on earth seeking to work with the new energy and the New Earth.

Whether you come here on a consistent basis or if it is your first time, let yourself open to that sense of recognition and feel as you look around that space which is yours.  The energy is fluid, there is a flow, there is an alignment that is different from that which is upon the earth.  This new energy has been given many different names.  People have worked with it in many different ways.  They analyze it - they try to figure out an understanding - and there is an aspect that you are able to put a definition with.  But I invite each one of you to let go the analytical and allow yourself to shift or move over into the conscious awareness of whatever that may be for you.

Breathe in this essence. Breathe in and feel all of what this is to you.  Have a sense of shifting your energy once more.  Through choice move into the space of the soul plane.  As you arrive within this space have a sense of looking around.  This is where your I AM presence is able to come forth and merge with you; have a sense of inviting that within.  As you do so, breathe in that perception of what it is to you. 

You may have a sense of reaching out to touch, you may have a sense of it coming up within you; you may have a sense of just recognizing that you have merged.  Whatsoever it may be, allow yourself to fully feel who you are as your divinity.  Feel the knowing, feel the love, feel the essence because this is you.  There is an unconditional love available for you from your divinity.  No matter what your life has been like, from within your soul essence there is only love and acceptance.  Let that flow through you right now. 

Now I the Goddess come into this space in which you are; I come forth reaching out.  As I do so I send forth my energies to merge with you.  As we merge together you will find yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is.  Look around, open your heart even further; feel, see, sense whatever is here for you.  As you open and perceive what this space has for you, you may receive detailed information or you may receive just a perception that there is energy surrounding you.

I hear from many of you that you are seeking to have greater awareness or greater perception within your life.  You would like the communication with the angels, you would like to see the angels as they are around you, you would like to hear the messages.  Whatever it may be, let that happen for you right now.  Look around.  If you find that it is challenging for you to perceive what is here then create it in your imagination.  Your imagination is the aspect of you as a human that allows you to open to things that may be completely new and different to you. 

Your imagination is without boundaries.  It is expansive, it is open.  There may be times in which your beliefs, or your mental body, try to put boundaries around it or suppress it.  You have been taught as you were growing up not to listen to your imagination.  Perhaps people used the phrase with you ‘it's all just in your imagination' as if to imply that that is not reality. 

Reality is changing.  Everyone's perception of reality is changing.  What is real to you in one moment may not be what is real to you in the next.  And it is essential for you to allow this flexibility to come within.  Allow yourself to release any limitation that you may have placed upon your creative aspect within you.  Your imagination and your creativity are aligned within you. 

Your mental body or your beliefs, is another aspect of you and it too is lined up with your imagination.  The question I have for you is what influence is your mental body exerting upon your creativity?  Do you hear thoughts that go through your mind, such as ‘I'm not good enough for that'?  Perhaps you may hear ‘so and so got the creative genes, I got the intelligent or the analytical genes'.  Perhaps you were told that if you are a type A personality that you do not have an imagination.  These are but a few of the beliefs that I know have been given to you or integrated within you at one point or another within your lifetime.

So call up any beliefs you have that are no longer working for you.  Perhaps you know exactly what they are; perhaps you remain unconscious to what they are.  Either way allow for any beliefs that may be holding you back to come forth at this time.  I perceive some of you gathering beliefs as if you are stacking them up in your hands.  I see some others stacking them like a stack of paper in front of them.  It may be there's one single belief or you may have many.

Let everything come out at this time.  Let go old ideals, let go training or thoughts that no longer work for you.  And as if you are gathering it all together, let it rest in front of you and then have a sense of sending a swirl of energy through you and let it gather up all those beliefs as if it's gathering it all together and then release it.

I had such a beautiful view as everyone did this, almost like one of those ticker-tape parades with all those bits of paper floating down - the shredded paper.  You shredded those old beliefs, you let them go, you let the energy swirl through you.  I invite you to once more look around, breathe even deeper into your imagination or into your creative aspect within your consciousness as if you are pushing the limits out even bigger than it was before.  Allow your creative center to expand.

