Friday, November 4, 2011

Easy Does It, by Mary Cook M.A., R.A.S.

Addictions are not easy.  It’s a heavy burden to feed these insatiable, ever expanding beasts.  And their stories are filled with anger, despair, insanity and trauma.  As addiction progresses, artificial euphoria and symbolic power diminish in length of time and intensity, while cravings for gratification increase.  Ultimately, addictions backfire bringing more pain and problems than previously experienced.  This presents an opportunity for addicts to glimpse a bit of truth about their calamitous condition, and stimulate curiosity as to its relief.

Willfulness and inattentiveness interfere with awareness of both earthly and Heavenly assistance, giving rise to feelings of isolation and overwhelming responsibilities. The fellowship of recovery offers warm welcome, genuine acceptance, helpfulness, honesty, humor and understanding.  There is a tangible sense of lightness, relaxation, gratitude and contentment here.  This is the energy of living in solution and ease.

Negative self image accompanies addiction, generating harsh judgments, unreasonable resentments and pessimism.  Poor esteem is linked to repeating negative habits of thoughts, feelings and actions, and the loss of a whole integrated sense of self.  Allowing a Higher Power and recovery support people to disrupt these habits and teach healthier behaviors and attitudes gives rise to compassion and optimism.  Personal inventory brings insight, and motivates healing and positive change.  As transformations occur, past negative energies are relinquished and a deeper, truer self emerges.

Doing our part in life requires persistent, patient, positive intention and efforts toward our task.  When our actions are a series of starts and stops, half hearted measures, resistance, avoidance, procrastination or resentment concerning the task, we either fail or experience limited or superficial success.  When our actions are accompanied with mindfulness, and acceptance or enjoyment of the process of learning, we are practicing “easy does it”.  Continuous change, full engagement with life and divine partnership is our true nature.  

Trial and error is what is required to move forward in life, and to expand our experiences and consciousness.  Our mistakes, pain and problems provide an opportunity for us to delve more deeply into ourselves, reach out for help, and practice closer contact with our Higher Power.  Every thought, feeling and action is an energetic force with far reaching effects on the planet.  Whether we are carrying an infant, working at the office, painting a portrait, or praying for world peace, we are stewards of this world.  Every moment that we align body, heart, mind and spirit in our task, is a gift of grace to the planet.  

There are rooms of redemption all over the world welcoming addicts.  And it is up to each of us to decide how profoundly we wish to change our story.  The vision from addiction is delusional; cut off from common sense, intuition and logic and as needy as a drowning person’s gasp for air.  It requires tremendous courage and support to starve the beast of addiction.  It requires humility to walk through darkness and surrender all that we know.  But this is how we see that our story arose from confusion and pain and its’ resulting defenses and defects.  We are inspired by those who have reclaimed their light and inner treasure, and we are invited into spiritual communion.  It is here that we exchange our heavy burdens for gratitude, and sit together on hallowed ground.  It is here in this great banquet of soul nourishment, where a new story begins.

WWW.MARYCOOKMA.COM  Mary Cook is the author of “Grace Lost and Found: From Addictions and Compulsions to Satisfaction and Serenity”, available from Barnes & Noble,, etc.  She has 35 years of clinical practice and 29 years of university teaching experience.  Mary is a national speaker and has a private practice in San Pedro, CA.  She is available for telephone and office counseling, guided meditation, speaking engagements and in-service training.  Contact her at and see her website for further information. 

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