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The Superhighways of the Brain—90 Seconds of Life, Part III (Kahu Fred Sterling/Kirael)

[This is the third and final part of the series called “The Superhighways of the Brain—90 Seconds of Life.”]

KIRAEL: Today, we will go deeper into the connection between the local brain, the higher self and the omni brain. Some repetition is likely, but purposeful.

Consciously breathe throughout this exercise. Take deep breaths, pulling the prana down through your pineal gland, into your thymus and the rest of your body. As you breathe, I will weave a strand of particles through the right and left hemispheres of your local brain, pulling that strand in tight. I will then run that strand up to the higher self, torque or rotate it and pull it just a little tighter, at which point, your higher self will connect you into your omni brain, the particle-ization of your life force. The omni brain has nothing to do with your physical presence in this time and space; yet you are one of the light particles that make up the omni brain. When you connect into your omni brain, you’ll hear my voice on a new level of consciousness, and you’ll understand this life journey you’re on.

What the Journey Means

Only the finest energies seek a journey on this life plane, Earth. You ask, “What about the young souls, the people who are causing troubles here on this Earth plane?” In a duality dimension like the third, young souls are a balancing factor. It takes courage to come here, especially if you’re a young soul. We in the unseen forces of light have no judgment of any soul. We honor the journey regardless of soul age. You all come here to be the experience for the Creator, and some of you will age your souls faster than others. So, yes, young souls are among the finest energies. They are here to do the journey, just as you are. This plane of consciousness is the light force where energies come to understand what the journey means.

With the connected force between your local brain, higher self and omni brain, you will understand that your current journey is about what you will do in the Great Shift. Most of you have already experienced your own “three days of darkness.” You say, “It can’t be, because I see the light all the time.” I am not talking about the three days of darkness that will occur during the Shift when the Earth enters the photon belt. I’m talking about your journey. For instance, when you are angry or can’t hold your temper back, that is darkness, my friends.

Your journey is filled with opportunities to experience “three days of darkness.” Lighten your experience by changing the way you do your journey. You must do your journey fully, and that means doing what you say you will do when you say you will do it. If you say, “I’m going to do this right now,” and you don’t do it, that’s not just a step back. It’s also “three days of darkness,” because you have just taken your journey off its path.

Don’t say you’ll do something that you know you can’t do. Do your journey in reasonable increments, or steps. Plan on doing only what you know you can do in any given moment. You try to do everything, and when you try to do everything, you can’t do anything. Your focus here is all about the journey, taking those five or fifty steps. Start with a goal that you can see, even if it’s not the ultimate, or end, goal. You may have to reach that goal in increments, and that’s okay, because each step you take has an end to it. Eventually, you’ll reach your ultimate goal and when you do, you will have taken all the necessary steps to get there.

Bring the Light into Your Journey

Most of you are focused on the fact that when you get into this fourth light or dimension, you will experience 2,000 years of peace and prosperity. Yet, in the first few days of this dimensional transition, you will wonder why the heck you stuck around here, because you will have to get through some obstacles. You can make that journey easier by starting now. You might only have the next two years to create your journey in the highest light. Remember, you are love beings, so the focus of your journey is about love and light. Bring the light into your journey. Open up to your omni brain now by connecting your right and left brains, or your local brain, with your higher self.

Tighten up the local brain so you don’t have to cross back and forth between it and the higher self and the omni brain. That way, you will unquestionably understand what I’m saying and what your journey is about, and you’ll do the things you say you will do. Some of you are thinking that none of this makes any sense. It makes perfect sense. Your omni brain is powerful and you are powerful. I want you to know that your higher self is in control and that it’s tied to your local brain and your omni brain. You’re on the downside of this journey and I feel for you, but you’re also in control of it, because your higher self is the string that pulls it all together. So, live your life as your higher self would. After all, you are your higher self.

Read these transcripts more than once. Each time you do, you will read something different. How is that possible? It’s possible because I speak to you on seven levels of consciousness, and, if you are evolving in your journey, each time you read this, you will get the meaning on a different level of awareness. So each of you will get your own meaning from this material, and that’s the meaning I’m trying to get to you.

What will it mean to be a medium in the fourth dimension?

KIRAEL: Everyone is a medium. You believe that you’re actually doing this third-dimensional journey, yet you come from another force that you can’t deny because it’s too powerful. So, in that sense, you’re already a medium.

Now, to be a medium who brings through a different energy from another time and space, you must have the ability to get out of the physical body and into a natural space in time. The force of mediumship is fully present in your consciousness, so, if you pursue it, your mediumship will grow. When you get into the Shift, into the fourth dimension, you will have a body similar to the one you have now, but you will also have more awareness of your omni brain. That means that when you perform your mediumship, you will use your omni brain in completeness. Your omni brain will want to come to this dimension and check out what it’s doing on this fourth light and give the body a chance to work with it. That’s mediumship in the fourth light.

