Thursday, October 20, 2011

Magnetism, the Human Body and Nature, by Isha Lerner.

Until relatively recently, scientists believed that life was mostly a biochemical process. The idea that magnetic fields could significantly influence living systems seemed far-fetched. Perspectives have shifted rapidly, however, and many scientists now believe that fundamentally we are electromagnetic creatures. This radical paradigm shift has profound medical implications because modern medicine has focused on biochemical processes. If these processes are influenced by our electromagnetic nature, any healing approach that focuses exclusively on them will, ultimately, be limited.

Life’s Magnetic Nature

Examples of life’s magnetic nature are now plentiful. Many creatures, such as homing pigeons, butterflies, and bees navigate using Earth’s magnetic field. Even humans can roughly sense magnetic direction. These abilities, in part, appear to be mediated through a magnetic substance called magnetite, which has been discovered in the tissue, including the human brain, of many living things. Researchers have found magnetite clusters near the brain’s all-important, magnetically-sensitive pineal gland, which secretes hormones affecting the entire body.

Not only are we affected by magnetic fields but we also generate them. For example, scientists can measure the brain and heart’s magnetic fields with instruments called the magnetoencephalograph and magnetocardiogram, respectively. Life’s magnetic potential is so great that we can even defy gravity under the right circumstances. For example, scientists can levitate frogs by using high-intensity magnetic fields. When subjected to such strong fields, spinning electrons within the frog align themselves to cumulatively create a small magnetic field. Like a compass needle repulsed by a bar magnet, the large external field repels the frog’s small field sufficiently to counteract gravity.

Life’s magnetic frequencies are found to increase with the use of light. Density defies movement and light increases its flow within all life forms, including the human body. In nature, the atomic realm of the material world moves at a slower rate than the auric light-filled realm. This realm, which is composed of the quickened impulse of energy that is essential to all form, is known as the devic realm.
Our physical body and its magnetic field align with gravity. Light and the healing forces of love, emotion, music, sound and color vibrate with a frequency that is quickened, and seemingly invisible. We cannot touch or feel it; however, we do have direct contact with its force on a daily basis. An essential aspect of vibrational healing connects us to this indirect, yet potent energy field on a conscious level.

When magnets are placed on different parts of the human body they can affect the rotation of our auric energies:

Evidence suggests that roughly 80% of chronic pain sufferers could benefit from magnetic therapy…When held against the skin, magnets relax capillary walls, thereby boosting blood flow to the painful area.

The ancient Hindus recognized that within the body the Chakra System has seven different points of energy that rotate back and forth. The human body’s energetic axis is supposed to flow in an uninterrupted cyclical pattern, and when this cycle is interrupted, or if a Chakra is “clogged,” it can be detrimental to one’s health. Magnets placed on the body can help to unblock improperly spinning Chakra energy.

Human beings have an intuitive connection to the earth that is partially an energetic magnetic draw, and partially a spiritual connection to the core of the earth’s sensitivities. Sometimes we are capable of extra-sensory perception relating to the earth and our current location. Certain extra-sensitive people can sense the location of water buried deep within the earth with dowsing rods:
In 1970, Duane Chadwick of Utah State University carried out a series of experiments on 150 dowsers and found that the dowser's rod movements were related to minute variations of the Earth's magnetic field.

The likeness between the earth’s physical make-up and the human body is striking: as liquids flow through our internal organs, water also moves deep down within the inner layers of our planet. Some of us have a magical, intuitive ability to sense this body-earth link with dowsing rods.
Flowers and humans share this energetic bond, as well. We are synergistically connected biochemically and research offers evidence that nature and humanity are profoundly interdependent. An out of balance energy system will eventually withdraw its own life force. Our connection with the floral world facilitates a balancing of the energies of light and gravity. Nature can be seen as a medicine chest to the soul, for flowers are a vital living essence of earth, sending out subtle wavelengths of light that penetrate into form.

On a vibrational level, humanity may increase its sensibilities by aligning to the highest essence of the plant: flower essences. Flower essences contain the essential energetic life template of the flower’s magnetic energy. When taken orally, the magnetic field of the plant is absorbed into the density of the life form and offers an expansive infusion of light filled properties.

As the evolutionary impulse quickens and humanity undergoes various magnetic shifts in energy, our human nervous systems mirror these changes. We have every opportunity to reconnect to the magnetic forces needed to maintain health and balance through education and the use of vibrational medicine. We are gifted with opportunities to work within a vibrational framework that is progressive and in attunement with nature and science. Our evolution is dependent upon this vital flow of magnetic energy to heal body and earth.


Isha Lerner an international astrologer, tarot scholar, consultant, flower essence practitioner, internationally renowned author, and owner of the Power of Flowers Essence Company. She has lectured internationally and is well known for her expertise and research into fairy tale mythology, the study of archetype, her karmic imprint and past life astrological counseling known as Power Mapping, and the symbolic association of the human soul and nature. Read the original article here.

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