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Your Life Post-Shift (Kirael and Cornelius III through Kahu Fred Sterling)

KIRAEL:  This will be a relatively short program, as time is moving quickly.  Our topic is life post-Shift, but before we go into the topic of the evening, I will set the stage by addressing the significance of 2009 and the timing of the Great Shift.

Your Earth plane can no longer exist the way it has been; so you will see some changes starting this year, for example, the election of Barack Obama.  In Lemurian numerology, 2009 is 2 plus 9, which equals 11, which is a 2, signifying balance, in this case, balance in duality.  This year will mark the beginning of the end of duality. 

You will have a powerful and positive experience in the midst of all the turmoil in the economic world, if you get up each morning and say, “Thank you, God Creator, for yesterday, and today, which is even more powerful.  I can feel the power in me bones.”  You say, “Master Kirael, what if I don’t feel good about each day?”  Say those positive words anyway, because if you say them, you might be able to feel the power of positive speaking.

If you are in a relationship with someone, that journey will change this year.  Let’s say you’re changing but your mate is not in sync with you.  Turn the situation around and get it in sync.  Be honest and up front with your mate.  Tell your mate what you’re doing and why.  Say, “Listen, I’ll tell you what I’m doing.  I’m listening to this man in Hawaii, who’s talking about the Great Shift.  You’re invited to listen.  I know you don’t want to listen, but do, because he’s talking about what will happen to us.  If you choose not to listen, I’ll fill you in later.”  Tell your mate that you’re trying to be aware of the world that’s changing around you.  Then let it go.  You must say something, because if you say nothing, then your mate will drift farther away from you and eventually you won’t be able to communicate at all and that’s not good for anyone. 

Don’t force your mate to listen.  Just be aware of your journey, because you will be the one who must “drag” this person along if he or she chooses to go through the Shift uninformed.  Staying positive will help you weather the storm and prepare you for a life of unimaginable peace and prosperity in the Great Shift.

Many of you are wondering when the Shift will happen.  No one can predict the actual date of the Shift, as it is not written in stone.  Your movement into the Shift depends on your awakening consciousness, and with the quickening of time, 2012 may well be the year the Shift becomes irreversible, so to speak.  When you awaken each morning, thank your God Creator that you have your “headlights” on this journey.  After all, if 2012 is when you shift, it will be here before you can blink an eye.

What does it mean to be shifting in consciousness?  It’s not about shifting into particle lights or de-particle-izing, although you’ll get to that; rather, it’s about moving into a new vibration of love and light.

In order for you to get a better idea of what this Shift in Consciousness will look like, I will introduce you to Cornelius III, a powerful being of the Goddess Light from the fourth dimension, who, by the way, is also of your dimension.  He lived upon this Earth plane a long time ago and died in 1942.  If you go back in time to when Master Jesus was here, Cornelius, who was a female energy then, was called Mary Magdalene.  I won’t go into this in any detail.  You can piece it together or perhaps Cornelius will tell you about it himself.  Cornelius is waiting to come through.  So, without further ado, I present this most beautiful and powerful particle of love and light, Cornelius III.

CORNELIUS:  Hello.  I’ve come here to tell you about the fourth dimension, but first I’ll tell you a little about myself.  I’m Cornelius III.  You don‘t need to know my last name.  When a Great Shift was last attempted, I was embodied as a female and was with your friend, Master Jesus, a beautiful man, who was killed upon a cross.  When Jesus was taken off the cross, his body was placed in a cave.  The people thought he died, but he didn’t.  True, he went home, but he left a particle of himself here.  He knew that his journey as Jesus was over and that he didn’t want to be here to be a part of this journey you’re doing now.  So, that particle of himself followed Mary to France, where she gave him a child, but that’s a story for another time. 

That was just one of my lifetimes.  I’ve had a few.  In another of them, the people of Lemuria called me the Chancellor; but, enough about me.  I’m here to tell you what the fourth dimension looks like in terms of what to expect of your body process and your environment. 

You will have two brains, a physical brain and a particle brain, and they will wake up simultaneously.  If you have two brains, then you must have two spirit bodies, two emotional bodies, and two physical bodies (one particle and one physical).

