Monday, November 16, 2009

Scorpio New Moon (Pythia Peay)

New Moon

Scorpio New Moon Meditation:
Seek Powerful Support

For many, the turbulent undercurrents at this time may feel unsettling. But one way to harmonize with the energy of this Scorpio New Moon is to focus your soul's attention on that power-point between worlds - the threshold where the living meet the dead, and where the visible and the invisible dimensions intersect. As the ancients intuited, now is a propitious time to seek the support of your otherworldly allies: departed ancestors, soul guides, and the spirits of the planets, stars, oceans, trees, and all of nature.

In other words, it is a time to open and receive from the magical realms that encircle and surround the material world with a powerful field of magnetic energy. No matter how difficult your current circumstances, remember that no one is expected to undergo passage through darkness alone. The living beings of these spiral realms are always there, ready to guide and inspire us – even when our senses have gotten dulled or frightened away from tuning into their presence.

So at this powerful Scorpio New Moon - the enchanter's moon, the magician's new year - take a different approach to your life's problems. Still, for a moment, the practical voice of your logical left brain and fine-tune the voice of your intuitive, right brain. Don't listen to the "should's, must's, and ought's" of your social self. Rather, heed the call of your essential real self and tack in the direction it is leading you towards. Recognize that when support does not seem to be coming from the outside world, you can shift your circumstances with assistance from the unseen world-within-worlds of spirit beings.

The Invisibles: Connecting to Your Spirit Guide

Whether angel, daimon, animal, or saint, it is said that each soul is granted one or more invisible guardians to attend its journey through life on earth. Socrates had his daimon, who whispered wisdom in his ear; the oracle of Delphi gleaned the future from a powerful serpent; Native Americans were guided by animal spirits; and in all traditions angels have hovered nearby humans. Even nature spirits are said to watch over mountains, trees, lakes, and streams.

To connect to your spirit guide, you may want to begin your meditation by drawing a mental circle between yourself and the everyday world around you. Then, seated before your altar, light a candle and incense. In your own words, say a prayer or invocation that gently summons the presence of your spirit guide - even if you have no image of who that might be. For a few minutes, simply sit in the silence; as the quiet deepens, imagine that the veil between this world and the world of the Invisibles has parted. Like a guest arriving, imagine next that an invisible, beneficent presence has entered the room and is lighting up the space around you. Something about this presence touches your heart, communicating with you in a wordless, yet deeply knowing, way.

After steeping yourself in the aura of this formless presence, begin to imagine that a real being is taking shape before you. Seeing with your inner eye, and feeling with your heart, intuit the specific identity of your guide: he, or she, may be a familiar figure, such as a beloved prophet, wise priestess, powerful shaman, Sufi dervish, or mythic god or goddess. Or, your spirit guide may appear in the guise of a being you have never seen before - resplendent with luminosity, or as an ordinary, humble individual. Watch that your conscious mind doesn't step in to criticize your imaginative faculty: whatever you see, simply allow it to be.

Once you have a clear image of your spirit guide, imagine next that this being takes your hand in hers (or his) and, smiling deeply into your eyes, imparts to you the knowledge that you will never be abandoned or alone - no matter how difficult the tragedy or hardship you may endure. In addition, your spirit guide imparts wisdom to you that answers your heart's deepest question. After a few minutes in this sweet communion, release your hands from your spirit guide's and, together, bow in farewell. As your spirit guide melts back into the realm of the Invisibles, close your meditation with a prayer of thanks for the loving support given to you by the divine.

Pythia Peay is the author of Soul Sisters: The Five Sacred Qualities of a Woman's Soul, and Mercury Retrograde: Its Myth and Meaning (Tarcher). She is at work on a memoir, American Icarus.

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