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The Eight Phases of Initiation of the Divine Feminine, by Isha Lerner.

Our life as a woman is a deep experience …it is profound. Our bodies carry the template of the feminine vessel, the oceans, the flowers, and the infinite space of darkness that births the inner light into Life Form. Our personal rhythms are mirrored by the Moon Phases.

We have a natural tendency to, flow, move in and out of emotion, nurture, receive, give, and extend our wisdom through art, writing, teaching, dancing, healing, magic, ritual, prayer, leadership and partnership. It is our right to choose to be alone, or to share our life with others; to be silent, or to speak out. Our deepest power, however, is found through our intention to be whole, free, and unbound by fears, patterns, and thoughts. It is a blessing to witness clients around the world, (myself included) who choose to become conscious of Her right to blossom.

Women and men alike are guided by the gravitational pull of the moon and each month the moon travels through eight phases; each phase corresponds to an energy cycle that can affect our everyday life. I have connected each moon phase with a particular flower essences that are resonate with the energy field of each moon phase. You are not required to memorize these phases, and you don’t need to watch the moon calendar if you aren’t inclined. These phases can serve as a mirror from which you may come to understand  represent various mood swings encountered throughout the month. I hope these flower essences and the information provided will assist you in finding your way through the everyday ups and downs of your busy life.

The New Moon

Nurturing our Connection with Nature and the Primal Flow of Life

In this stage our souls are learning to become responsive and receptive to the soul of Gaia, The Earth Mother, as She offers us a template from which to birth anew. We purify our emotions, align our bodies, learn how to perceive and think with the living forces of the Soul. Our work is embodiment into the Earth once again…for it is a re-incarnation of sorts…a time to advance once again upon the Wheel of Life refreshed, cleansed, and prepared for new choices and opportunities.

Flower Essences

Star Tulip-Listen to the Soul voice of the earth
Rose-Develop loving compassion and consideration on earth. 

Crescent Moon

Discovering The Magic of New Beginnings

We begin this journey by recognizing our emotions and all of our exploration continues to enrich and extend the emotional soil of our New Beginnings. We check into our belief systems concerning family, values, and cultural surroundings and begin to take charge of a new rhythm and order in life. We come to see clearly the past has meant and how we have moved to recreate a healthy new life that is based on intelligent emotion. We all need to attend to this new template of health during the Crescent Moon Phase if we wish to walk the wheel of the soul toward future growth in health and mental clarity. At this stage we can unlock the door of the future and extend our vision forward.

Flower Essences

Mariposa Lily: Helps us redeem our relationship with the Mother archetype on all levels.
Baby Blue Eyes: Addresses early childhood wounding from the father which can lead to mistrust in the adult life.

First Quarter Moon

Grounding Ideas, Visions, and  Physical Embodiment

The soul is the mediator between body and spirit…Only by developing a vibrant relationship with the physical body may we meet our full destiny. The First Quarter Phase of the Moon represents a time in life when one is beginning to fully manifest their work in the world and embody the grace of being alive. This phase develops courage, intention, discipline, and focus. The trials of the physical body teach us to surrender, endure, and accept. We literally come to our senses as we experience the joy of physical existence.

Flower Essences

Manzanita: Strengthens the core between the body and earth. Builds acceptance of Body.
Crab Apple: Assists to cleanse all aspects of shame, regret, judgment, and core guilt from the body.
Shooting Star: For those who have a strong spiritual inclination and resistance to incarnation in a physical body.

Gibbous Moon Phase

Quickening of Consciousness and Alchemical Transformation

At this phase of life on the wheel one is able to learn from the experiences of life, and by doing so, continue to evolve, adapt, and transform. The mind grasps the basic lessons it needs to move forward and continue the quest toward fulfillment. One is gathering lots of new information and learning many new things. The motive is to move outward, to extend the energies toward activity and new experience. This is not a time to squander energy or time. This is an inner time of expansion and hope.

Flower Essences

Madia: To develop concentration and focus
Cosmos: To draw down the forces of spiritual learning into new experiences and expression.
Morning Glory: To stay in touch with healthy life rhythms and body connections.

Full Moon Phase

Fulfillment and Life Purpose

At this phase in life the soul comes into deeper contact with the world by developing a need to serve from within. The soul needs to listen to life purpose and shine the inner light of inspiration into studies, work, service, and personal relationships. Finding life purpose often means breaking away from limiting beliefs and imposed on yourself and by others. This phase addresses the ability to give back to family and the world at large.

Flower Essences

Mountain Pride: To follow one’s own path with conviction and endurance.
Sweet Pea: For developing a sense of place and a feeling of community. Connection to one’s earthly environment.

Disseminating Moon

Sensitivity and Artistry: Building a Chalice of the Soul

This is a time to develop a deep satisfaction with all that has been gained and, like a great vessel, hold the elixir of joy for all to partake. Share you gift, sing your song, stand in the world and be one with your passions. Create sanctuary in you life with all you do. Create ritual, join in ceremony, and tip the chalice and let the joy pour out.

Flower Essences

Iris: The most fundamental essence for awakening the soul to its own creativity and inspiration.
Indian Paintbrush: Paintbrush of the soul.

Third Quarter Moon

Transformation: Discovering the Shadow

At this phase the soul digs deeper into its shadow side. Here we examine how we have been hurt and how we have hurt others. The key to grow internally again. Life opened the door to a wide band of experience in the previous phases. Now the soul must check into the terrain of the subconscious once again at yet another level of evolution and awakening. The descent into darkness is a necessary element in the soul’s evolution. One must face the inner truth of actions and life behaviors.

Flower Essences

Black-Eyed Susan: To learn to recognize and accept darker or hidden aspects in our actions and emotions.
Black Cohosh: To come to terms with shadow elements in the human soul in unseen ways.

Balsamic Moon

Cultivating the Spiritual Self

This offers the spiritual light that shines within offering us a look at our true identity from deep with the cavern of our ego. After a journey into the dark shadow the soul now finds reprieve with the study of religion, spiritual studies, and meditation. At this level one must veil the outer sense of self and take the time to explore the mystical regions of ones nature. It is a time of quiet receptivity…and endings. One nears the time when the New Moon will once again crack open the way for rebirth.

Flower Essences

Lotus: To find the balance of the crown charka with the root of life purpose.
Cat’s Ear: To listen to the internal voice and receive its guidance.

Isha Lerner an international astrologer, tarot scholar, consultant, flower essence practitioner, internationally renowned author, and owner of the Power of Flowers Essence Company. She has lectured internationally and is well known for her expertise and research into fairy tale mythology, the study of archetype, her karmic imprint and past life astrological counseling known as Power Mapping, and the symbolic association of the human soul and nature. Read the original article here.

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