Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Libra Full Moon: Making Peace & Love with Others (Dana Gerhardt)

Libra Full Moon Ritual:
Making Love or Peace With Others

What gives you an orgasm? Why does passion fade? Oprah recently began her show with these provocative questions—on the Friday that Venus and Pluto, the planets of love and passion, were square. Not everyone enjoyed lusty thoughts, for these two planets also deliver the dark underbelly of desire: jealousy, loneliness, and rage. That same day James Harrison discovered his wife with another man. Learning that she planned to leave him, he killed himself and their five children the next day.

It was the First Quarter Moon and a wild weekend, with Pluto also stationing retrograde, and Mars (warriors, gunmen) opposing Saturn (the authorities). A number of horrific gun fights made the news. We should hope this Libra Full Moon will be more peaceful—but also that we use it well. Full Moons are turning points, times to make our peace with whatever issues we’ve been embroiled in. With Venus retrograde (from March 6 to April 17), your emotions may have been running high these past few weeks. You may feel particularly urgent about getting what you want—especially in relationships. With both Venus and the Sun in Aries, it’s only natural to be looking at your partner and thinking, "What about me? Where’s my joy?"

If you’re satisfied with the others in your life, the Libra Full Moon is a perfect time to balance in the bliss of that. Drink it in. Whether you’re loving the back-and-forth you share with a romantic partner, your work mates, or your children, this Venus-ruled Moon is the best Full Moon of the year to celebrate such pleasures. Your happiness or passion will inevitably fade (novelty and the chase, say experts, keep our passion meters high). But the very impermanence of your bliss is what makes it special.

If you’re not feeling your bliss, this is still a wonderful Full Moon for working relationship magic. Perhaps there’s a particular someone on your mind, someone who sparked intense feelings at the First Quarter Moon, when Venus and Pluto were square. Don’t let this Full Moon pass without shifting any discordant energy! If you’re stymied at how to do this, sit quietly at sunset and ask the Full Moon for help. Or use this wonderful meditation:

Libra Meditation
by Pythia Peay

To invoke the spirit of harmony in your relationships, bring to mind a person with whom you are engaged in some kind of conflict.Clearly outline the differences between the two of you; what "she" did, or "he" said and how you feel otherwise. Then imagine that that person is seated across from you. Next, open your heart to that person; if you do not love them, at least cultivate a sense of respect for their individual autonomy that is separate from you. To deepen the feeling that the person across from you is not just your opponent, but a child of the divine, address them as "thou." Cultivating such an attitude of respect opens the door of empathy; putting yourself in their place, you begin to see how things appear from their perspective. Slowly, like the dawn of a star, you begin to glimpse the situation that has divided the two of you from their way of seeing. After you have thoroughly immersed yourself in the viewpoint of the person opposite you, return to your "side" of the argument, then review your disagreement in light of the understanding and insight you have just gained. Similarly, imagine that the person opposite you, in body and in point of view, has undergone a similar process and is now able to see things from your perspective.

Now imagine that throughout this process, some alchemical magic greater than the two of you has been working to sort through your differences. In this heart-opening process you have conceded something; so, too, has your partner. This interchange, and mixing and matching of views, has resulted in an open flow of energy between you. Now, instead of the impassable chasm that has separated you, a current of warm feeling streams between your hearts. The two of you have somehow managed to retain your individual perspectives; yet at the same time your relationship has been magically balanced so that you have achieved a momentary equilibrium - a heaven of harmony. 

Conclude your practice by contemplating once again the symbolism of the scales of Libra, and the harmony and beauty of Venus. Then bow to "the other" in your life, and give thanks that this situation has come into your life as a wise teacher who has taught you how to live in right relationship with others. 

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