Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturn Direct Mojo Bags (David)

I'm hoping I'll be able to purchase one... Here's the info in case you'd like to do the same yourself.
Love and Light,
Hello everyone. 

I have been very pleased with the results from the Venus bags so far. I made up five bags, and of those I have sold two, given two away, and with one I was intuitively guided to pass it along for it to eventually be given to someone I have never even met. One friend is already getting some long-needed healing in his love life concurrent with the arrival of the bag.

Following up on this success, I have had requests both conscious and unconscious for Saturn bags. Saturn has been retrograde since New Year's but will be going direct again on the 17th, which happens to coincide in my life with a relocation to Maui. Saturn retrogrades are very common in birth charts, lasting about 5 months every year, and in my estimation it is one of the main indicators about whether a personality will be conservative or liberal. This last retrograde cycle has been a REAL bitch, not just for me personally but for many people in the world. This is because Saturn was not only retrograde in Virgo, but opposing 
Uranus and several other planets in Pisces and Aquarius.

Virgo is a sign of essential importance to the "
Greatest Generation" that fought World War II and survived the Great Depression. It is also, however, the sign of "The Establishment" and its often very rigid order. During this last period, in the outer world we saw one of the greatest political partitions and gaps of our era, with a strong division between liberals and conservatives and not many people left in between apparently. Personally, we experienced this collective tension in our own lives as struggles between the entrenched patterns and behaviors of our own habits - the way we've always done things - versus totally new ways of conducting our lives. The tension is extreme because both impulses are healthy and important - we need to preserve, but we also need to break away. Saturn and Uranus are both famous for trying to kill and suppress their own children, so neither is really the "good" or "bad" guy in the tug-of-war (though Fox News and MSNBC would have us believe otherwise).

Coming out of this period that I believe has been very difficult for everyone, I am pleased to be able to offer a token, gift, and reward for the struggles of the last few months. I will be making up Saturn Direct Bags on the 17th, with Saturn in Virgo and the 12th house but free of any aspects to other planets.

The effect of these bags will be strong and potent. Saturn in Virgo is a very hard and methodical worker, and the bags will pass along the energies of discipline, commitment, and careful rule and measurement. These bags are perfect not only for those born with retrograde or afflicted Saturns, but anyone who wants to promote discipline, hard-work, and success through limitations in their lives. Saturn sets boundaries of all kinds, and when you claim this power for your own, you gain the ability to determine what kinds of boundaries will be set. People born with Saturn retrograde or afflicted often have difficulty saying "No" or breaking out of convention and routine.

"The Spirits of the Fifth Table of Saturn will serve in everything according to wish; their Table will bring good luck in play." The Seal of Saturn is called the Seal of Spiritual Luck. Saturn's energy can kill and limit the effects of negative and unhealthy things in your life, which could be as simple as better luck in gambling, or as grand as bringing together a new and efficient organization. I have also found Saturn to provide extremely powerful protection; Saturn's alchemical metal is lead, which can shield a person against the radiation of nuclear Uranium and Plutonium.

The bags will be available on the 19th. I will make up 12 of them for this round. They are $20 each - you can email me at if you'd like to order one.

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