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Lucifer: Bearer of Light and Courage (by Toni Petrinovich)

It was only a few days into THE Beginning that God realized that there was a necessity for a meeting of all the angelic realm and a consensus reached if duality (one of His better creations) was going to succeed. He sent out a memo letting each of the cherubim, seraphim, thrones, powers, archangels and angels of all degrees know that a meeting was being called in THE BOARD ROOM and that a great decision was to be made.

The entire angelic realm showed up on the appointed day (of course, since they only know the Divine Will) and each angel was intently curious about what the question was going to be that could be SO important that God would call every single angel into this meeting. They were arranged by rank with the most important archangels seated nearest the throne of Almighty Source. Everyone was there - Uriel, Metatron, Gabriel, Ariel, Raphael, Michael, Lucifer, Samiel - all of the mighty names appeared in person to sit next to the throne of God as He called the meeting to order.

"We have before us a very grave decision. I am going to need the help of every angel of every rank. It seems that there is a piece of duality that has not been created and I am not going to create it Myself. It takes something and someone much more important to create this piece. It has to do with the planet Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy which is going to form in another several billion years. This planet is going to be the home of a particular creation that is going to experience duality for Me. And there is the rub. I AM ONE and I need to be dual to create the opposite so that the creation which will be called Man will be able to learn by contrast how to experience the Love that I AM." All of this God said and not an angel spoke a word. You could have heard a pin drop (if there were a pin TO drop) it was so silent.

God continued, "I am calling for a volunteer. I need one angel, most likely an archangel, to hold the opposite end of the energy vibration that is known as Love. I need an angel strong enough, bright enough and who loves Source enough that it can hold the opposite end of the energy spectrum which will be called Fear. This angel must be capable of enduring endless hardship, be hated by mankind as the most abominable entity imaginable, have horrible actions done in its name and be thought of as the ruler of a place mankind will create called Hell. All of this must this angel do out of love for mankind so that my second finest creation (angels being the first) may come to know what Love really is, experience a polar world and allow Source to truly experience ALL." After this last part of the announcement, a loud shuffling of chairs was heard as many of the angels of all ranks and dominions left the Board Room Chamber. No one wanted to take the part that would be the opposite of Love for that would be like taking the part that would be the opposite of God. By the time silence was again "heard", there were very few angels left and only a handful of higher or archangels. Some of the cherubim and seraphim had also stayed though they were of no mind to take on this part in the Divine Play.

God sat looking at what was left of the "staff" and held the Divine Space for someone to come forward. And then a voice was heard. It was a mighty voice, one like the north wind when it blows through the tundra in Alaska during the wet, cold nights. It was the voice of Lucifer. "I will play this part with you, Oh Mighty One. My love for You and my love for your creations knows no bounds. I KNOW that I AM strong enough for you have made me that strong. I KNOW that I have enough love to hold the opposite energetic end of Love for you have created within me ever-enduring Love and I will not forget Who I AM for I AM You - as are all of your creations. I have the strength, the brightness, the might and the courage to hold the opposite end of Love with you, God, for all eternity if that is what is required."

God was SO pleased. His best, his brightest, his bravest archangel was going to take the job and hold the opposite end with and for Him. He had really created WELL! It looked like the Board Meeting could come to an end and God was about to adjourn the few remaining members when it became apparent that Lucifer had another few words to say - and these words were to Archangel Michael. "Michael, my brother," he said, "I have one reminder for you before we part. I am going to a place where you cannot go. I am going alone. We will meet many times upon the path before this Play is over. I ask that you remember that we are the same every time you see my face. I ask that every time you raise your sword at me in the name of Source, you remember I AM Source. If you will remember to do this, mankind will learn the lesson of contrast more gracefully and my job will be made easier. Will you agree to this?"

And Michael, as great an archangel as Lucifer himself, knelt on one knee before his Mighty, Courageous Brother and bowing his head, he said, "Yes, I will agree. Give me your blessing before we begin our roles in this Divine Drama." And, as Lucifer placed his hand upon Archangel Michael's head, the horns of triumph could be heard blowing throughout the entire Universe for now God's plan was complete and mankind would be born - born into duality, into a world of polarity, so that Source could experience what it is like to separate and then, once again, know Itself as One.

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  1. From the vantage point of the mysteries - best its been said. Nice job, Toni.