The Alchemy of the Unified Brain

How do I activate the alchemical forces in my brain?

KIRAEL: Alchemy is the science by which you change from one level of light to a higher level of light. This change of light occurs in your body. In the alchemy of the brain, I am referring to transmuting your duality consciousness to higher consciousness, or to love. The brain contains the alchemical force of the presence of love. Now, having the presence of love as an alchemical force does not necessarily mean you will act out in love. It means only that love is a constant in your alchemical makeup. The only way to get the local brain to work alchemically is to connect the right and left hemispheres by weaving them together. Take the weave of each hemisphere and create a third, more cohesive weave of consciousness. When you accomplish weaving the hemispheres of the local brain together, you will hear on three levels of consciousness at the same time. The third level is the alchemical level. Your left brain has been freewheeling, keeping you on this third-dimensional journey, but the right brain has been there all the time, waiting for the day you bring it together with the left brain.

Remember, the left brain is a storyteller. Its journey is to keep you enforced in this body process. It does all the things that keep you in duality consciousness. It is the part of your consciousness that causes you to hold onto the past and project into the future. The right brain’s journey is also to keep you enforced in this body process, but with another part of the consciousness: with love.

If you want to weave the two hemispheres together, alchemy is the way to go. Strand particles of light between the two halves and tighten them up so that you can actually have one brain consciousness. You will have to be aware of and learn the alchemy necessary to stitch these two levels of consciousness together. Alchemy is the physics of love, of life. It’s taking the one thread of life, which is love, and weaving it tightly into your journey as you bring the right and left brains, or hemispheres, together.

Take a deep breath and imagine your brain split the way it is. Now go down to the base of your brain where the splits starts and weave a strand or two or three or four of light from the right brain into the left brain, making it aware of what’s happening. The energies from the right hemisphere will cross over to the left hemisphere to tighten up your local brain as a whole. Don’t do this every day. Do it when you know you’re supposed to. You’ll feel your thoughts are working against you sometimes, but they won’t be. You’ll just be headed for a new level of consciousness.

Will that exercise minimize the mood swings that we go through in the process of doing this weaving?

KIRAEL: It will either minimize or maximize them. If it maximizes your mood swings, don’t do it for a couple of days. You want to minimize the mood swings, so decide what you will do to make this journey easier. You can make it harder if you want to. It’s up to you. You have to choose. Do the exercise I taught you in increments, focusing a little more of the right-brained energy into your journey each time. That way, you will keep the right-brained energy at a certain level for a while before you increase it. Play with this process for a while. Get used to it. Don’t try to sew your whole brain up at once, because it won’t work for you. Run one strand between the halves, and when you get used to that, run two stands, then three or even four. Don’t weave more than four strands. Anything above four strands is too much for your brain. As you bring the two halves of your brain together, the angels and the other unseen lights will be there with you.

People Do What They Need to Do

What power in the weave helps us work more effectively with people?

KIRAEL: Close your eyes and bring some prana energies into your body. Now leave your body, and engage your higher self. That’s the power you need. That way, when someone gets in your face, acting in a forceful or negative way, you will be able to handle the situation. If you think that the person is wrong, or shouldn’t be doing what he’s doing, then you’re not connected to your higher self. That person is doing what he needs to do, and that’s all right. He is acting for his own best cause, whatever that may be. Whenever anyone comes at you angrily, he is doing something to himself, not you. Don’t engage him; don’t interact with that energy. That person is merely doing his journey and finding out about himself, and because he has no idea how to communicate with himself, he talks to somebody else, like you.

As you connect into your higher self, don’t smile at the other person, because you’ll just aggravate him. Just look at him and nod your head or something like that. Remember, he’s trying his best to keep you active in the argument, but you do not have to engage, because you know how to connect to your higher self and your omni brain. A quick prana breath will do it.

If you master this exercise, you will have a leg up on the Shift. Take your time and do this journey in small steps. That’s when you will know what you’re looking for. Connect into the higher self. Feel it; feel the peace. Peace is the only thing the higher self knows. It doesn’t know you are ranting and raving. So tap into and feel this higher self. That’s all you have to do, my friend, and that person will just fade out of the picture and you’ll completely fade out of the situation.

Focus on Your Higher Self

Is it the omni brain or the higher self that we should focus on to change our thoughts?

KIRAEL: Even if you get into this omni brain, it will always be about the higher self, because it is more closely involved in your journey and is always working with the omni brain particles. Remember, your higher self is connected to your omni brain and the local brain. When you are fully connected to these forces of light, you will recognize where people are coming from when they get in your face. For instance, when somebody comes at you forcefully, and bitterly says, “I’m in love!” you will know that she is only testing her love, because her journey has been pulled apart a little bit. Another way to look at that statement is that her journey became so in love that she actually went over the top and popped out of love. She forgot about love for a moment. Still, in a way, she was in love, because she was saying, “I don’t want to do this anymore. I want to do it right. I want to feel love.”

