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The Core Balance Diet (M.Pick-HayHouse)


The Core Balance Diet
4 Weeks to Boost Your Metabolism and Lose Weight
 for Good

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product description  
From the co-founder of Women to Women, one of the first clinics in the
country devoted to providing health care for women by women, comes a
whole new way to look at weight loss: The Core Balance Diet.Marcelle
Pick draws upon decades of patient and personal experience to solve the
mystery of stubborn, frustrating weight gain in women, whether you’ve
just gained it or have been struggling with it for years. This breakthrough
program, which has benefited many of the thousands of women who
visit the clinic each year, is rooted in cutting-edge nutritional science
that explores the weblike relationship between women’s hormones,
metabolism, and weight gain. In clear terms, Pick connects the dots
between self-knowledge, self-care, and the ability to lose weight,
extending the concept of body-mind-spirit to demonstrate why and
how a woman’s biography becomes her biology.
At its most basic level, The Core Balance Diet shows you how to
self-diagnose one of six major biochemical imbalances that may be
preventing you from losing weight. These include digestive, hormonal,
adrenal, neurotransmitter, inflammatory, and detoxification imbalances.
From there, Pick guides you through easy lifestyle and diet changes
customized to heal your specific imbalance. Throughout, you will
learn how to begin living in a manner that encourages optimal
health—without a lot of deprivation and stringent dieting rules— by
achieving core balance from the inside out, and, of course, weight loss
for life.
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Marcelle co-founded Women to Women in 1983 with a vision to
change the way in which women’s healthcare is delivered.
In her practice, Marcelle undertakes a holistic approach that not only
treats illness, but also helps women make choices in their lives to
prevent disease.
Marcelle earned a BS in Nursing from the University of New Hampshire
School of Nursing, a BA in Psychology from the University of New
Hampshire, and her MS in Nursing from Boston College–Harvard
Medical School.
She is certified as an OB/GYN Nurse Practitioner and a Pediatric Nurse
Practitioner, and is a member of the American Nurses Association,
American Nurse Practitioner Association and American Holistic Nurses
Association. Marcelle has served as Medical Advisor to Healthy Living
Magazine, lectured on a variety of topics — including “Alternative
Strategies to Healing” and “Body Image” — and appears regularly on
television to discuss women’s health.

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  1. I've just finished this book and wanted to say -- it is wonderful!!! Here's a bit from my amazon review...

    I've followed Atkins, WW, South Beach, you name it, and after reading Core Balance (and now following the 14-day detox - worst part, giving up coffee, but I'm actually feeling a bit better now 3 days in), I can immediately tell the difference between a diet plan that just says, "Eat this, do this, and see? You'll lose weight" and the Core Balance plan. From this book, I finally understand why I've struggled so much in the past with weight. Best of all, I now have a customized plan in hand for how to heal my body and shed the pounds. Definitely five stars for that! Plus, I just absolutely love Marcelle Pick's warm, chatty writing style. Page turner diet books are hard to come by, but this is one. Bottom line? A truly unique standout in the current crop of diet/weight loss books!

    Here's a link to an interview with the author, Marcelle Pick... Inside the Core Balance Diet — an interview with author Marcelle Pick