Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mercury Retrograde: May 6th to May 30th (Alice Inoue)

Dear Friends,
Another Mercury Retrograde is upon us. This cycle is about being more flexible than usual as you move forward, and rethinking your priorities and values in the present.  Are you living your life according to others' wants and needs, instead of making time and space for your own ?

It's a great time to do some planning for the future, leaving room for changes as they arise.  The theme for this period is to be flexible in all ways and in all parts of your life, avoiding rigidity at all costs.

During Mercuty Retrograde, everything you encounter is an opportunity to refine or revise what is not flowing.  You may find parts of the Retrograde frustrating, yet, it is also a time to create a valuable experience for yourself by consciously slowing down and following intuitive flashes.

With love blessings,

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