I find that many of you have a greater perception than you did before.  Again look, listen, hear the angels, the guides that are here with you.  They reach out, they surround you, they support you.  Trust that you are now in a position to see, sense or feel who is here.  Are there emotions that may also be holding you back?  Do you feel frustration?  Do you perhaps feel anger?  Do you think less of yourself because this has not worked as yet?  Is there any other emotion that is keeping you from being able to see, sense and feel what is here around you?

As if you've been wearing those emotions like a cloak around you, brush off your shoulders.  Brush off the energies of disappointment, sadness, guilt, frustration, anger.  It may be that you've done this again and again - it is never wasted, it is always whatever it is at that moment.  So in this moment let go any of those emotions.  And again I invite you to breathe deeply within yourself.  Do you feel how much lighter you are?  Can you sense that there is an even greater clarity as you look around you?  As you seek to create change within your life, change will occur more readily when you are in a space of expansion within your imagination or within the creative aspect within you.

It may be that you need to send an impulse of light or an impulse of energy through yourself multiple times through the day as you are creating this new perception within.  And if you do so, it is that it is.  Remember you are letting go of frustration.  As you consider your life, what within it makes you happy?  What part of your life right now makes you happy?  I invite you to focus upon whatever that may be and breathe it within so that you are fully aligned with whatever that may be. 

If you have difficulty considering anything within your life that makes you happy then I invite you to consciously breathe in the love and the support of your divinity as it surrounds you within this space of the All That Is. Open to feel the nurturing, open to feel the love.  And again I ask what in your life makes you happy, brings you that sense of joy, that sense of peace, that sense of awareness.  No matter what it is that you may be seeking to manifest within your life, this energy is the one that will bring to you everything you seek to have.

It may be that you are seeking greater abundance within your life.  If you therefore feel stressed abut bills that you may have or commitments - but yet you feel that infinite joy, that infinite love, perhaps of your family members, perhaps being out in the wilderness or out in nature, perhaps the joy of simply being able to breathe and feel your body - then when you become overwhelmed with stress, overwhelmed with whatever that may be that is stressful to you, remember that feeling of being connected within yourself.  Remember that feeling of excitement and joy.  It is here, it is a part of you, it is a part of your creative essence.

Resistance in any form has an impact on many, many different parts of your life.  Resistance comes in the form of disbelief within yourself, it comes in the form of being over analytical, it comes in the form of criticism.  Whenever you are less than loving and accepting of yourself you are in resistance. 

I hear so many of you say to me ‘but it's easier said than done to let go of that or to get past it' which is of course the resistance speaking through you.  So if there is any one message for you to receive, either from this experience or any others, it is about finding, expressing and integrating love and acceptance within yourself. 

Here in the space of the All That Is, once more look around and you see the greater lights, you see the energies, you may have a sense of a person - the image of a person - or you may have the sense of a color or just a pure energy form.  Howsoever you perceive is your own unique way of understanding; there is no right or wrong. 

At the beginning of our journey tonight I invited you to become conscious of how much within you was feminine and how much was masculine.  Within this space of the All That Is allow yourself to open to that perception.  You may have greater insights than what you had while still on the Earth plane.  In this space of expansion allow yourself to be fully aware of how much within you feels the balance of masculine and feminine. 

I the Goddess stand before you as divine feminine.  Look to the side of me and see the essence of God as represented in the divine masculine.  We speak as one voice.  We are a fully blended essence or energy of God and Goddess.  We are aspects of you; we are here in support of you.  The universe is vast, it has so much to offer on so many different levels and we are a representation of all that is within the universe, upon the earth and we are here for you.

We flow throughout this gathering, our essence as balanced male and female and as we send this out from us we invite each one of you to do the same - send forth your energy or your essence as balanced male and female.  There is only you - you as your divinity and that divinity is represented as you the human currently living your life. 

This is but a touch of the limitless potential that you may tap into any time you allow your imagination free reign.  Any time you release any beliefs that no longer support you, any time you let go emotions that may have been holding you back, any time that you allow yourself to come forth and be the purest essence of your divinity, you are complete. 

Your imagination is wide open and your divine essence flows through and around you in greater and greater amounts.  And now when I ask you what is the joy within your life, you may tap into this.  This is not dependent on anybody else making you happy.  This is about you opening, accepting and allowing your own happiness, your own love, your own awareness to be who you are in this life.  It's beautiful, it's complete.

