Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Libra Full Moon: Access your Natural Self (Julia Bondi)

Intuitive Message for the Libra Full Moon:
Access Your Natural Self

The rise of the independent self, the me, the "I am" of Aries is the strength of the human spirit springing into life. Fresh, new, vibrant and ready for life, these are the watchwords of the inherent self that seeks to live, to become. As we breathe in the sweetness of the spring air, relish the beauty of the spring flowers and feel the promise of new life around us, it is a time to remember that we are alive. How vibrant do we feel as we greet our day? How fresh is our approach to each new challenge or opportunity? How much time do we allow to find sweetness in our days?

Much is written about the selfishness of our era, about the excessive focus of most of us on what I want and need. At this Full Moon we are offered a time to reconsider that we may be not who we are or who we want to be — but who we think we must be, or who we have become by following the paths laid out for us by family, school, culture or partners. Often there is too little development of the true, Aries self and too much reliance onthe false Libra self who seeks to please, to be accepted and to do what will bring us power with others. Each signs medicine is always available through the opposite sign.

The Moon is in Libra at this Aries Full Moon, reflecting back to us the true self we must be if we are to be ready for love, partnership and equality in every facet of our lives when Libra is in the ascendancy. Libra as the reflection is the light of the love we must develop for our self as we become self aware. The true self flourishes in the light of loving attention. Let this Full Moon be an inspiration for us to give more time to loving who we genuinely are — not what we think we are, or think we need to be. Who am I? This eternal question seemingly eternally difficult to know is instantly apparent when we cease trying to know the answer with our mind. "Who I am" is readily available, insistently calling out to be heard when we stop and listen with our loving, Libran heart. The child in us does not need to be told who it is or what it wants, just to be given the loving environment to naturally be free to follow its own instincts.

Individuation is built on the foundation of a well developed, instinctive person who is at ease with their own nature. The Full Moon of Aries/Libra is the ideal time each year when we can more easily access our natural self, our instinctive knowing of who we are and what we really want. To trust that we do know ourselves and our destiny is the path to manifesting the life that will be fulfilling for each of us.

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