Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sagittarius Full Moon: June 07, 2009: It's time to listen again (Julia Bondi)

Intuitive Message for the Sagittarius Full Moon:
It is Time to Listen Again

Welcome to the festival of good will, the Full Moon of Gemini/Sagittarius. At this time of the year as we are integrating the spiritual gifts of the previous full moon of Taurus/Scorpio, the Wesak festival of the descent of the Buddha, it is natural to turn to the destiny of humanity, our communal destiny. Why are we here? This innate yearning to understand ourselves, our lives, and our purpose is intensified in the questions of Gemini mind as it is illuminated by the spiritual fires of Sagittarius.


Reaching out to others in order to reach in to ourselves reveals the mystery of the opposing signs – the inner and outer are both manifestations of the same consciousness. Gemini seeks to know itself through dialogue, questioning and learning from and through others as it sees itself and its own ideas clarified in the responses of the other. Where do our ideas come from, why do we think, how can we know our true direction? Gemini’s task, the task of each individual’s mind, is to listen – first, to listen to one’s own thoughts, to ask the questions that naturally arise from the thoughts, then to listen to the answers that come both from within and from without. With these new ideas and thoughts Gemini’s second directive is to let go of the mind’s fascination with thinking and turn the ideas over to Sagittarius to be distilled, focused and clarified, to be burned into truth.


Ideas, knowledge, truth, conversation, opinion, dialogue, information - these are the staples of our modern, information driven world full of the sound of noise. To truly think, understand and know requires activity followed by quiet listening. Our noisy minds stuffed with words are often functioning on overload leaving no space for integrating, knowing and responding. Each Full Moon offers a new balance, an ever evolvingharmony in a crucial area of our life. We can see the desperate need for quiet, listening and genuine dialogue in nearly every arena of life today. We notice that more and more of us are turning off the television, searching for more authentic voices, seeking simple truths, yearning for meaningful conversation as we turn to leaders who are committing to a willingness to listen, to find common ground and to negotiate rather than demand. Politicians now set off on “listening tours” to gain the trust of their potential constituents. We are all sensing that it is time to listen again to our own questions, to our inner guidance and to be receptive to simple truths. 


The Gemini/Sagittarius Full Moon is a moment pregnant with knowing if we will find the time to quiet ourselves and listen with a thoughtful desire to know what we can know in this immediate moment. As our Gemini mind poses the burning question we so desire an answer to, our Sagittarian wisdom will bless us with the truth that contains the answer we seek. That is, if we listen.

© 2009 Julia Bondi
All rights reserved

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