Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How to Commit Suicide, by Carma Dillon.

Excerpt from e-book "How to Commit Suicide", by Carma Dillon.

If you're like me, and you got on the internet tonight looking for how to commit suicide (and make it look like an accident), for a cup of coffee, I'll tell you my story... I'm still here.

...The human ego is a bizarre creature very much like a black hole. It takes itself far too seriously. It gives itself too much weight.
What was the trap that caused me to experience death wishes to the point that I would actually get out of my fetal position in bed, put my fingers to keys, and do what I had successfully evaded for two decades--to take a step toward contemplation. To entertain the idea. My son was not yet five years old. Yet, at that instant, he did not exist in my mind. Only the death wish existed and the urge to ponder it, but instead of reaching for the phone and calling Tim or Kat, I sat at my husband's computer and typed those words. I clicked on the page that seemed to be most relevant--Good Samaritans are that clever.
My mind is foggy about exactly what happened next...

As part of my healing journey, I published this true story of a low point in my life and what helped me climb out of the pit. If you're suicidal and you don't have a dollar to spare, send me a message and I will give you a code to download from the publisher for free. If you can afford to help me keep a roof over our heads while my son goes to community college, thank you for your support!

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