Friday, October 28, 2011

The Healing of Emotion, by Chris Griscom.

Excerpt from book The Healing of Emotion.

The Fearless Self emerges as we extend our vocabulary of participation to the world beyond our immediate family. The people who form our close karmic pool of Soul friends—our parents, siblings, partners, and children—are the ones who are the most dangerous to our ego and our manipulation of truth, because they so easily penetrate our magnetic field to push the buttons that force us to respond and change. But as our world stretches out, we have the opportunity to discover the unlimited extent of familiarity from the perspective of the Soul. There are no strangers!

Each being we encounter, even from a distance, is placed in that synchronous space to teach us to reflect on the self. It is of great service to our conscious awareness to take up the practice of observing the world by asking ourselves, “How is this reflected in me?”

We crack open the shell of compassion when we look upon the beggar, the liar, and the killer as a part of our own psyche. As we take up the power to look on the world and see it as a mirror of ourselves, we begin to find the strength to pass through fear to the other side…to the shore of Knowing.

This glimmer of recognition offers us the power of participation. As the heart enters the fray, we can grasp whole new dimensions of relativity that can be used for problem solving on a global level—because from the dimension of the individual we expand to the reality of the group. The earth, in all her living wisdom, is signaling to us that we must now acknowledge our mutual bond, the irrevocable link between ourselves and all other species and life forms, and begin to move together with holographic consciousness to clear levels of karmic relationships and complexities—not just of individuals, but of whole groups of individuals.

We are discovering, none too soon, that we can bring group consciousness up out of the abyss of the past to form new alliances that include the coupling of great power and love, great giving and receiving.

As we develop the conscious capacity to be the witness to our interaction with the people who appear on our life screen, we begin to actually learn how to direct the play.

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