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Why Are You Here and Does It Have to Be YOUR Way? by Toni Petrinovich

Recently, I was sent a set of questions regarding human beings incarnating on earth. Since each of the questions reflects a particular belief system, I am going to use them to fuel the fire investigating why you believe what you believe. So this writing is both an article and a practice of examining where your beliefs come from and how they influence your life. I am sure you have been exposed to the term "a learning curve".  It means that what you are learning impresses itself upon your mind most emphatically the first time you hear it or learn about it.  From there on, the information makes less of an impression as you align yourself with it.  It begins to become part of your knowledge.

So, too, is there a curve to your spiritual expansion.  The difference between learning something cognitively and expanding spiritually is that the linear knowledge is usually based upon empirical evidence while the spiritual expansion is without limits.

What can stifle the acceptance of your expansion is the belief systems you begin to adopt as you expand.  The initial information you received that made you aware of your expanding presence can take on a "this is the only truth" hue.  Then it moves from becoming the catalyst to expansion and becomes an attachment to what you believe your reality is comprised of in your "newly found" expanding awareness.

The trick to Mastery is letting go of every thing that you believe is creating the experience of the expansion and simply letting it happen.  So today we look at simply letting it be.  Does this make you uncomfortable?  Do you need to keep things "your way"?

1. Why do we come here to this dimension called Earth to expand?

Come here?  Where are “we coming from”?  All is a state of consciousness.  When you go to sleep at night and dream do you leave “here”?  No.  You are simply in a different state of consciousness that human beings call the dream state.

So, too, is earth yet another dream state.  You are.  That is all.  You simply are.  In that beingness, you allow yourself to consciously emerge in different aspects of being aware.  Human beings call this “being alive”.  When you are not in your bodies you are considered dead and gone.  The body may stop living yet the consciousness is very much alive and is expanding in its next state of awareness.

So, back to the question, why do we come here to expand?  Why not?  It’s here or 
somewhere else.  Why not here?

2. Earth has duality, polarity and contrast and it offers a certain expansion experience, but why do you suppose it is so important to have this experience of free will if it is not likely that we need it in other 

Here we begin to look at the belief system involved.  Why would this experience be any more important than any other experience except for the hubris of humanity? Human beings (through their ego personality) foster a viewpoint that is completely self-reflective. If it is not about me, what good is it?

So this question reflects there is a belief that having this experience is important because it involves free will.  Would you have it be differently?  Would you like to give up the contrast and free will and then . . . what?

Is there an emphasis on learning the experience of free because we will need it in other realms? What is so important about free will?  Could it simply be another experience exercised here; perhaps in other realms, perhaps not?  Can you simply let it be?

Under all of this questioning is the present viewpoint within mass consciousness that things need to change, the earth needs healing because humanity is running amuck, etc.  Could it not be possible that everything simply is and that is all you need to pay attention to so as to feel your own contentment?  Why does everything have to have some important, spiritual, off-the-charts meaning?  Why do you 
believe that what is is not perfect exactly as it is?  If science is looking for the source of gravity (and they are), perhaps it is the weight of the good intentions of human beings weighing the earth down.  After all, isn’t part of the issue your inability to change things according to your belief system that makes you think something needs to be fixed?

Human beings want to feel important . . . so this realm must be important . . . otherwise, oh, dear . . . perhaps you are not so overwhelmingly better than everything else after all!  The hardest thought for a human being is that he/she is only as important as they see themselves and that importance is for them alone. There is such attachment to being important or as a friend of mine once said, “being the one”.

3. Is it a sort of lesson we have to experience?  Is it like passing a grade to move on to experience other dimensions?

Oh, this is one of my favorites – the lesson (drum roll, please).  From the moment you could understand your native tongue, mom and dad taught you lessons about life.  Then you went to school and the teacher taught you lessons – right up through college or university.  Emerging into the world of business, homemaking, life itself is seen as a lesson since everything is “teaching” you something.  The connotation here, again, is that something is wrong and needs to be corrected by the lesson.  
You, as a human being, need to be fixed.

How about this?  Life is experience.  No one actually teaches you anything(though they would like to believe they are).  Mom and Dad superimpose their fears on you.  The schools attempt to inculcate you in society’s values (all depending upon the school.  I went to Catholic school and was taught everything 
differently, including history.)  By the time you arrive at the beginning of maturity, you are so immersed within the benefits of being taught a lesson that you know no other way because you need to learn; you need to be fixed.

How about this?  Life is experience.  Stop being attached to having to learn something.  Rather, focus your attention on experiencing what you want your life to be.  If you want a lesson, that is it – you are a human being.

4. What is the reason to come to Earth? Why would a Soul choose to experience duality, contrast or polarity?  There must be a bigger reason?

I will begin my response here with another question:  Why not?  Let’s pretend we 
are eavesdropping on an inner conversation being held in the realm of soul life 
between lives:
“Hmmm, what’s next?  I’m feeling like an experience.  Hmmm, what to choose.  I could become aware of earth and really shake it up.  After all, that frequency is filled with excitement and I could get really lost in it.  Or I could focus in dimension _____ (fill in the blank); haven’t done that in a long time.  I wonder if they’re still playing that game where they attempt to separate their one 
consciousness.  Hmmm . . . 

