Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Living as an Angelic Human -by Toni Elizabeth Sar’h.

It is one thing to talk about Angelic Humans and it’s a completely different subject to talk about living your life as an Angelic Human. So let’s look at a few of the attributes you may run into with your encoded message:

  • If you feel out of balance, you are here to bring alignment.
  • If you experience a sense of being left out, you are a model of acceptance.
  • If your life has been centered on being ignored, you mirror attention.
  • If people in your life seem narrow-minded, you are here to expand vision.
  • If people in your life seem incoherent, you transmit focus.
  • If your life seems filled with limitation, your message is freedom.
  • If sorrow, grief and despair have stalked your environment, consider being the utmost in joy.
  • If anger, war and frustration seem to be in every situation, you come to bring peace.
  • If you constantly feel the need to control, surrender is your message.
  • If you have been betrayed, now you resonate with trust.
  • If you have been lied to often within your life, truth is your encoded message.

You can take it from here. These are just a few examples of how to decode the message you carry as an Angelic Human and how to bring it into your daily life.

The message you carry is a two-sided coin. One side of the coin is for you as a human being alerting you to your Angelic Human signature. The other side of the coin is for the group you came to bring a message for or it could be for the whole. 

Some Angelic Humans bring a message for a particular group, for instance nurses, teachers, mothers or fathers. Other Angelic Humans bring a message for the whole. 

It doesn’t make any difference what your message is or to what area of the population you feel drawn to direct it. It is your message, front and center, and inherently you know that.

Focusing on the essence of your Angelic Human message creates a sense of coherency within your life because it changes the surface tension you experience providing the stimulation to awaken to the message replacing it with the embodiment of the message itself. If this feels difficult, know that your soul does not ever experience anything that is “too hard to handle”. Your ego personality may believe so. Your spirit and soul know better.

Bring your message forward into the world loud and clear. Do you know that everyone is waiting for you?

Toni Elizabeth Sar’h Petrinovich is a Master Teacher, mystic and quantum physical researcher with a ministerial doctorate in metaphysics.  She is the author of The Call – Awakening the Angelic Human, and its accompanying CD, DNA Re-Awakening,  You – A Field Guide, Finding an End to Seeking, DeLight of the Orbs and Speaking of Light. Toni teaches metaphysics and the sacred connection within through her Meta yoU classes, guided meditation CDs, DVD production and video presentations.
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