It is uncertain when you will get your particle body.  It might be the first few days, first few months, first few years, or longer.  If you do a good job of elevating your consciousness in this third dimension, you will have the particle body upon entering the fourth dimension.  You’ll just pop that particle body right out from your heart chakra.  You’ll be lying down when you do it because you’ll fall down if you don‘t.  I came here on my particle body, so that I could come through Master Kirael’s medium.  I can get here and back where I came from in a flash.  I travel on your field of energies, which goes out to the Pleiades, the Andromedas, Sirius and everywhere in between.   

With respect to your physical body, you will need a new physical body to move from the third to the fourth dimension.  The fourth-dimensional physical body is a little bit taller and thinner than your third-dimensional body.  In the fourth light, no one has weight problems.  If you currently have a weight problem, don’t worry about it.  It will be taken care of when you get into the fourth dimension.  Be content with yourself now and just avoid putting on any more weight.   

I have a physical body on another planet system you know as the Pleiades.  Well, it’s actually the fourth light of the Pleiades and it’s separated from the seven sister planets.  My physical being is asleep right now.  It sleeps a lot because I’m out traveling the cosmos a lot.  My fourth-dimensional body is beautiful, about seven feet two inches tall, with wide shoulders, a thin waist, thin legs and a beautiful smile.  It’s a perfect body and it can fly.

You will nourish your bodies, both physical and particle, by eating four small meals a day.  The four meals are based on the fact that you will have two bodies to deal with. Your whole journey is about preparing your bodies.  If you have cancer or some other serious dis-ease, it doesn’t matter.  Work on getting better now, but if you still have it when you experience the Shift, the cancer or other dis-ease will disappear.

If you are experiencing a lot of itching now, that’s a mark of shifting.  It means your body’s trying to expand, so scratch it or place your hand over the itch, take a breath and bring your energy back inside of you, because you don’t need that expanded body until you get to the new light.  

Now I will address your physical environment.  Homes will be more powerful than you ever imagined.  The change won’t happen quickly in the beginning, because you must phase out the houses you have now.  You will be very involved in the powerful dynamics of building environmentally sound homes.  Some people will study how to build these new homes and then they will teach the teachers how to teach this art of building homes, most of which will be built from wood or stone.  The shapes of these homes will vary; one of the most popular will be the geodesic dome.  You won’t need air conditioning because you will build it into the environment.  That’s right, you won’t have anything installed or hidden behind the walls of the house.  Photon will be used for many of your needs, such as electricity. 

As far as religions are concerned, now you have many religions, such as Catholicism, Judaism, Protestantism, Mormonism, Islamism, and more; yet, only one religion will exist in the fourth light, because the world will be awakened to the whole of spirituality.

I could go on and get into more detail abut your life post-Shift, but then you will not have the opportunity to ask questions.  Therefore, I will let you guide the session with your questions. 

Q:  Is the Great Shift part of a cycle and will this Shift be part of the cycle that Master Jesus tried to complete? 

CORNELIUS:  You should have been looking at shifting in 2035 or 2040, somewhere around that time.  Your current cycle indicates that it will occur before then.  Some are predicting that this Great Shift in Consciousness will occur in 2012, but as I said, it is not written in stone.  I hope you have that long.  Maybe you do.  Maybe you don’t.  Who cares?  In any event, you must be ready for it.

Master Jesus was supposed to experience this Shift in a previous cycle, but it did not happen.  He was healing people in preparation for the Shift.  Jesus was a good healer, but his journey was about his own awakening to what healing was all about.  See, Jesus wanted to heal and be healed, but he was also supposed to teach people how to heal themselves, the way Kahu does now.  Master Jesus didn’t want to teach anybody.  He just wanted to touch all the people in the world and heal them, but more people needed healing than he could possibly get to, because he stayed in the vicinity of Damascus, Bethlehem, etc.  Jesus didn’t really fail in his journey.  Even if he had taught people how to heal themselves, the Shift would not have happened because the people just weren’t ready to go to the fourth dimension at that time, but now they are. 