When you make that connection to your higher self and tell it you want to be at peace, you won’t be angry anymore. The higher self will guide you through the journey to the omni brain as many times as it takes. Start today, practice connecting to your higher self, and make the intention to never get angry again. Do this every day with every breath. No more anger. You can handle any situation this way.

You must keep moving forward. Your journey is about doing whatever it takes to get out of this third dimension to enjoy the new fourth-dimensional light. Not engaging in negativity of any type will hasten that journey.

Chakras, Stem Cells and Four-Strand DNA

Could you shed some light on the brain DNA and stem cells for healing purposes?

KIRAEL: I can’t tell you everything I know about this, but I can tell you what you need to know at this time. You must get into the telomeres in the rear of the brain. The telomeres are the caps of the DNA that keep the chromosomes from fusing together. You have to make room for the new stem cells that you want to bring in. So you have to take some of those DNA caps off the telomeres, using your mind, your intention. Take them off a little at a time. This way, the new brain stem cells coming in will have a space to grow. You can’t stop the brain to accommodate them, so you have to find a balance. You must keep the cells that are still in the brain satisfied while the newer cells are coming in. Those new cells are ready to go for new actions.

This is a case where you get in between the four strands of DNA to work it out. The brain you’re working on is so advanced that the person you’re working on probably can’t get this whole journey to work with the rest of his brain. You must pull stem cells from the left hemisphere of the brain and put them in the right side of the brain. Try that. It might take two or three more healings. If that doesn’t work, I’ll give you something else to try.

What is the alchemical process with respect to the new chakras and the DNA?

KIRAEL: Everyone thinks you have two-stranded DNA. You don’t. You must understand the alchemy between the new and the old chakras. When you get this alchemy journey going with the weaving of the four strands of DNA, those DNA strands will start kicking into this journey and you’ll become six- and maybe even eight-stranded DNA. Anything is possible once you get those first four woven into the omni brain.

You have seven chakras at this point in time, but you have three more chakras above your crown that are not yet fully aligned. At some point, you will lose the three bottom chakras (base of the spine, sacrum and solar plexus), which will be permanently absorbed into the three new chakras. Once the three old chakras are absorbed, they will no longer be available to you, and you’ll feel as if you’re walking on air, because they will have been lifted into the heart chakra.

In this process of absorption, the cell mitochondria will “puff up” and take up more of their presence. When you get through this journey and your new chakras are in place, you will know it, because you will have activated four-stranded DNA, which is precisely what you need to get into the fourth light. The alchemical process that it takes to get out of this journey involves the local brain, which has two-stranded DNA in the left and right hemispheres that are separate from the two strands of DNA your doctor world knows about. That makes four strands of DNA. The next two strands are five and six. Where the fifth strand of DNA is concerned, you must know what to do and how to do it in love. When you reach your sixth strand of DNA, the mastery strand, it will signify that your chakras are raised and intact, and your heart chakra will become your base chakra. This whole journey will be woven tightly and the four strands will have been alchemized.

Three New Chakras

What colors will be associated with the new chakras and how will they facilitate us in realigning the DNA?

KIRAEL: The three old chakras—the red, orange, and yellow—have been here since Lemurian times. You’ve always had those chakras. The three new chakras are blue/green, pearl and gold. Beyond them are three more, but I won’t go there right now. Let’s just deal with the first three new ones. When these three new chakras are fully aligned and in place, they will be connected at the first chakra, which will be your heart chakra. So, even though they are situated above your head, they will also be below.

Your journey is focused on your heart chakra. Since the new chakras will connect into your heart chakra, all three new chakras will be right up against your heart chakra. Imagine that gold chakra pressing right up against your heart. It couldn’t be any better than that, my friend.

The blue/green chakra is the most powerful of the new chakras. The whole basis of your journey is truth and love. The blue/green chakra is the coming together of heart and truth, creating a formidable energy in this journey. This chakra has power beyond your wildest dreams.

Your Higher Self Keeps an Eye on You

I wrote some checks out wrong and put them in the wrong envelopes. Was I in my omni brain at the time?

KIRAEL: No. Your left brain got involved in the check writing journey. It also got involved in the anticipation of your journey with me today. It was trying to hold onto its force by doing what it always does, project into the future. Your left brain is doing this third-dimensional journey for you. It keeps you thinking about what you will do now and what you will do later. That’s why you wrote the wrong checks and put them in the wrong envelopes. You caught the mistake, because your higher self was aware of what was happening. It was saying to you, “Why are you making out the checks wrong? What are you doing?” It responds just like your daughter would when you have a temper tantrum. She might say, “You’re crazy, mom. You’re not doing anything right.” So, while you were writing out those checks and placing them in the wrong envelopes, your higher self was toying with you a little bit, trying to check in with you. In other words, it got involved enough to make you look at what you were doing.

