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Remember to Laugh & Lightbody Energies with the Solstice (by Shelly Dressel)

Sunday, 20 June 2010

This is a channel that took place on the eve of the summer/winter solstice. Many people are feeling the shifting of the energies with a particular intensity that took place around the solstice. This channeled meditation will assist you in reconnecting with those energies if you so choose. The overriding essence of this message is to remember to have fun! She spoke several times about the way that energies can shift or transform just through finding something light or fun. She reminded us to look for the joy or look for the lightness in any part of the day.

In addition to that the lightbody energies came through to speak with us. We have been integrating more and more of these energies over the past nine months. We first felt the introduction last August, then as more people work with and integrate their lightbody energies-the more there is available for all. So this was an experience of linking into that source energy through the lightbody consciousness speaking to us. They opened a portal into the Omniverse and showed us the immense energy and changes that are our potentials. As we felt this alignment, we could all recognize how this also reflects ourselves in one way or another.

Finally, we had a sense of standing in a space of balance. It was as if there was the balance of; human/ divine selves, Omniverse/ Earth, northern/ southern hemispheres. The more that we tap into balance, in whatever form, the more enhanced our lives become.

Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you my beloved family! I reach out and I flow the essence of love into each one of you. As I look at you, as I see you, I see you as the human that you are but I also see you as your divine essence.

I hear from so many, that as their divinity they feel a certain worthiness, they feel a certain expansion; they feel very comfortable with this integrated and expended energy. And then as you shift it down and look at that individual as their human existence there is a discrepancy. So I ask that if this something you find for yourself, is there something different between your human self and your divine essence? If so, take a breath in allowing yourself to breathe within your human existence and then breath out and let go of anything that keeps you from feeling fully blended with your divinity and your human existence.

We are here in the northern hemisphere enjoying the summer solstice; we are on the eve of that or the cusp of that. Those of you in the southern hemisphere are enjoying the winter solstice. There is a link between the two. You may see them as opposites, summer versus winter, short days versus long days. You may see yourself as a human and then yourself as your divinity as if they are polar opposites or is if there is a separation. But here, especially at this time of the solstice I invite you to allow your energy to really expand and as if you are reaching out, be it to the southern hemisphere or the northern; reach out to that aspect of the world's energies and let that flow through you so that you can feel yourself as if you are standing there on the equator. You feel the balance, the balance of winter versus summer, the balance of human versus divinity.

I hear so often messages from you who speak of balancing things within their lives, who speak of finding the time to get everything done, who speak of seeking to manifest one particular thing in their lives. Sometimes what happens is, it creates intensity within you and that intensity creates walls that surround you. So, here, now in this moment allow yourself to breathe deeply. As you stand in the balance, breath in the energies of the solstice and let them clear out any intensity or anything that keeps you shut off or contain, [Deep breath] and you are doing this all here while still on the earth plane.

This is what I speak of that will become easier and easier for people. You don't always need to go to the All That Is to be able to access these energies. They are becoming available for you here in your everyday life, especially during the equinox and the solstices. There is a greater ease in the flow that moves through the energies of the Universe and the energies of the Earth. Breathe that into yourselves, feel how good it feels.

And now, I invite you to have a sense of shifting, shifting into the energies of the magnetic grid. This is a means that allows you to expand your consciousness. Here within the magnetic grid you can feel your own energies. You allow this to circulate around you but you let yourself remain fully cognizant of who you are.

I then invite you to shift through the interlocking grid so that you may more fully move into the crystalline grid. Again here within this space feel your essence. As you feel this energy moving through the crystalline you can find those aspects of yourself that are more fully aligned within this space. There is so much happening, there is so much energy moving through the crystalline grid and you can tap on this as much of this or as little as you so desire.

I invite you to shift your focus once more so that you may move into the soul plane. As you move within the soul plane feel how your energy expands. For many of you this feels comfortable as if you are coming home, as if this is where you want to be. Your divinity has easy access within this dimension, so have a sense of consciously reaching out. Some of you may feel it coming up from within, others may have a sense of walking towards and blending with your divinity. Howsoever you choose to blend feel all of your essence expanding in this moment.

I the Goddess come into this space. You may see me as the brilliant light. I move in and amongst all of you. I reach out to each one of you and I embrace you. I embrace you as your divinity; I embrace you as your human existence. As we merge you will find yourself moving into the space of the All That Is. Here within the All That Is you find yourself expending once more. Feel your energies and allow yourself to become one with this space if you so choose.

Have a sense of looking off to the side and you see the brilliant light of the light body energies as they come into this space. For some of you there is no separation. You feel this light body energy as it begins to glow already within you. For others, who are still in the process of integrating this energy, allow yourself to feel it, allow yourself to see this light as it moves through this space.

