Tuesday, August 30, 2011

True Forgiveness vs. Pardoning (by Pamela Gregory).

Knowing the importance of forgiveness and ACHIEVING forgiveness, are two entirely different matters.

For the past two thousand years, we've been taught that forgiveness is about forgiving someone else, yourself or God for a perceived injustice done to you, or something you did to them. Unfortunately, we were taught the improper definition of forgiveness. Instead of forgiveness, what we've been taught is pardoning. Pardoning, or excusing someone for wrong or injust actions or behaviors is a nice thing to do, but it doesn't bring about the healing power of forgiveness as it was intended. The pain and trauma is still trapped inside you, waiting to be triggered at a later point in time.

True forgiveness is about cancelling the false reality within you that is causing you pain. No one outside of you is the cause of your pain and upset...trigger YES, cause NO. It ABSOLUTELY FEELS like their fault, I know. But that is our defense mechanism that will forever keep us blaming everybody else, so we never have to look at the part we created in it. We've ALL done it...until we know a better way...the only way...to heal our past and false realities.

I've been teaching the healing power of forgivenses for many, many years...but what I was teaching was the pardoning version. When I came across the work of Dr. Michael Ryce, I felt the truth of what he was teaching and thus adopted some of his key teachings into mine. It's powerful, powerful stuff! Let me warn you...once on this path, you'll never look back...AND you'll never again say, "You made me mad!"
Perhaps for the first time, there is a tool that can help you fully forgive once and for all. The process I've been searching for my entire life and have found to be the most effective beyond all others to assist in clearing and freeing your forgiveness issues I found in Dr. Ryce's teachings. .

One of the processes Dr. Michael Ryce uses is called The Reality Management Worksheets. Using this worksheet will allow you to discharge the hostility and fear you've been caring in your DNA your entire life, and even that of previous generations. Sounds CRAZY I know...but I've witnessed this for myself and it's a very real probability, as well as possibility...

Studies now show that the lack of forgiveness has measurable impact on our bodies. Continuing to carry yesterday's hurts with you will hurt you far more than anyone else. When you harbor resentment, hostility or fear, it festers in your body and can cause a multitude of problems, including chronic and even terminal conditions. Traumatic emotional issues literally eat away at the body. Anger releases high voltage toxic chemicals and hormones inside your body, damaging organs and your ability to think creatively. These contribute to a wide variety of diseases such as heart attack, cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis, ulcers, migraines, and high blood pressure, and many others. People with a variety of illnesses have had symptoms lessen, and even disappear when they achieved forgiveness.

If you wish to RESTORE your body's emotional and energetic balance back to the perfection you were created as (and still are) you'll invest the time and effort to heal your past, your false realities and return to a place of love. You can run from this task...but you cannot hide. Your pain will remain with you, and future generations until you heal it. The buck stops here...all healing is an inside job

Holding onto grievances is really a decision to continue to suffer. True forgiveness is the ONLY way to release us from a painful past.

"Our Essential Nature, as Human Beings, is Love. The work of healing is to remove anything that is unlike our True Nature so that we come back to the experience of Love 24/7/365." Dr. Michael Ryce.

Pamela has spent over 25 years in the health and wellness industry as a fitness trainer, holistic health practitioner, and nutritional consultant. Her greatest passion is to research empowering ways to help people heal themselves. The primary focus of her work today is in helping others to heal through teaching the principles of the Law of LOVE.

Pamela's approach to resolving forgiveness and other issues is very unique. She incorporates several energy medicine healing modalities, including kinesiology, to identify and RESTORE the body's emotional and energetic balance, back to the time before the event which triggered it. This creates a bio-chemical, physiological shift in the body, allowing your mind, body, and soul to return to it's natural state of health. To see the original post, click here: http://pamelagregory.com/Heart_Forgiveness.html

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