I now invite everyone who is gathered to come back together as a group.  As you come together, as you form a circle, there is a flow of energy and light that moves through each one of you.  Coming up within this circle is the hologram of the earth.  As it moves up within the midst of you, look with that expanded awareness so that you may perceive the hologram that represents the New Earth and the hologram that represents your current physical Earth. 

There is so much more that has always been there and when you are in a space of acceptance and allowing yourself to be able to see, sense, feel, then your perceptions expand in a huge manner.  Look at the holograms and look at each other.  You are each magnificent, you are balanced; you are the flow of masculine and feminine as personified by you the human individual.  Let that essence flow into these holograms.  They move, they swirl, they rotate, and they become filled with energy and light.  As they do so, be aware of sending your own essence within. 

Lady Gaia takes a moment to come forth to greet each one of you.  She sends out her embrace, she sends out an acceptance of whatever has been transmitted into this hologram.  And with that the hologram itself moves, it shifts and as it moves through the crystalline grid you have a sense of the hologram for the New Earth moving in one direction and the hologram of the current Earth moving in a different direction.  They go and they create an alignment with all that you have been doing during this experience. 

Allow your focus to move downward as the hologram goes through the magnetic grid.  An aspect moves around that gridwork and then the remainder goes down into the center of the Earth.  Within that magnetic core, within those crystals that are at the very center of the Earth you see how this hologram becomes anchored. 

Allow your human self to receive the energies of that which was yours once it anchors within the center of the earth it radiates outward, it moves up through the layers of the earth, comes out through the surface and it is all around you within the space in which you live.  Look with your inner eyes and your expanded awareness and let this boost you or assist you as you look around to see, sense, hear, feel the angels and the guides that are all around you. 

I then invite you to come back into this space of the All That Is.  Let your focus return to where you are within your divinity.  You may shift into the essence of the soul plane - you may see where there are aspects of your divinity that remain within that space.  But you allow yourself, you allow your consciousness, you allow this expanded essence of who you are to begin to come back down. 

You move through the crystalline grid, you move into the magnetic grid and here within the space of your higher self you look around.  You see, sense, you perceive how this has transitioned with all that you did upon this journey.  Your consciousness then shifts in such a way that it moves back.  It moves down within your human body, your human presence.  And as it does so you may need to expand your energy field so that you may more fully integrate this expanded consciousness.  

As it comes down breathe it all the way down within you.  It may move through your head center or you may have a sense of breathing as you breathe in through your lungs.  But let all of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects expand so as to allow for the integration of these energies.  Again I ask you the question, within you do you sense the masculine and feminine?  What is your perception?  Is there more of one than the other?  Here is the time to breathe throughout you that balanced energy of masculine and feminine. 

I next ask you, what makes you happy?  What gives you a sense of joy?  Let that become the focus within your life and when something is stressful to you then breathe in this balanced energy and breathe in deeply coming back to this moment and this time when you are connected to that which makes you happy.  You see it, you sense it, you know it.  And everything else within your life transitions as you are here in this space of what gives you joy, of what makes you happy.  Feel the love, feel the essence. 

As you are grounding back within your physical body, I invite you to come back into the room and you may press *7 upon your phone if you wish to ask a question. 

Question: (paraphrased) this is a very interesting journey in light of what I've been doing for the last week or so, I've been studying material just like this so I won't explain it more.  I was going to ask a question tonight anyway to see how I've expanded or what the changes have been in my life in the last couple of weeks as a result of doing all this study I've done using this material. 

Answer:  The sense as we look at you is that there is a greater transparency within you which means that you have brought in a greater a mount of your divinity but yet we also have a sense of a greater grounding as if there is much more of your divinity that is a part of your human expression or a part of your daily life as you are walking through your daily life.  You have for so very long enjoyed living in the ‘higher realms' so to speak and you focus has been for much more than the last couple of weeks to allow that energy to come into your daily life so that you are grounding that higher vibrational energy.  It's something you've been working on for a much longer time, but because you've been studying it in such a way it's come to a new reality within yourself.  It's not really that it's something new to you; it's just that your perception is new.  That is why it feels as if you are making so many changes now.  Does that make sense to you?

It does.

