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Cancer ~ A Symptom of a Dis-Ease, Not THE Dis-Ease (by Carlos Garcia, M.D.)

The irrefutable truth is that in spite of hundreds of billions if not trillions of dollars spent both in public funding and private donations to the numerous research facilities, we are no closer today in the ‘fight against cancer ‘ than we were when America declared war on it. With a constant cure rate of 3% starting in the mid-1930’s, it is no wonder that spin doctors have demonized cancer to be a deadly illness. For anything less than an insurmountable illness would lead any reasonable individual to the logical conclusion of:
a)the researchers, and there is no shortage thereof, from Harvard to UCLA and from Seattle to Miami, NIH and CDC are either extremely stupid or
b)there is / are cures but the financial loss of said release would literally cripple the American economy and thus the 97% death rate is statistically acceptable for the overall economic benefit of corporate America –mengelerian economics if you ask me
Josef Mengele, known to many by the term the angel of death, was a medical doctor, a member of the Nazi SS and the head of ‘research” at Auschwitz death camp, where death was an art form of the most gruesome kind. Yes, given the right circumstances, even those who swore an oath to help his fellow man, can become willing participants in political economics, and the cost of human life. Approximately 400,000 deaths are attributed to Josef Mengele, the Cancer Statistics from NCI/ACS claims the following:

Note: You can compare 2001 estimated statistics below:
All types of cancers except basal and squamous cell skin cancers and in situ carcinomas except urinary bladder cancer: 1,284,900 new cases, and an estimated 555,500 deaths in the year 2002.
The breakdown of some of these cancers are as follows:
An estimated 205,000 new cases of Breast Cancer, with an estimated number of deaths at 40,000.
An estimated 189,000 new cases of Prostate Cancer, with 30,200 estimated deaths.
An estimated 183,200 new cases of Lung and bronchial Cancer, with 161,400 estimated deaths.
An estimated 279,100 new cases of Genital system cancers, with 57,100 estimated deaths.
An estimated 30,300 new cases and 29,700 deaths due to Pancreatic Cancer.
An estimated 107,300 new cases of Colon Cancer, with 48,100 estimated deaths.
An estimated 17,000 new cases of brain and nervous system cancers, with 13,100 estimated deaths.
An estimated 30,800 new cases of leukemias, with 21,700 estimated deaths.
An estimated 2,400 new cases of bone and joint cancer, with 1,300 estimated deaths.
An estimated 28,900 oral and pharynx cancers, with 7,400 estimated deaths.
An estimated 58,300 new cases of skin cancer, such as skin melanoma (excluding basal & squamous), with an estimated 9,600 deaths.
Multiple myeloma - an estimated 14,600 new cases and 10,800 deaths
Lymphomas - an estimated 60,900 new cases and 25,800 death
Other and unspecified primary sites - an estimated 30,200 new cases, with 43,700 deaths.
For childhood cancers, an estimated 9,100 new cases are expected to occur among children aged 0 -14, with 1,400 deaths. Cancer is the chief cause of death by disease in children between the ages of 1 and 14.
This same report gives the actual reported cancer deaths for 1999. It doesn't show the figures for 2000 or 2001.

A total of 549,838 cancer deaths were recorded in 1999 in the United States, up by 8,306 deaths compared with 1998. Adjusting for changes in rules for selecting underlying cause of death reduced the increase in the number of cancer deaths to 4,624. Cancer deaths accounted for 23 percent of all deaths, ranking second only to death from heart disease. When deaths were categorized by age and sex, cancer was by far the leading cause of death among women aged 40 to 79 and among men aged 60 to 79. In contrast, cancer ranked fifth as a cause of death among men aged 20 to 39.

Among men under age 40, leukemia was the most common fatal cancer, while lung and bronchus cancer ranked first for men aged 40 years and older. Colorectal cancer was the second most common site causing death among men 40 to 79 years old. Among women under age 20, leukemia was the leading cause of cancer death; breast cancer ranked first as the cause of cancer death for women between age 20 to 59 years, and lung cancer was the leading cause of cancer death for women aged 60 years and above.

Now lets talk about REAL MEDICINE THE ART:

Every kind of cancer has at least one person who has learned how to live again in spite of dogma.

Many of you still believe that food, drinking, smoking, pollution and stress are the leading causes of cancer. However I beg to differ. Within reason, none of these will cause the symptom of cancer, so my thinking evolves. So what causes the symptom I call cancer? Why is it that some who eat poorly and abuse their bodies so live to a ripe old age free from this symptom, while others who do eat well, exercise and live well within the confines of social norms get this symptom? Could our concept of cancer, namely that of mutated cells, be way too simplistic? Could cancer be part of an intricate self-survival process? Can cancer be a rude wakening, an alarm? Can cancer be our body’s last-ditch effort to get us to focus on what is truly important? What is truly important to YOU? Who are YOU? How do you define yourself? When is the last time that you thought about these all too important, yet overlooked questions?

Many afflicted by this symptom claim that their fate is doomed by genetics. If genetics seals anyone’s fate, then how has that particular gene pool survived the millennia that man has existed? What happened to the survival of the fittest and all that rot? Could genetics be the next ruse proposed by the system? What roles do fear, anger, hopelessness, self-disrespect, dogma, self-pity and victimization play in the outcome of anyone afflicted with this symptom called cancer?

The one irrefutable reality about the journey of cancer is that change WILL come. It matters not that you are uncomfortable with change; it will come. The question that begs to be asked is: Will you be alive to embrace, appreciate and participate in it, or will you be a passive observer from the great beyond? The choice IS yours to alone to make.