“You know, I remember that earth was about to begin remembering itself.  Now that could be fun.  Become focused there again (last couple of times were a kick!), lose myself in earth’s amnesia and see what happens to remembering.  Or maybe I won’t remember this time around.  I’ll just play.  Don’t really care.  It’s all infinite. Okay, focus “earth”; let’s choose a body.”

It’s earth or another focus of consciousness.  The choice is yours.

5. Why wouldn't we just choose to stay in a higher realm that would seem 
more pleasant?

Again, I will answer with a question or two.  How do you know you didn’t choose to stay in another realm and then later decided to focus here?  How do you know or believe that other realms are more pleasant?  And what in the world is a higher realm?

The answer to each of those questions is one:  belief.  Someone told you that there are higher realms.  Someone told you that they are better or more pleasant. Someone told you that being here is less than being there.

Realms, planes, dimensions – each of these words means a set of frequencies. Frequency is the number of times a wave moves up and down in its length.  There are no realms, planes or dimensions to go to.  You can’t get on a plane and travel to the 13th dimension.  You can focus your consciousness on a frequency that you describe as the 13th dimension yet that doesn’t mean that is what it is.  It is only 
true for you.

All reality is relative – hence, the word reality.  What is “real” to you is what is “relative” to you.  The word “relative” stems from the Latin relatus – to carry back.  So what is relative to you is based upon your perception of any realm as the information is carried back to you.  Since you are a standing wave transmitting and receiving simultaneously, you can only receive what you transmit.  It is your personal reality.

6. Are we all just lower evolved Beings that need to go through this realm to expand?

Now here is a great example of a belief system housing much, much attachment within the human race.  If you really want to know where all of these beliefs stem from read the works of Zecharia Sitchin and the origin of religion.

I will be brief here.  In the origin of the species is the memory of being subjected to beings that were seen as “gods”.  This belief is the basis for the Christian Bible.
Since most religious beliefs alive in planet earth rely on there being a lesser and a greater to control the population, mass consciousness has bought heavily into this belief system.

Holding this belief in your reality keeps you small, restricts your self-worth, diminishes your ability to follow your passion in life, subjects you to the whims of others, leaves you feeling unfulfilled and strengthens your sense of separation.  
Once you know (rather than believe) that you are Source Consciousness in form focusing in this frequency dimension, no one and no thing can subjugate you.
And, it is also very easy then to step back and let it all be.

7. Is there some truth to karma? Do we come to Earth to amend karma from other incarnations?

Karma:  the cosmic principle according to which each person is rewarded or punished in one incarnation according to that person's deeds in the previous incarnation.

Question:  Who or what would do the punishing or rewarding?  What belief system does this stem from and why would you want to believe it is true?  See the answer(s) to question 6 and take some time to understand how all of these beliefs were created to control a population during a specific time in history.

At the same time, there may be a feeling that you would like to focus consciousness in a certain frequency dimension that you have experienced to bring better understanding of a certain aspect of it i.e., you have been a female in the earth dimension so it would be fun to focus on being a male, etc.

8. Why would we come from a place that we are AWAKE and then come here to REMEMBER to awaken? Or have we elected to come here to help Earth in some way?

Questions:  What does “awake” mean to you?  How do you know you were “awake” in another dimension?  Who told you that you were?  You couldn’t possibly know that you were because if that were true, you would not ask this question.  Once you are awake, you remain awake – whatever that means to you. It is all relative.  It is all your personal reality.

The idea of being awake is the recognition, the remembrance, that there is no separation – of any thing, any one, any where.  There is no space or time.  Once you are aware of that you are awake and you will remain so.  The fact that you are asking the question means that you are getting very close to remembering that you are awake.  Forgetting that you are awake is not only experienced in the earth 
realm, it is experienced in many other dimensions, as well.  Re-membering is the basis of the fun.
It is Source sourcing itself as all experiences simultaneously, infinitely.  Read that sentence again.  Source IS all simultaneous experience infinitely; that means in every connotation of time or space, every idea of no time or no space, infinitely, everywhere and no where.

There is no judge.

There is no suffering unless you choose to experience your reality as something that you don’t like.

If your experience is outside of your alignment with your passion, you will experience it as suffering.

You will attempt to fix it or place the blame for the “wrongs” of the world on someone or something.

All you need do is re-focus on your passion.

Source is experiencing itself as you as your passion.


Toni Elizabeth Sar’h Petrinovich is a Master Teacher, mystic and quantum physical researcher with a ministerial doctorate in metaphysics.  She is the author of The Call – Awakening the Angelic Human, and its accompanying CD, DNA Re-Awakening,  You – A Field Guide, Finding an End to Seeking, DeLight of the Orbs and Speaking of Light. Toni teaches metaphysics and the sacred connection within through her Meta yoU classes, guided meditation CDs, DVD production and video presentations.

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