I the Goddess am going to step to the side, because the consciousness of the Light body energy would like to speak with all of you this evening:

We greet you earthlings, beloved family. We greet you as we create a bridge that allows us to be able to communicate with you. We are here on this time of the solstice to assist in creating a bridge for the more deeper integration of these energies. Yes, yes, many of you will be listening to this or reading it when the solstice is done and gone, but that's okay, because once we open up this portal so to speak or this experience, any time that somebody reaches out to this experience, they can feel it for themselves.

It was not so very long ago that I was like something completely alien to you. I really did not know how to speak in this type of language and very few of you were able to integrate our energies as we began flooding the earth to a much greater degree. Look at yourself now; see that inner brilliance that is there, that is a part of you. Sometimes people may look at you and say, ‘that is a person who is deeply connected to their divinity' and that is your Lightbody energy shining through. Other people may have a sense of discerning the specific energy bodies within and around you and they may recognize the Lightbody energy as its own entity so to speak.

There is a much greater potential for growth available to everybody. It has become increasingly available for the last nine months, as if you are birthing a child; you have given birth to the Light body energies so to speak. What you have actually given birth to is not the energies themselves but your alignment with them and your ability to integrate and interpret what these energies mean to you.

We are here and on this eve of the solstice we want to show you a portal to the universe. First of all, allow your consciousness to expand. You may do this by having a sense of relaxing even further. As you relax, you can feel your energies just naturally moving out as if to encompass a greater amount of energy. Now, feel yourself as you blend with your Lightbody energies. Feel how it allows you to become more transparent.

As you allow your consciousness to be this pure crystalline energy because that is a huge portion of the Light body energy, is the crystalline energy - so allow yourself to become crystalline. As if you're looking out towards the Omniverse, allow your senses to open up and it is as if I am opening a door, [Deep breath] and here look outward, look into the universe, at the planets, at the stars. It is as if it is teaming with life, as if you are watching a movie or screen but this screen is very interactive.

If you so choose have a sense of taking my hand, and we are going to shift into a space with which you vibrate. It is as if you are taking this moment, to simply experience these energies of the Omniverse. As you look around feel everything that is here. Consider, whatever it is that you find yourself connecting to. Some of you it may be as if you experience something that's happening in your life on the earth plane. You experience it here in this dimension, but from a new and different perspective. For others it is as if you find yourself in front of whatever it is that will be your next step upon the earth.

There is technology out here, there is an abstract energy, there are ways of traveling, ways of creating energy and there is a limitless potential. This is where I came from as I began working with you. I have been the conduit through which many of these energies of the crystalline and of this higher vibration have been able to funnel into the earth plane. Open to receive all that is here for you. Is there a particular question that you have had? Send that question out into this Omniverse and then be open to receive any response that may come back to you.

Some of you have been asking to incorporate a greater and greater amount of this Lightbody energy. As your consciousness is moving within this space, you realize that you are pure Lightbody energy. Absolutely you have your alignment to your consciousness. You still have that cord of energy that keeps you anchored into your human self. You have your divinity and all that that entails. But here within this space, you can feel who you are as pure Light body or crystalline vibration.

Many people ask us, what dimension is this? What year will it all manifest upon the earth? And the answer to those depends on the perspective from which you are looking at it. So allow yourself to let go of specifics and instead allow your focus to be creating a shift in your earthbound energy that allows this to more fully become your everyday reality on the earth. You see how easy it is to move within this space, you see how much energy is here and available for you.

Allow your energy or your focus to once more shift into the space of the All That Is. As our focus comes back within here, we see there are many who chose to remain here during this experience and that is wonderful because that is what they needed at this time. As the rest of the people came back into this space it was as if we saw beams of light and people anchoring that light within their consciousness as it is here upon the earth. Feel who you are, feel what all of this means to you.

I, the speaker for the Lightbody energy, am going to shift my focus once more, so that I blend with the Goddess of Creation and she will once more pickup for this next portion of your experience. But to all of you who are here, consciously and unconsciously, know that the Lightbody energies are available to you. Know that you are connected. Allow this alignment to move through you in every degree of who you are.

I thank you for the opportunity to show you this space from which I come. I encourage you to come and visit me at any time.


(The Goddess returns)

Wasn't that delightful beloved family? As I observed what all that was going on with you, there was a part of me that was just marveling at how far you have come. I remember when we started these journeys. Therefore, as I look at you now I feel such excitement and such joy over all that is happening.

I would like to remind each of you to play. A little bit of what this journey was for you tonight, was for you to play in the energies of the Lightbody, was for you to play with the experience of feeling your consciousness shift and zoom and soar. How much are you playing within your life on Earth? Do you remember to find a portion of every day and then allow yourself the energies of playfulness? Some of you are excellent at this is, others of you has been through very challenging and trying times. Those are the times when remembering to play is most helpful and yet they are the times in which you become most distant from playing.

