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Six Keys to Protecting Yourself from the World's Intensity (Jenna Avery)

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When I wrote to you earlier this week, I shared with you the "Top Four Concerns" revealed through my recent online survey. I'm excited to share some tips and insights on these topics over the next two weeks, starting today.

One of the subjects you all mentioned repeatedly in the survey was the issue of protection. So many sensitives struggle with wanting to feel emotionally, energetically, and spiritually protected. And rightly so! This less-than-sensitive world is not well-suited for our finely-tuned nervous systems.

Not knowing how protect ourselves can leave us feeling exhausted, overstimulated, and disoriented.

As empathic sensitive souls, our energetic boundaries are wide-open, which is great when we want to merge with, connect to, and support others, but not so great when we're just trying to get our shopping done.

We also tend to have mushy interpersonal boundaries -- we get over-involved in other people's lives by rescuing and fixing them. Again, we're great supporters and helpers, but the cost is too high when it affects our own well-being.

Through my studies and training, what I've found that works best is using protection skills that are a combination of setting powerful energetic boundaries, using natural remedies and energy medicines, and creating strong, clear interpersonal boundaries.

But interestingly, true protection is attainable only when it is built on a foundation of self-knowledge.

Here are a six key tips on how you can use these ideas:

  1. Know WHO you are. This sounds simple, but as a sensitive soul who is tuned into and affected by other people, you can easily get disconnected from who you really are. Knowing yourself deeply, at an essential, spiritual level will help you stay true to yourself at all times.
  2. Know WHAT you are here to do. It's also imperative to know your soul's essential purpose -- what you are here to do in this lifetime -- so you aren't easily thrown off your own path. You must also be living and doing your purpose work. Important note: If you're truly living your purpose, you'll be using the gifts of your sensitivity to do so.
  3. Know HOW you are. Tune into yourself regularly -- write morning pages, meditate, check-in by asking, "How am I right now?" so you can stay connected to yourself and recognize if you start picking up someone else's feelings.
  4. Set powerful energetic boundaries: Visualize yourself in a layered bubbles of differently colored light. Set the intention that each layer filters away and rejects what isn't yours and doesn't belong in your energy field, like negativity and low vibration energy.
  5. Use energy medicine like flower essences to help define, strengthen, and clarify your sense of self and your boundaries. Also try using the elements in your physical spaces, like putting plants in your physical spaces for grounding, and bowls of water or small fountains to keep the emotion energy moving through (so you don't end up processing it for other people).
  6. Set strong, firm, interpersonal boundaries.For example, learn to be highly committed to saying "Yes" to what works for you and "No" to what doesn't. Refuse to engage in anything that lowers your energy or "vibration." Learn to say "No" gracefully. Remember that "No" is a complete sentence.

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