Saturday, May 9, 2009

"The Time is Now" film

The world is ready for this important film - to be released in 2009!

The LINC Organization, our well established 22 year old California Charitable Corporation, is producing The Time Is Now an highly entertaining significant film featuring personal and profound conversations with world renowned visionary leaders, including inspirational leaders, environmentalists, philanthropists, social entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and great thinkers – truly humanitarian leaders who inspire the human spirit!

With majestic futuristic visuals, powerful dialogue, an original sound track and viable solutions for Humanity, 
The Time Is Now
 has all the elements to make a huge difference with billions around the planet; positively influencing peoples of all cultures.

The Time Is Now is unique as it presents distinguished leaders from every sector. Each reveals their personal secrets to success, their most inspiring ideas, their deepest life philosophy and wisdom, their most effective healthy practices, along with powerful solutions for Humanity. The film offers viable future possibilities that can shift the destiny of our Civilization on every level - our individual lives, families, businesses, communities, nations and world.

This is a moment in history like no other!  We are presenting a positive futuristic view of what is possible as we utilize our most advanced resources, intelligence, spiritual awareness and scientific breakthroughs to make the highest integrity choices for Humanity now and for our future generations!

Expanding on the phenomenal success of The Secretour visionary film The Time Is Now takes us further by providing the practical everyday tools for how to effectively apply the laws of attraction, while developing the leader within each and every one of us. It’s a call-to-action.

The Time Is Now is part of a new wave for highly successful documentaries such as Al Gore’s Academy Award winning film,An Inconvenient Truth. Our film also follows the legacy of the great philanthropic events and music videos such as Stand Up For CancerWe Are The World, Live Aid, and the Katrina and 9/11 benefit concerts.

Film Leaders

Lee Iacocca
Jack Welch
Cathy Black
Dr. Ivan Misner
Kathy Coover
Bob Proctor 
Lynne Twist 
Michael Bernard Beckwith 
Gregg Braden
Dr. John Demartini 
Rebecca W. Rimel

Chris Griscom
Marie Diamond
Raymond Aaron
Marci Shimoff
Lisa Nichols

Kenneth Chenault
Lynne Joy McFarland
Tom Tierney

Bobbi DePorter
Reuben Mark
Robert B. Reich
Kathryn S. Fuller

Ellen V. Futter
Ross Perot

Dr. Chavanna King
James Ray

Chris Griscom
John Gray

Hale Dwoskin
Freddie Ravel
Joan and Stewart Emery
Chunyi Lin
Dr. Richard Moss
Dr. Shinzen Young

Bill Gates 
Jack Canfield  
Tony Robbins 
Peggy Dulany Rockefeller
Stephen Covey
Jim White
Katie and Gay Hendricks

Roxanne Emmerich
Rickie Byars Beckwith
David Woods
Paul Scheele
Janet Attwood
Joseph McClenden III
Lucia De Garcia
Chet Holmes

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