Monday, September 19, 2011

8 Keys - A Special Delivery Message from the Angels, by Linda West.

Excerpt from book "8 Keys, A Special Delivery Message from the Angels".
Taken from the foreword "A Personal Message from Linda West".

In the time that has passed since this message from the angels was first presented to me, once again, I find that the angels will have their way! After the first printing of this book, so much has come to light about the rising of the Goddess in the Earth during this time that the angels with whom I communicate feel it important to reflect now upon the changes that have resulted. One major change that they insist upon is in reference to the perception we have about our Source, whom we call “God.” I still call that source God. But contrary to the images most of us grew up with of a male persona – Father God – the image that the angels have shaped in my mind, and the one that they want to share with you is much more amorphous, having no gender and no particular shape but definitely demonstrates the softer, more nurturing nature of a female.

The stereotypes we know of as male energy – using physical strength and political/economical power in order to bring about change and to rule in the world – are giving way to those characteristics we most often associate with female energy, i.e., intuition, spirituality, and empowerment by healing and nurturing.

Science has shown us that all humans are first conceived as females, and males develop from that form. Because all human conception has the possibility of becoming male or remaining female, this duality of nature remains within us throughout our lives We each retain the essence of our opposite, which waxes and wanes along our lifeline, and is allowing us now to be affected by the rising power of the Goddess. That Goddess dwells within each of us, male and female alike.

Whether you are a male reader or a female, your female characteristics will become stronger with the rising Goddess. This does not mean that males will become female, or that any of us will reflect more or less of the gender we are. But accepting that we are both female AND male will help us to understand and benefit from the changes that are taking shape in the world.

This means that struggling against change will be less effective than understanding and working with the changes. That “powering” through your difficulties will not bring you the end results you expect, and it is more likely that persistent pursuit of your goals will bring you success more effectively than aggressive pursuit. By embracing patience, perseverance, and a willingness to welcome the Goddess within you, you will find the path to your goals made much easier.

One of the most effective ways to begin to work with these changes is to relax our need to identify with our Divine Source in a specific gender form and to change the descriptive words we attach to it. So in this edition I have changed, wherever possible, the words I use to give name to this Source in order to help you free yourself from the images that limit your acceptance, so that you may if you so choose, wander into the possibilities offered by a God who is everything and withholds nothing from you.
With these thoughts in mind, please accept this offering from the angels for the gift it is. Feel free to entertain the thought of the presence of angels in your life – starting now.


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