If you are asking do we confirm and see this within you, absolutely.  We sense that as a result of this you will just continue to integrate more and more of your balanced energy. 

I guess I can see a tangible result of the work I've been doing because I had so many meetings set up for this past week and I had to cancel them all.  (Chuckling) I know that I'm different, I don't know, it changed everything in my field I guess you'd say. 

We have a sense in looking at that that it was a way of giving you a physical reality or a physical reaction as a way of affirming this.  Our sense is that you did not have to reschedule every one of them but you wanted to come into those meetings from a new perception within yourself.   Indeed when you do get to these meetings and when you do look at your business you will find that things will be growing at a much faster pace.  Well, it can be as fast as you so choose!

Alright, thank you very much.

Question: Hello Goddess, how are you?  (I am well thank you.)  Maybe a month ago I asked a question of where I am in my spirituality and you said I was standing on a precipice and I had the color of rainbows around me.  I'm just wondering if I made it to another level or what. 

 Answer:  Well, we would like to ask something of you, what do you think in regards to this?  Does it feel to you as if you have? 

I feel that if I started creating my life the way I deserve to live my life I can do that?

We agree and so when you spoke of this precipice we saw you standing with one foot on the new place and one foot dragging behind.  We see you more so straddling what you are moving into and where you have been.  It feels to us as if there is still fear within you; fear of change, fear of letting go, how everything is going to manifest within your life.  That is keeping you straddling the two spaces rather than moving fully into your new direction.  Does that make sense to you?

Yes, okay I see.  I've made the decision from the deepest part of my being to move forward.  A lot of times I feel as if I'm living in a place that is not ready for me kind of thing?

With this journey tonight, with the way you were integrating this higher amount of balanced energy within you and this higher amount of your divinity; as you look at what you are moving into and that presence of who you are or that inner knowledge of who you are what you will find is that those things that seem ungrounded or seem as if they are not a part of you will suddenly seem as if they are much more a part of your reality and they will be much more in alignment with who you are and where you are.  That will also help you with releasing some of your fears.  This is about grounding and brining into a reality that feels more comfortable to you and that is a part of your every day life.  At the end when I spoke of focusing upon what brings you joy, what brings you happiness; that is what will help to anchor things within you as you move in this new direction. 

I feel very invisible in the community that I am living in.

Well, then if you feel invisible in your everyday life and what you are doing; sometimes we sense you want it that way so that people don't see you and don't expect too much of you.  Or don't anticipate that you will react in a certain way because you are expressing a different belief than them.  One sense of that is a means of protection for you.  If you want to make yourself more visible or make your presence known then send forth from you an energy of connection to the people around you.  If you are connected to the people, if you interact with the people, you will find that you will actually be able to be more fully present in your daily life and be more fully present in this awareness. 

Okay, I can see that.  I can feel that.  It makes good sense.

Yes, you are welcome.  Remember to breathe in that essences of who you are because you KNOW who you are.  You know how strong and focused and centered you can be.

Yes, thank you.

You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) Hello Goddess, this is Ruth.  I'm wondering if you can see a change or much of the negativity gone that has been surrounding me.

Answer: It's very interesting the way that you phrased that question.  Because when you asked if I saw any change around you there was an essence of continuity or an essence that struck me as being the same.  Then when you asked about the negativity then suddenly we could see just how much you have let go.  The way that we perceive this is that indeed a great deal of that negativity is no longer around you.  What is has done is create a consistency in you and a stability and a sense of being that is much higher or looks more stabilized or looks like you are more present within yourself. 

I think that is true, yes.  I am still trying to build my energy level up; I'm not feeling as good as I would like to feel. 

Continue to focus on those aspects within you that DO feel good.  Continue to focus on where you are going to end up and that will help you in getting there.  We see you as much more balanced and we see you as getting stronger and stronger all the time!

Good, thank you.

You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) Hello Goddess?  The rash I developed after the recent surgery on my leg; is there more to it in a symbolic way or is there a physical cause from something that was given to me during the surgery and how may I alleviate it?

