Saturday, February 18, 2017

Channeling with Consciousness, by Shelly Dressel

Channeling is something that people do every day in their lives…… they just are unaware!  When someone channels, they are communicating from one person/ energy to another.  We as the human who is consciously opening to this becomes the conduit.  Have you ever heard people say ‘I was channeling my inner skeptic or creative or business sense’?  What this means is that people will tune inside of themselves looking for answers.  You can also create an alignment and speak with your angels, guides, loved ones, animals or anything that has a consciousness.
So why would someone want to open to channel?  They would be seeking a deeper connection within themselves that will enhance the rest of their life.  They might be seeking to create or enhance their business. 

These are some of the benefits of Channeling:

1) You feel good ~ When you have a deeper alignment with your divinity and the flow is easier, you feel good in your daily life.

2) You can change your vibration ~ Your thoughts create your reality. Your emotions are the expression of your reality. So behind it all, what is your reality?

3) You can learn to speak directly with Angels, Guides, Animal Totems and many others, including a more open alignment to those who've crossed over.

4) The foundation for the 5th Dimension and higher is living through your heart, using meditation you can open and focus your intention.

The potentials for why are limitless. The choice to open begins with you.
On 2/20 Luciana and Shelly will be doing an Inner Healers Radio interview, tune in to find more about channeling and its benefits for your wellbeing! 👉🏻

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