I have told all of you that our bodies are programmed to heal. If this is so, then cancer is a paradox, in that dogma states that it kills 97% of the time. How can this be? How can nature, program us to heal, while allowing a so-called lethal disease to flourish within us? Where does our spirit fit into all this? Dogmatic western medical teachings ignore the spirit. They must, there is no money is custom medical care for the masses. It is so much easier and profitable to state to the right you live to the left you die, so was Mengele’s approach, than it is to practice the medical arts. Its modern corollary many be: if you are strong enough or lucky enough to survive the ‘well intentioned’ poisoning, burning and cutting, then perhaps you earn the right to continue living. Unlike the 1940’s, our modern, yet well intentioned cruelty, is not reserved just for the Jews anymore, everyone is enticed to participate. Scare tactics are a standard, and well orchestrated in today’s medical economics –you MUST sign consent today or else die by tomorrow …

But if survival is only 3% with cutting, burning and poisoning, then why avoid the spiritual journey? In fact why not embrace it? If it is that cancer is a symptom, what is its source? What is the root cause of this symptom called cancer? Those who triumph over this symptom embrace the journey allowing you to mold change, and grow with it. After all, the choices made by you have gotten you where you are, namely at Utopia. Please remember cancer is a change in and of itself, and at that it is an equal opportunity offender: rich/poor, young/old, male/female, smoker/non-smoker, famous/not etc. are all afflicted.

How are you to embrace this welcomed or unwelcomed change? I recommend enthusiastically. The key feature to address is, what makes anyone think that they deserve to die? I cannot fathom any of you doing anything deserving of a death sentence with absolutely no exit strategy. Life/Nature is not this cruel, however man is; just ask anyone who survived any death camp, European or Asian.

Thus we have the great divide: The Being and The Human. Dogma teaches us to embrace humanity, but what is that? Define Humanity? Is just the quality of being humane? How about all the human inhabitants on earth? Define human? Is it just bipedal primates? Define being? A living thing that has (or can develop) the ability to act or function independently, a living creature.

The human is organic; the being is spiritual. Without a being, the human cannot exist. However the being can exist without the human. So can it be that our human existence through choices made during our life mutates us to such a state as to threaten our being’s survival, and that by doing so, cancer the symptom emerges as the imminent threat caused by our current human existence upon our being? Moreover, if cancer is an early or late warning symptom, of imminent danger to our being, then addressing and embracing change to enable our being to live again should resolve this symptom, and it does. This is my experience.

In fact, it is my clinical experience that as long as the root cause of a cancer is skirted, no one should be surprised at a recurrence of the same or different cancer. To my thinking, the symptom of cancer more often than not emerges from an internal self-struggle between and within the patient. Yes, within just you. Cancer does not involve God. You may want to drag him into this conflict, but remember that we all have free will and free choice. I cannot recall any choice in which God interfered and or made a guest appearance. However, I can recall my ‘gut’ speaking to me on numerous occasions and my ignoring such advise. This so called ‘gut feeling’ I believe is our being’s way of speaking with us. However our being is powerless to effectuate physical response unless our brain participates. I think that a disjoint between our being, our mind, and our brain, our organ exists within anyone with any chronic life threatening illness.

Yet in order for our brain to participate, we must first listen and then trust ourselves. Self-trust is pathognomonically missing in all cancer campers. Thus trust in oneself is paramount in redeeming oneself from choices past made. Again God has nothing to do with trusting yourself. Remember he gave us all free will and freedom of choice. You have the freedom to choose to trust yourself, but only if you dare to do so again.

How do you relearn to trust yourself? The first step in regaining trust with anyone or anything is through forgiveness. Forgiveness allows anyone to zero out your account. Remember, you alone can balance out any of your accounts. You are not empowered to balance anyone else’s account. No one else is empowered, unless by you, to hold your account out of balance.

Thus at Utopia, the first asset we relinquish and return to its rightful owner is your self-empowerment. Remember, I state that only YOU can cure YOU. I concede that I can only cure me. Allopathic medicine tries to disenfranchise you but making sure that you relinquish your empowerment, your inate free will of choice. This is the same freedom that got you into the mess that you are in, however, whereas it is human to err, it also is divine to forgive. Both of these properties are found within each and every one of us.

Thus I believe that our divine being, the spark of life, your sole is empowered to forgive, and it is willing to do so, but only if you trust yourself, and if you choose to do so. So it comes down to you versus you or you with you. The choice is yours to make.

The Art Of Bullet Proofing
I have discussed offering the ability to make yourselves ‘bullet proof’. The issue has been: How Doc?
1.Identify the issue
a.If there is more than one component, and or person, then dissect it into individual incidents / issues
2.Identify the people or circumstance associated with each issue / incident
a.Make a list of the people involved within each incident
3.Assess YOUR participation
4.Identify if YOU need to apologize to anyone
a.If so, do so
5.Apologize to YOURSELF for getting involved willingly or not with that issue
6.By apologizing to anyone that YOU think requires an apology from YOU, and by apologizing to yourself, you have effectively zeroed out the account (the incident) from all negative energy associated
7.If the people to whom you apologize reject your apology, that is THEIR problem NOT YOURS, do NOT let them suck you back into the black vortex
a.Once you make an honest apology, rejection is not an option
b.An offer to pay rejected is payment made
8.If YOU are owed an apology
a.If you get it great – graciously accept it
b.If you do NOT get it, then use your ability and your power of forgiving others for their ignorance and lack of social grace
i.If you do NOT forgive them, then the account, the incident, will never zero out and you will be stuck in a silly negative vortex
9.FORGIVE others for their participation in the incident
10.FORGIVE yourself for your participation in the incident
11.Choose to remember or forget the incident as you deem necessary
12.The account is now zeroed out
13.You can move forward knowing that the incident is behind you, and that all negative baggage associated with that incident is neutralized, i.e. zeroed out

Carlos Garcia, M.D., Director of Medicine, Utopia Wellness.

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