Answer:  It feels as if the basis is in a reaction to a medication that was given to you.  But also the fact of where it's located it feels as if it's lingering within you, because it has to do with letting go of old energy.  With the surgery you were letting go and creating something stronger within yourself.  This is about letting go the visible form of what came out as a rash.  It's not clear to us what you need to let go of.  Instead we have a sense of you cleansing your energies, cleansing your beliefs or mental body; it feels like it's linked with that.  As you do that you will find that the rash itself will completely resolve.  This does not feel as if it's something that is very deep seated.  It feels as if it's something you have worked with in the past and let it go before.  The way it's coming across now is like one of those onion questions that comes around again and again and again and again.  Let this be a final cleansing.  Let it go and again we wish we could tell you specifically what it is other than to say it is old beliefs or old thoughts or old emotions that have held you back in the past.  They have resurfaced but it's not as deeply embedded within you.  It feels as if it's more of a surface thing and you can resolve it by working with cleansing your energies and working on being in a balanced state and that balanced energy. 

Thank you.

You are very welcome and this will improve, it will continue to improve. 

Thank you very much.

Question: (paraphrased) Hi Goddess!  (Hello)  I feel like I've been with you every day and I'm grateful and I apologize if I'm needy.  I love your presence and I want to say thank you for tonight.  This is exactly what I've been doing the last few weeks.  (Excellent) I'd like to ask about when we are connected with the flow that you talk about, love, joy, that keeps us grounded in the now and pushes away the negativity and I've been grounding a lot of that in my magnetic grid.  Part of that I've been clearing out a lot of galactic karma, taking on belief systems, I grow spiritually but trying to stand in society, I have a lot of peer pressure which puts a lot of stress on the body.  I've been clearing out in the electro-magnetic grid and this is the first time I've seen it clear.  Hopefully the balancing we did tonight will help what is in my hip.

Answer:  Let us take a step back from you and take a look at you for a moment because one thing that struck us as you spoke of this was the diligent work you are doing and the feeling that things keep coming back around.  What we want to say to you is that first and foremost we see as very balanced and centered within yourself.  We also see you as being extremely sensitive to energies.  When it feels like there is peer pressure and things keep pulling or tugging at you it's because your heart is wide open; your pure consciousness, your concern for humanity; just that wide open, loving and giving heart that you have it what opens to bring this in.  As you get this onslaught of energy and sometimes it feels like someone hits you in the gut or you feel knocked over from it.  It gives you the perception that you are being knocked off course and you are getting out of your space of love or your space of balance.  Our sense is that when that happens you are not staying there as long as you think you are.  Our sense is that you are already very balanced.  You are already very strongly and securely connected within yourself.  When something happens certainly it does push you out, but then you come back to balance much more quickly than you give yourself credit for.  That's why as we look at all your energy centers but in particular paying attention to your hips and root chakra, we have a sense it is open and there is flow.  It feels like there is some residual energy in your hips, but it has to do with old beliefs, it does not feel Karmic, it feels as if it's from this lifetime.  It feels as if you've let go of it, but you still keep holding onto guilt.  It feels like it keeps you from self love or self acceptance.  When we say that it comes across as if you don't have any and it's not that you don't have any; it's enough that it makes you feel out of balance or that you are not fully accepting of yourself.  Does that resonate with you?    


So what we would recommend to you is that you find that aspect of you where you are very loving and accepting and generous to yourself and within yourself.   Bring that down consciously into your hips.  Bring it into the joints, bring it into the energy center, bring it across your pelvis and just let that energy flow through there.  What it will do is transition that old energy that you have not cleared and you will clear it out permanently. 

Thank you very much.

You are welcome.  The sense that we have is that you have done the majority of the work. So be gentle with yourself and recognize that you will move through this fairly rapidly is my perception.

Goddess?  What about the people around us who are sensitive to energy and pick up our energy and want to feed into it; like people want to read our minds. 

If you feel as if you are being attacked, breathe within your center and pull back your energies within you.  Anchor within yourself and create a way to disconnect from them, whether or not you put up a transitional barrier or you physically walk away from the person; whatever it is that works for you.  Create a way of disconnecting from them so that they can no longer draw on your energy or send you a barrage of energies.  (Thank you)  There is nothing you can make them do; it's only about your response or your reaction to them.  By anchoring within yourself and pulling your energies in you are supporting and nurturing yourself. 

Thank you.

