Friday, November 25, 2011

Meditation: Truth On All Four Bodies, by Kahu Fred Sterling.

One of the most proficient ways to focus our minds on this third-dimensional journey of healing is through the art of meditation. To meditate on anything requires tapping into your super consciousness and attaining complete and utmost clarity.  Anything less will get you somewhere short of the truth you seek.

Your meditation must be supremely genuine, practiced with positivity, and never questioned on any level.  In order to accomplish such unquestioning faith in your meditation, you must know and understand truth in all four bodies.  If you have any hope of attaining the highest possibility in a meditation, you must know what truth feels like at that level.  It is a feeling unmatched by any other human feeling. 

Knowing truth on all levels during a meditation will enable you to receive information at the highest level of understanding, a level that brings the clarity that nothing is beyond your reach.  From that space, you will strive to make clarity and communication your only reality. 

Practice this form of meditation.  Your commitment to this ancient art is the most consistent way of recognizing that you are a product of the only perfect "form" of light, and that you are always on a journey of love.  

©Fred Sterling


For more than 20 years, Kahu Fred Sterling has served as the exclusive medium for Master Guide Kirael, a seventh dimensional guardian spirit. He is the author of six books including Kirael: The Great Shift and Kirael: The Ten Principles of Consciously Creating .  He shares his passionate messages via workshops , articles , audio recordings , and webcasts on Kahu Sterling is also a gifted healer and pioneer of the Signature Cell HealingTM modality .

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