Most often, you will hear only some of what your higher self is saying. This time, you heard enough of what your higher self was saying that you caught your mistake. Your omni brain and your higher self got involved with the journey and put a stop to what was happening. If you hadn’t heard your higher self, you would have sent the checks out the way you originally wrote them and you would have figured it out later on, because you would have had a huge mess on your hands.

Your higher self is aware of every part of you in every moment of every day, no matter what your level of consciousness, whether you’re here on Earth, up in the etherics, in another world, or another planet. You cannot trick the higher self.

The higher self is always looking out for you. However, when your higher self doesn’t believe that you really want to hear what it has to say, it says nothing. If your higher self is giving you a message that you cannot hear, it will not tell you a second time. If you cannot hear your higher self, you are probably focused elsewhere. In those instances, you will miss the higher self’s nudge to get you on track. You have a friend out there and it’s what you are. Your friend, your higher self, is you. Pay attention to it.

The Omni Brain Facilitates Your Journey

How is the omni brain orchestrating us, as lightworkers, to use our energy where it’s needed?

KIRAEL: If you practice connecting to your omni brain, it will get more active with you each time, and each time, you must be aware of what you want from it. The omni brain will give you everything you want, but if you ask it to do something for you and you have not perfected a plan, you will not get what you asked for. That means you were way out in front of your journey. You have to do the journey. Take the first step toward your desire and the omni brain will orchestrate the opportunity for the second step. It will not do the journey for you, but it will facilitate your journey.

Suppose you had a goal to open a healing center in the country. You must ask yourself what it will take to get you there. You must know what the next step is. If you take a giant step without finding out whether anyone lives in the area where you settle, you might have no one to heal. You must begin with baby steps. First, ask yourself what it feels like to be in the country with many clients. After that, you might want to envision what it looks, sounds and smells like to be in the country with lots of clients. This applies to anything you want. If you want to lose weight, get your visions aligned—imagine how you will look, feel, smell, sound, and so on and so forth.

The first time you take that baby step, it will feel strange to you. That’s all right, because you have to take that first baby step. Your omni brain has already taken care of the details. It has your life plan perfected beyond your wildest expectation. It knows where you’re going and how you will get there. When you tap into the omni brain and ask it to play with you, it will immediately play with you, and it will give you everything you want. Your job is to know what the stages of your journey are, because if you don’t know the stages, you won’t achieve your goal. You must get the journey to your end result in your vision. That is your vision quest.

When you decide on your goal, whether it’s opening a healing center in the country or losing weight, your vision quest is the journey that will take you there. What will you have to do to achieve your goal? First get involved with your omni brain through your higher self and through your DNA construct. They all play a part in this one journey to get where you want to go. You must know what you will do to get there. You might have to take five baby steps for every giant step. That’s part of your vision quest. You cannot fail a vision quest. You can fail to do the vision quest, but you cannot fail the vision quest once you start it.

Your Left and Right Brains Can Be Reconciled through Love

How do we change the reality of the left brain so that it cooperates with the right brain?

KIRAEL: You use your left brain energies in this journey to understand your daily endeavors, like your job, your hobbies, whatever. So what will happen if you weave the right brain into the left brain energy? What would you do with the information that the left brain gives you? Your left brain will have all these tales, these stories, but the right brain will intercede and say, “Wait. I just want to kiss you.” How will you align these two energies?

Place just one strand of love into the lefi brain, starting at the base of the skull, and you will change the left brain’s reality. If you merge a little piece of the right brain with the left brain, it will change your left brain’s responses. You’ll be kinder and more in love and you’ll be powerful beyond your wildest dreams. Your journey is about love, and if you feel even a little bit of that love from the right brain, don’t cover it up. Instead, weave it into the left brain. You don’t need to get involved with your omni brain at this level. Your omni brain is guiding your journey through the higher self into your local brain. It knows what it’s supposed to do.

Closing Statement

This series was designed to introduce you to your omni brain and to impress upon you the connection your higher self has with your local brain and omni brain. Think of these energies as a unit of one. Their connected force will make your journey all that you want it to be. Remember, your higher self is always with you and it is your conduit to the omni brain. Empower your journey by practicing the exercises I gave you.

You learned how to weave your left and right brains together. Practice taking baby steps in this process. Start with one strand and build up to four. You won’t regret it, my friends. You will understand your journey on a new and higher level.

© Kahu Fred Sterling

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