You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) Hi Goddess, thank you for taking my question.  (You are welcome.)  The journey tonight was quite interesting as I always felt I was coming from a masculine energy then the older I get; I feel my feminine side becoming more dominant. I had quite an interesting and troubling last year in terms of finances, relationship and work.  After assessing my situation I did what I thought was correct especially concerning my work field and it looked very promising, but now it all seems to be unfolding again.  I'm wondering what is the energy behind it.  Should I use a different approach?  I thought did all I needed to do, but now I'm not sure anymore. 

Answer: We see several different layers to this in our answer to you.  One of the things we wanted to mention to you is that you needed to be so strong and assertive for so much of your life that the strong masculine type energy within you was very much a driving force behind you.  It was your ambition, it was in your relationships, it was very much a part of you your life.  Our sense is now that you have gotten to a place in the last several years where you can allow yourself be vulnerable.  When we say vulnerable it brings up something within you that feels like ‘oh no, I don't want to be weak'.   It's not about being weak, it's about being flexible, being receptive; a different type of energy.  We've seen the pendulum swing back and forth on this and our sense with this journey tonight was a means of assisting you in finding a balance with both of them; so that you can flow back and forth when you need the strong assertive vs. the flexible  receptive.  This is what we see you've been doing but it was not fully seated within you. 

Now when it comes to your work and this enterprise you have going it feels as if it was put on hold because not everything was in place for it to be the right time to manifest.  Meaning contacts that you have or perhaps the economy; it feels like it's coming from several different layers or levels.  We think first of all it's a very good direction for you to go it will be very beneficial to you.  So this means of it being short circuited or stopped at the moment; what we would recommend that you do is take time to sit down in a meditative state or a way that you can really be focused within yourself breathe in the balanced energies like you did in this journey tonight.   Then see yourself as if you are holding in your hands the plan or the essence of the direction in which you are choosing to move; then let the energy of balance or the energy of presence flow into your plan.  Then send it out from there and connect with the people it needs to connect with.  It will allow for a much greater amount of oh it's hard to say; it just feels like that will create a flow in the energy and from that flow in the energy you will be able to much better see things begin to work again.  Does that make sense to you?

Yes thank you.  So the work I am doing is the work I should be doing?  That is what I feel.  It is not that I need to look somewhere else.  

You are on the right tract; it's a very good direction for you.  Whenever things don't seem to move at the pace you anticipate or in the direction you anticipate it brings up self doubt.  So let yourself move beyond the doubt and into a space of acceptance and allowing.

Thank you.

You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) Goddess, hi.  Two of my friends and I are planning on a trip we are taking this summer.  I would call it a spiritual journey, but also an art project and science experiment.  It's all about expansion and pursuit of happiness, starting to allow more fully and consciously blend more fully the energies of work and play.  Then just deliberate creation in general.  I'm wondering if you have any insights or anything we should know. 

Answer:  My sense in the way you described this to us was as if there were many, many different aspects of this; I guess the best way to describe this is to say it's a very big and broad category and it may be easy to loose your focus as you are going through these various steps of what you want to do.  My sense if that before you even begin this journey; I would recommend each of you do this individually then come back together and do this as a group.  Really take time to meditate and focus so that you may become very clear on what you intention is, yet leave broad the way it will manifest.  With the way it is right now, it feels overextended and scattered.  That way as each one of you becomes very clear in your intention it will bring the cohesive center of this that you are seeking to do; become a little more cohesive and you will bring it into each of you.  If you will sit together as a group and meditate and put forth-it does not have to be as if you are listing 1-5 of your goals that you want to accomplish; it's more so about listing that you are seeking spiritual expansion and you are open to receive ways in which that will happen.  In that way, it may be there will be aspects that will be analytical and aspects that will be on a trial basis.  We don't really know, but you will know what you need to do.  Our sense is that as each of you is upon this journey be loving and accepting of each other and different ways that you will take in the experience.  Remember not to get caught up in your head and in the analytical. We see that this also goes along with the  over expansion as if one person's way of seeing and expressing is different from another.  The allowing and that group cohesiveness of believing in one another is what is important for bringing you all together and working as a group. Does that make sense?