That particular shift cycle ended when Master Jesus was crucified.  The whole journey was powerful for him, but I would say it was powerless for you because you were all too scared to shift, and that was the end of the cycle.  When Jesus cried out to the Father during the crucifixion, he didn’t say what your Bible says he did.  He said, "Father, I have learned what I have learned, for it is not for you to say whether I should stay or not.  It is my choice to become whole with you in the light of All That Is.  Bring me home now."  At that point, he breathed his last breath.  Jesus knew he had not lived up to the teaching part of his journey and that he couldn’t fulfill that mission at that point.  Now you must teach people to heal as part of this shifting process.

Anyway, it has taken about 2,000 years to get past that whole journey.  If you go back 2,000 years before the time Master Jesus tried to shift the Earth plane, to 4,000 A.D., you would see another shifting journey.  Cycles are always coming and going.  You’re safe within the cycles.  If you get this Shift to occur in 2012, you will be so far ahead of the game. 

Q:  What is the council of 12 and how will they operate in the fourth light?

CORNELIUS:  The council of 12 is the same council that was here 2,000, 4,000, and 6,000 years ago.  They are here to supervise your Great Shift in Consciousness.  They are the identical particles of light that were here in Master Jesus’ time.  The councils come into this journey, position themselves around the globe and talk to each other through the magical field you have here.  They don’t need phones or any other device.  When you get into this Shift journey, they will be on the move constantly.  You will never find them where they were the last time you talked to them.  They move like I do, through particle-ization.  They can re-particle-ize in another space and time.  Their powers are given to them by the Creator’s Force.  They are Seraphim angel particles, who will always be available in light form for anybody to talk to them. 

Q:  What is the role of the red-robed wizard, the wizard of balance, during the Shift?

CORNELIUS:  The red-robed wizards, males and females, are powerful journeyers of the third dimension.  You seldom see more than two or three of these wizards together at one time in your dimension. 

You are a red-robed energy already.  You have the power to fly now.  You know it, but it’s all right if you don’t.  You do know it, though.  When you get close to this Great Shift, you will know what your job is.  You red-robed wizards are the magical holders of all the different color robes, which come underneath the twelve robes of the red.  Every red-robed being, regardless of gender, comes under that weave of understanding.  If you’re one of them, your whole journey is about focusing the fire. 

By focusing the fire, I mean that you can light your hands up right now.  Hold your hands up and look at them.  That’s a focus of fire, my friend.  You are a powerful being, and I would not even have recognized you.  You’re so well hidden, but not for much longer.  Eventually, you must put your robes on and be the power that will hold the Shift in steadiness, while the Earth plane spins in a different direction.  The journey of the red-robed wizard is about stopping the Earth from spinning one way and taking it in another direction.

You cannot make it into this Great Shift until your Earth plane shifts.  Most of you out there won’t know the Earth is shifting when it happens, because you will be asleep.  Well, as a red-robed wizard, you won’t be asleep, and neither will the Goddess. 

Q:  What is the one thing that we can do on an individual basis to stay centered, positive and calm in 2009.

CORNELIUS:   Pray at least three or four times a day every day.  You can’t pray and pick on people at the same time.  Praying will help you prepare to do what is necessary to keep you centered. 

Q:  How will our thoughts affect our shifting journey?

CORNELIUS:  This whole journey is about your thoughts and what you will do to raise your level of awareness.  In other words, you must think your way through this journey.

You must connect into your omni brain where your higher self is.  Your higher selves are 35,000  miles outside your Earth plane.  They hold those 35,000 miles into your Earth plane, creating what you consider to be your gravitational force.  It’s not gravitation at all.  It’s your higher selves holding you onto this plane some 35,000 miles above your thoughts. 

I repeat:  This whole journey starts in the mental world.  You must have your thoughts out in front of you, so that you can recognize when you’re headed down the road to negative thinking, and then think your way out of that whole journey.  Those negative thoughts get caught in the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical body processes.  If you can get to the mental world first when you’re having a bad day, hour, or minute, you will be able to turn it around into this new force of light that is guided by your higher selves.  Outside those 35,000 miles, your higher selves are putting their energies into this whole journey.