As you feel your energies float, as you feel them move through your day, finding an opportunity to laugh, remembering perhaps to dance and play in the grass. For those of you in the summertime, remembering when you ran through the sprinkler or you swam, or you played in the meadow; those times may take you back to the memory and the experience of childhood.

For those of you who experience this time as the winter, perhaps it's your time when the days are short, that you hibernate a bit and you rejuvenate. So too this can be a time to enjoy the energies of transition, to play in the snow if that surrounds you, to get outside and feel the energies of the sun and moon as you walk and skip. No matter where you live, no matter what is going on within your life, playfulness is an energy, playfulness is an attitude.

Absolutely there are things in your life that are very serious. I see that and I honor it. I also remind you not to let that become your focus, so that you forget to see the other things that are there and present around you. Feel the flow of energy, feel the flow of motion, feel laughter bubble up within you, perhaps right now. Feel the joy, I send joy out from me, I send it out in wave upon wave, letting it move through all of you! I invite you to accept this within you.

I send out to each one of you dancing under the moon, basking in the sun, laughing and playing by yourself or with your friends or your family. Laughter feels good; laughter gives you a new perspective. Laughter and joy actually allow you to expand even further than you had realized you were able to do so. Accept laughter and joy into your life. And you find flowing right along on the heels of the laughter and the joy is the crystalline vibration from this evening. This energy aligns within you with much greater ease when you have the lightness that goes along with laughter and joy, when you consider something within your life that's bothering you, something that doesn't seem to be shifting. As I say this I immediately see several of you just kind of thinking with the density of that thought that worry and concern. So I invite you to allow that to shift. I invite you to infuse any of these energies into whatever it is that you've been struggling with.

Here in the space of the All That Is, look around you, be open to understand the potentials. Be open to feel and accept your life with all that is you. As we continue to flow these energies through each of you, I invite you to gather together as a group. As you return have a sense of the hologram of the earth coming up within the center of all of these energies. This hologram, as you look at it, has an alignment with your physical earth and an alignment with Ariellis, also known as the new Earth.

Allow yourself to once more open to feel all of that Lightbody energy that was flowing through you during this journey. As you allow your energy to move through the Omniverse tap into everything with which you link and let that flow through your consciousness as you transmit it into these holograms. There is a much greater amount of the crystalline energy that is able to be infused at this time. So amplify anything that is in alignment with you; with who you are, with where you are in your life and with what you seek to have.

These holograms transition easily as you do this. These holograms become filled with sparkling light and they spin and rotate as this alignment takes place. Have a sense as a group of sending these energies out from here. There is an aspect that moves through the grid aligning with Ariellis and then the other aspect that moves through until it links with the magnetic grid, where a portion of this moves throughout the magnetic grid, and the remainder goes down into your physical earth. As these energies move into your earth see how they blend.

As you have a sense of observing the Earth itself you can take in a deep breath and feel how you stand here as the balance. Just as you did on the earth before, have a sense of feeling your earthbound energy on one side of you and your Omniverse energy on the other. And you as your consciousness allow for this to flow through you. Feel how powerful you are! Feel how light and transparent you become. This is all amplified with the energies of the solstice. And so you send that down into the earth and as it anchors within the center of the earth. Those energies then reverse and shift and come back up moving through the Earth itself creating a deeper potential, activating those parts of the earth energies that have been waiting for this alignment to take place and does energies come back up. They move up through the blades of grass, through the trees through, the water. They move up within you, they come up to your feet. It moves through your body, and you can anchor it within yourself as we release those energies. As they do so feel yourself as intact. Feel yourself as who you are and feel these energies as they flow.

Allow your consciousness to once more come back within the All That Is. We invite you to choose to take this energy with you, but you shift your focus once more into the soul plane. You may have a sense of a greater perception of what your divinity is to you. You also may recognize that more of your divinity flows with you as your consciousness begins to journey back into your physical being.

You move through the crystalline grid, you feel all that sparkling energy creating greater clarity within you as your own Lightbody energy aligns with crystalline energy. As you move through the magnetic grid you once more feel that pull of the Earth, you feel that magnetic pull as it begins to ground you.

As you feel your consciousness shifting back once more. Allow the energy around your physical presence to expand so that you may integrate more of that Lightbody energy and more of your conscious awareness from your divinity. As you take slow and easy breath feel that crystalline vibration move throughout your physical body, feel it within every cell within you, feel your organs creating and alignment for this deeper and deeper integration.

As you feel all of your essence coming back within this space, remember the laughter and the play. Remember that you are going to dedicate a certain amount of time during a day to playful experiences. Let that intension flow through you and send it forth into the hours and days to come.

As you continue to ground these energies, as you allow yourself to feel that joy to feel that presence. Allow all of your consciousness to come back within you, within this space. And as you are doing this begin to come back within the room if you would like to ask a question...

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