Friday, October 7, 2011

Basic Guiding Principles of Reality, by Lynne Forrest.

For most of our lives we simply believed whatever thoughts we had, without questioning them at all. But once we start questioning our thought assumptions we begin to suspect that we are not who we thought. That realization may cause a sense of separation.

Questioning our thoughts (especially the limiting ones) takes us out of our mind-made identities and leaves us the task of re-discovering our true nature. We discover our right relationship with reality by coming to understand its basic guiding principles. We learn to replace our old limiting self-concepts by using these principles instead; otherwise we are left wandering, and wondering who we are and what our relationship with the Universe is. I’ve included these principles below – they are the basic truths I fall back on to help me determine the reality of my thoughts. I hope they help you too.

Here are the basic principles of reality, as I see them:

1. We are free agents, able to choose what thoughts we will believe. The thoughts we believe will determine the quality of our life experience.

2. Our thoughts determine our vibrational frequency. When we believe we are at the mercy of a heartless, fearful world, we see ourselves as victims and will experience low fre quency thoughts and feelings (thoughts that create fear, depression, isolation, resentment, jealousy, etc). When we believe we are protected, loved and prompted by a Loving Source, we experience high frequency feelings (love, safety, acceptance, joy, satisfaction, peace, etc). The frequency we line up with (called alignment) determines the quality of our life.

3. We are made up of a trinity: mental/spirit, soul/emotion, and physical body. Balancing these three aspects brings us into alignment with the highest possible frequency: Source.

4. The world acts as a mirror that reflects our own state of consciousness. We project our beliefs onto the world where they are reflected back to us. We then react in ways that prove to us that what we believe is true. We tend to think our beliefs come from our life experiences, but the opposite is true: our experiences most often come from what we believe. This is how we create our personal reality.

5. Our personal reality comes from what we believe. Our beliefs become the reality we see and experience in physical form. In other words, we manifest our beliefs. If we have beliefs that breed feelings of peace and harmony, we will see peace and harmony all around us. If our beliefs are full of strife and conflict, then strife and conflict will be our reality.

6. Life is cyclic in nature. Like a wheel, life goes round and round; sometimes we are on top, sometimes we are on the bottom, but how we see these rotations determines how we are affected by the wheel of life, not the circumstances of life. We either perceive ourselves as victims and feel at the mercy of life’s ups and downs, or we move into observer consciousness and witness life as a reflection of our own mind from which we can learn.

7. All of our feelings and behavior come from what we think and believe and not from external causes. There are no exceptions. In other words, we act the way we do because of the thoughts we believe. We will automatically act according to the beliefs we hold as true.

8. What we focus on expands. Attention is a way of directing energy and automatically feeds whatever we are paying attention to. That means the more we resist something the bigger it gets.

9. Whatever we judge and condemn within ourselves, we deny and then project onto something or someone outside ourselves that we then judge and fight. What we judge as unacceptable in others is something we have not admitted or accepted in ourselves.

10. There are no mistakes, no coincidences in life. Everything happens for a reason and/or has a purpose. To see it any other way is to be in victim consciousness.

11. There is another reality. It is the deep peace that is always available in the eternal, present moment, no matter what else is going on.

12. We are emanations of what I call the One Universal Mind, or simply, Source that is ever present and always radiating its benevolent Light (consciousness) upon us.

13. Everything is made of Source energy and vibrates at its own particular frequency. We are vibrational beings who are attracted to (and who attract to us) people and situations with a similar vibrational frequency.

14. Source is always here for us. It reaches out to us just as we seek it. It never stops supporting us, and is closer to us than our own skin.
Lynne Forrest is a non-traditional practitioner who has been in private practice for twenty six years, and the author of a new book, Guiding Principles for Life Beyond Victim Consciousness. Find her on the web at or These articles are copyrighted material. All rights are reserved. No part of these articles may be reproduced by any means or in any form whatsoever without first obtaining the written permission of the author. Permission for reproduction may be requested by contacting Lynne at Another Way Center: (423) 698-0814.

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