When the Goddess Light removes hooks from the Earth plane at sacred sites, they must work at it.  Yet, if you learn how to reach through your mental process and go out 35,000 miles, you can pick the hooks right out of the Earth, because your higher self is there to work with you and for you. 

I cannot emphasize this enough.  During this shifting journey, you must be filled with powerful thoughts.  Everybody has to think the “right” thing.  Many people don’t even know that I or any unseen energy force exists, so you must do the journey for everybody else in order to help the Earth shift. 

When you get up tomorrow morning and you’re feeling badly, ask yourself who’s to blame for that.  Why did you think your body into this whole journey of feeling bad?  You must think yourself out of it.  So, when you wake up thinking, “Oh, I’m feeling bad.  I’m going to feel bad all day,” go ahead and feel bad, but stay home.  Don’t get out of the bed and don’t bother your friends about it.

Think your way through everything.  Get everything into your omni brain now.  Ninety percent of your brain capacity is dormant.  Yet, none of you will be working with only the ten percent of your brain that was active when you were born.  During the shifting process, the percentage of your brain that is active will open up more and more.  Most of you are already beyond that ten percent and are using in the range of 16 to 20 percent or more of your brain now, meaning that you are geniuses.  That’s right.  Each of you has 16 percent or more of your brain working.  Use it.  If you don’t, the active portion of your brain will shrink back to a smaller percentage.    

Q:  When will the omni brain be available to us?

CORNELIUS:  The omni brain is available to you now.  So get used to using it.  The medium can teach you how to get into your own omni brain and talk to it just like you’re talking to me.  Leave your body during sleep state and enter into your omni brain, the one brain of which you are all part.  Your higher self’s particles are of the omni brain, which is the universal brain.  You’re compressed into this body process and you have a little brain, yet you are connected into the higher self.  Even the youngest soul on the planet is connected to his higher self, which is the God Creator’s Force.  Be aware of this and practice using your omni brain.

Q:  How will the educational institutions be, post-Shift?  Will teachers need the same education or certification and will children still be in a school environment, going on to high school and university?  I have two children and am wondering how they will fit into the new educational energy.

CORNELIUS:  Your teachers will be anywhere from about 20 to 30 years old.  They will teach the people above them and below them.  What’s the age of your youngest child? 

Q:  My youngest is eight years old.

CORNELIUS:  And the oldest one is?

Q:  Eleven.

CORNELIUS:  Both of your children are already qualified teachers in the new shifting arena.  They can tap into that whole journey.  You can learn from these children now, even though they don’t know how to teach yet.  If you listen to them, you will learn something.     

Each grade school will have no more than about 100 students in attendance.  The next level up will be a small college that will hold about 60 people.  From that small college, students will attend a big college that will hold about 400 to 500 people.  Nowadays a college might have 14,000 people in attendance.  The schools post-Shift will be more conducive to teaching and learning.

Your oldest son is already attending to this whole journey.  In about seventeen months, he will shut down a little.  Don’t mark your calendar.  You’ll know when it happens.  He will have too much knowledge for you and the human world.  So he’ll shut it down and stay back until the Shift happens.  After that, he’ll come out and be a teacher again.    

Q:  What kinds of courses and subjects will be taught after the Shift?

CORNELIUS:  Philosophy is the major course that will be taught—Philosophy 101.  Your whole journey will be based on the philosophy of this new consciousness.  Your new energies will enable you to open up to this whole journey.  You will learn the philosophy of spirituality.

The next thing you must be aware of is your scientific journeys.  You will all be part of the scientific journeys.  You will learn about subjects you haven’t even touched upon in present time.  The so-called mysteries that plague your scientists now will come to light, so to speak. 

Math will be a guaranteed focus as well.  Your base numbers are 1 to 10, actually 1 to 9, because you just put a zero behind the 1 and it makes a 10.  Your first lessons will be woven into the math process.  You will learn a deeper understanding of numbers not only in terms of numerology but also in terms of their use in philosophy, science, and your grids here on Earth, and even building your homes.  It will be a more expansive journey.

Next will be geography, because you will let go of borders and your land will be reshaped and redistributed after Mother Earth shifts.

