Monday, January 13, 2014

Juicing or Blending? by Vanessa.

Juicing is the single easiest way to squeeze nutrition into your diet for a sharp mind, slim figure and non-stop energy, let me show you what juicing is and how to do it the right way.

There are generally two types of juices.  Both are plant based concoctions of fruits, vegetables and greens, but made in a different way.  

The number one thing people ask me?  Yes, it's  "Can I use a blender to juice?"  My answer:'s yes, aaaand no :)

The two types of juices are extracted juice and blender juice.  Both good, but different.  It's quite a hot topic, actually.  Let me explain...

Juicing is extracting all the fresh raw juice from produce.  No pulp, seeds or fibers.  Just liquid juice.  To make these types of juices you need a juicer machine. This is what most people are referring to when they talk about "juicing."

Blender juicing is when you combine the pulp, fiber and juice (the whole shebang) into a liquid juice.  For this type of juice you need a blender.  These are a spin off of smoothies and are basically watery smoothies.

Technically speaking, real traditional juicing is done through an extractor and has the pulp removed.  It's also the most nutritious and best way to juice, in my opinion.   You can pack more nutrition into a glass of juiced juice then you can in a blended juice, simply because it's concentrated.  

But for people who don't have a juicer or just plain prefer blending, blended juices are great for your diet too.  The blender still breaks down the fibers so your body can easily digest the nutrients. 

And some fruits and vegetables that don't juice well in an extractor work better in a blender.  For example, watermelons and papayas.  

Because these two types of "juices" are vastly different, the recipes are different.  If you are converting a juice recipe into a blender juice, you need to add water or more juicy produce to the mix.

I personally juice and make blender juices.  But most of my advice and recipes are about traditional juicing.  I recommend both, but juicing with a juice extractor is really the ultimate way to go. 

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