Yes, that is helpful.  I guess specifically also you were saying, I got the impression that in the planning stages we do not want to over extend ourselves because we want to make sure we have the experiences that may come from it.  At one point we were going to get funding and contact people before we left, but we are having trouble describing this to anyone, because it's so big I guess?  We know we don't where it will go and that's okay with us, but I guess I'm a little unsure.

When you speak of getting funding, support and grants we think that will be the outcome once you complete the journey.  Our sense is that you may talk to one or two organizations and you may get some funding but not a huge amount.  It's the result of this that there will be a part 2 that will take you further and deeper into this.  From part 2 you will have more funding, more time, more to take to the table and receive the financial support you are seeking.  So if you have not planned part 2 be open to that potential because we see this as a 2 part series.

Okay, yes, it's very big and definitely I agree.  This has helped a lot.  Thank you.

You are welcome beloved and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Question: (paraphrased)  I feel like in the past few weeks to a month or more I have not been creating from a space of joy and happiness but rather stress and frustration with the people I am working with; to the point where it's bringing so much anger out me and it's not normal for me.  I'm having dreams that the company is not a good fit for me any more; that people are falling from the building and everything is collapsing.  But there is a part of me that is afraid to walk away because of how I support my family.  I'm wondering if all of this to show me how to walk away, trusting what's next.....

Answer: we see a couple of things going on with this.  We do have a sense you will get a new job.  We do have a sense you have learned from this experience all you need to learn.  But we don't see you walking away without something lined up because of the stress of being the supporter for your family.  What I would say to you is that you take the opportunity to disconnect from each individual you are working with.  I know I speak that fairly often and sometimes people don't know what that is but you can see yourself sitting at your desk, okay, you can make it a conference room with everyone sitting in the conference room.  See yourself sitting at your spot around the conference table and look at each person as an individual and consciously make sure there is not a cord or anything connecting you to that person.  It's as if you just consciously disconnect or release them.  You can say their name and then I disconnect; say the next name and I disconnect; and the next one and I disconnect.  Some we have a sense you have actual cords to others we sense are a part of the whole.  But when you disconnect from them it allows you to be able to release the energies of anger and frustration that you have been feeling.  Once you have disconnected you can step back, you can take a deep breath, you can reconnect within yourself and you can find that part within you that enjoyed this job for all this time.  Then when you are in the space of that you will have a new perception of the individuals and a new perception of the situation.  In doing so you may find that you actually choose to stay there.  But it will also shift your perception in such a way that it is tolerable for you to stay until you can find something else.  We do have a sense of you looking around.  We do have a sense of you applying for other jobs and we do have a sense it could go either way; you stay with this one for a longer period of time or you move to another company.  But the interim time will be much better after this. 

Okay, I'll start with that first.

Have you tried this before or have you just been caught up in all the energies? 

No I have not tried that.

Okay well I would recommend that you do it in a place at home or a place under the trees where you feel comfortable and nurtured and supported already.  It will give you the extra added support to do that.  Then I would also recommend that when you are at work, in that physical location; that you consciously breathe down that balance within yourself that we worked with tonight and then you consciously send it out from your heart center as if you are sending it out like a wave throughout the entire office, the building, the general area and it will create a template.  Then other peoples balance states will come into contact with that and it will assist them in balancing.  Those out of sync will fall by the wayside.  This will be another means of creating balance in the work space.  But also if you need to consciously disconnect from people in the office you can do so in the physical location and it will easier for you do so because you had already done so in the place where you were nurtured.

Okay, thank you.

It's all good!  We sense you coming out of this and making more money than you do right now.  (Good!)  Boy that just came in from left field. 

Alright, thank you.

You are welcome beloved.

We thank you for joining with us on this journey tonight. I thank you for choosing to be a part of this experience that we are creating as a group and as a community of souls.   Just as with that last question, remember to breathe in your own balance at any part during the day that it comes to your awareness.  Remember to do so perhaps when you wake up and perhaps as you go to sleep.  You may find you need to consciously do this several times at the beginning and then before you know it, it will be second nature and you will be doing it with every breath that you take in.  As you create within your life, creating from that space that is in joy, harmony, love or balance will create much greater transitions and transformations in all aspects of your life.

Remember that you have the ability to do this.  Remember that you are balanced right here, right now.

I am ever with you and within.


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