Q:  What can I do to assist my children post-Shift?

CORNELIUS:  You must be out there in front of your children, protecting them a little bit, because they will possess knowledge that other people will want to know.  People will come looking for them to learn everything your children can teach them, but that’s not how it happens in the Shift.  Post-Shift, everyone will know what he or she will teach and people will be taught in an orderly fashion at the proper time and in the proper place.

In the meantime, be prepared to stand up for your children.  Take them by the hand and let them share what they know.  You tell everybody, “Listen to them.  Just listen to them.  You don’t have to do anything with the information.  Just listen to them.”  Then you’ll be doing it right. 

Q:  How do we access the right brain while still using the left brain?  Will we be totally right-brained after the Shift?

CORNELIUS:  You can access the right brain by focusing on yourselves, and you do that by praying three or four times a day, and eating three proper meals a day.  In other words, take care of your spirit and your body.  Do what you must do right now.  Don’t wait for 2012 or 13, 14.  However, when you focus on yourself, don’t become so enamored that you fall so in love with yourself that nothing else matters.  That’s not the energy that will carry you into the right brain.  That’s ego energy.   

Your right brain will be thinking peace, prosperity, love, and kindness—everything beautiful.  Your left brain will be working on the illusions of the third dimension.  So you must separate where you are in the illusion from where you are in your right brain.  You can’t be totally right-brained.  If you were totally right-brained, you’d be sitting around meditating and having a good old time, but being unproductive.

If you’re at least around 16 percent brain capacity, you will understand what I’m saying.  You must get past this illusory journey and be aware of what your ego will do—it takes on this whole illusory journey and invents something for you.  You can teach the left brain to get past the illusory journey.  When the left brain goes into the illusion force, that illusion comes into this whole journey through the body process.  You have 70 trillion cells that are reaching out to get all this information into the journey.  Your brain contains about 90 percent of your cells right now, because it’s the activity in the brain that makes your body what it is.    

When you train your left brain to get past the illusions of the ego, it can use the information in the right brain in a productive way.  A nice balance is created between the left and right brains.

Q:  What will Andromeda, the Pleiades and Sirius star systems do to help us get through the Shift?

CORNELIUS:  Five segments of beings from these star systems will be involved with your Great Shift, but only four will be active.  Many of these segments are particles and have bodies positioned into this Earth plane.  They sleep a lot and have been accused of being in a coma.  They’ll wake up when the time is right.  They are ready for you, and if you’re ready for them, they will wake up.   

When they do wake up, they will tell you what they want you to do.  Now, be careful, because a lot of them will try to trip you up and keep you from going into this Great Shift.  They like this planet the way it is.  It’s someplace to shoot at.  A number of them would like you not to get into this Great Shift process, so they’ll tell you, “Come with me.  I’ll teach you how to do this and teach you how to do that.”  Listen to them because they will give you some good information.  Just don’t fall for the whole journey.  Get the information and then get out.  Hear it and love it, then move on.   

Q:  What role is Barack Obama playing in preparing us for the Shift?

CORNELIUS:  His journey is about getting you onto this shifting process.  It’s no coincidence that his term ends in 2012!  His whole journey is about enlightening you about what you must do.  He will point his finger at the camera during his speeches and say, “What will you do to help get this journey going, because it will be up to you and me to heal this country.  You will play a bigger part than I will.  I’m just a counselor, a speaker, but you are the council, and I speak for you.”  He will speak to you like that and you must stand up and say, “That’s right.  We are We the People.”  Barack Obama will remind you to speak out and to take action to create the society you want.  He will remind you that you have the power and he will show the way.  When you listen to Barack Obama, focus on his eyes.   


To sum up, the fourth light is about new energies reshaping the world.  You will have new bodies, a new environment and a new way of doing things.  All of your endeavors will be based on the philosophy of spirituality, which will be your grounding force in the new shifting energy.  Embrace your ability to tap into your omni brain so that you will be prepared for the Shift and all the wonders that will be waiting for you in the fourth light.  I could only touch upon these subjects in the short time that I had.  More is yet to come. 

Good evening.

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